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  • I'm so freaked out about bees and all the other scary firsts too. I am really calm when other people's kids get injuries or anything and I have to handle it (working at day camps or with little kids classes) and generally I'm a good crisis handler, but man I don't feel like I'll be calm when it's my kid. This is why I often force myself to read the sad cautionary tale type news stories about kids who get hurt by common stuff (like I read one about grapes and choking today and I will probably cut grapes til he's 80 now). There are just so many things I don't even think about!!! 
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  • @babycakesday I am very happy to read that you're ok. Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. That hurricane was devestating to so many people!!! Absolutely crazy!!! We've donated. 

    Definitely in the "Have to ask to get any help" club. I've often thought the instances he had to watch her for straight chunks of time would help. Naaa...there's a light at the end of the tunnel. He just survives and goes back to being clueless, lol. But asking helps! Sometimes it comes with sarcasm though, lol. 
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  • I definitely had a delayed stress reaction for Elijah's bee sting.  Like I jumped into action and whipped my boob out to try to calm him.  After like 5 minutes he stopped crying and then like a wave of stress came over me...like fuck!  That was scary.   It was weird!!!
  • I'm sorry he got stung!!! I would be really nervous too if I was dealing with allergies. I'm glad he is ok! 

    Anybody out there have good bra recommendations?? I am still wearing the same bra I bought when I was pregnant. It is completely loose around my ribcage and has no support anymore. I only have one bra left! I don't really want to go to Victoria secret. Any ideas? 
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    Thank you ladies for the prayers and good thoughts!! We are now out of gas at a majority of the gas stations in the city from a false rumor. So I plan on staying indoors until further notice. 
  • I'm sorry @babycakesday!!! I am so glad you and your family are alright. We will continue to pray for you! 
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