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Introduce yourself here!

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Hey ladies!

Share your due date, your TTC journey and anything else about you that you want to share!❤️

Re: Introduce yourself here!

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    My name is kera, this is my 3rd pregnancy and my due date is March 2nd
  • *lurker*
    kstitt0830 You might want to edit the picture out of your post. Posting pictures of a pregnancy test is against forum rules except in the "What does a positive pregnancy test really look like" thread.

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  • Not to be difficult I’m truly just curious as to why that would be against the rules?
  • Where are the rules posted? I must have missed that
  • kstitt0830 Since you pee on the stick, some people would think that's gross to see pictures of. So the mods made one particular thread where it's allowed.
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  • Thanks @marebear15 I didn’t know, I’m trying to find the rules and I can’t. Seems a bit ridiculous but that’s fine. Sorry admins I didn’t know!
  • @andreahernandez6 I probably won't tell anyone until I hear the heartbeat. I think that's around 8-10 weeks. Last time, I told my mom at around 7 weeks.
  • In theory, we'd wait until 8-9 weeks to tell parents and then 10-12 or so to tell everyone else. However, we'll actually be telling our parents this weekend probably. We're taking a vacation with my in-laws, and I've already felt the first twinges of morning sickness, and I expect they'll figure it out right away when I'm puking. And then, we'll call mine around the same time. We'll probably hold off until 10 weeks or so for other relatives and family.
  • @Lillambie, having bad nausea/vomiting when you also have a toddler is hard but you can do it.  Do you have somebody you can call and ask to come over when it’s really bad?

    @lovesclimbing, I’m starting to feel the beginning of the nausea, too, only at this stage it’s more like a mild heartburn and like I ate something that made me feel a little funny.  I puked sooooo hard last pregnancy, so I’m pretty scared.
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  • @andreahernandez6,  I probably won’t tell anyone until at least 8 weeks, if not 12.
    Laura, mom of:
    James (14)
    William (13)
    Elise (11)
    Zachary (5)
    George (3) [making the blog private.  PM me if you want to subscribe]
  • @onechoctawgirl Crazy that our stories are the same! Sending all the good vibes that these ones stick!! 
  • @JScamelipardalis Yes, we are really glad our timing worked out this way!  A December baby actually wasn't so bad but early spring is the way to go. Although, with our calendar I might have to go back for the last week of school depending on when I start my leave. But I'm not worrying about that yet and one week at the end is nothing .
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