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  • FTM53 said:
    Anyone else's LO starting to pull at their diaper? DS messes with his regularly and if it's pretty wet, he'll actually pull it off/pick it apart
    M tugs at it if she's pooped. Yesterday she just took the whole thing off and handed it to me. Thankfully it was just wet, but that was the first time for that. 
  • holly142holly142 member
    edited August 2017
    DD2 always has pants or shorts on over her diaper so she can't pull it off. 

    Edited to add she she always has these on because she has pulled off her diaper before and then peed on the floor :(
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  • Haha!! Love their intuition to get rid of that nasty stuff!! We too always keep shorts/leggings on her because she's previously pulled off a pooh diaper.
  • Elijah tugs at his diaper too.  Silly babies!
  • Glad mine isn't the only one. 

    Second frustrstion...He has started BITING me?! And it's hard and it hurts. I'm thinking he is getting another tooth (one just cut Saturday), but seriously, kid. OW!!!!
  • @FTM53 J has been biting me since forever. Especially when I remove her from doing things she isn't supposed to do, putting the gate up, the cat ran away, pretty much all of it. If anyone has a solution I'd appreciate it. 
  • Paging @HoneyBear40, you've been tent camping with S, right? DH is taking E for the first time this weekend and it's supposed to get into the 50s overnight. I have no idea what to do for pjs! Has anyone else camped with their LO and have any tips? She's outgrown all her sleep sacks and all her warmer pjs, but she does still have some thinner footies.
  • I would do socks, onesie, and sleeper. And if need be, do you have a fleece jacket you could put on over top?
    [Deleted User]holly142austinjlkburg15
  • @LDSJM123 I have some fleece sweatshirts I'm sending along. I figure it's better to overpack than under, right? I feel like I'm going to be sending her entire closet  :D
  • Hello @schaze! Last weekend it got down to about 55-60? We did long sleeve/pants pjs with socks and put her in a sweatshirt on top as soon as we woke up in the morning. For sleeping she was snuggled in a blanket, then put in her kids' size sleeping bag and we put a blanket on top of it all as well. I still follow the guideline "if you're comfortable, they're comfortable" - which for us means to follow DH because I'm always warm. He was warm in basically the same combo we had S in.
    Do you have "sweatpants" and a long sleeve shirt you could send her in? All kids pants seem to be the same whether they're pjs or not :) I hope this helps!
    LDSJM123[Deleted User]holly142austinjl
  • @honeybear40 Thanks! I'm really overthinking it because I'm not going to be there, it'll just be DH and my in-laws. Thankfully it's only 45 minutes away so if they need to come home for any reason they can, but I still feel like I'm sending along so much extra crap.
  • Any tips on keeping a sick baby comfortable? There's only been tears and screams since waking up 
  • I'm sorry @FTM53. DD2 likes being worn in my Boba when she doesn't feel good. I'll switch her between my back and front and walk around with her and sing to her. She also likes baths. If stuffy sit in the bathroom with lots of steam and use a humidifier. 
  • Well Hurricane Harvey is about to hit us. I just tried 4 stores and no bread or water. So I'm making my own instead. Let's hope it works out. 
  • Please keep us updated on how you are @babycakesday
  • @babycakesday Stay Safe! Prayers for you. Hurricanes are cool, but scary stuff. 
  • @babycakesday Hope everything is going ok!

    @FTM53 Is he feeling better? It's the worst when they're sick!!

    Any of your LOs have ZERO stranger danger instinct? Now that P is more active and we can let him walk around with us a bit more in public (mostly at the park so far, but sometimes other places) he just wants to go up to everyone he sees and hug them or wave at them from a foot away or pat their legs or try to get them to pick him up. I mean, it's cute how social he is but I seriously have no idea what the appropriate response is at this age. Most of me wants to grab his hand and pull him away and tell him no but then part of me feels like I'm squashing his innocence and overreacting since I am NOT a social person and have intense stranger danger. I also don't know if it's totally socially unacceptable to let him near people from their perspective, lol. Like yesterday, which is what got me really thinking about this, we were in the park and there was a lady reading a book under a tree. P was walking around with me and DH and we were letting him lead the way. Well he started running straight towards this lady and before I had a chance to think about it he went straight up to her and gave her this big hug and laid his head on her shoulder (she was on the ground so eye level with him) and he was being so sweet but I was paralyzed with not knowing what I should do. Of course I was right there, and the lady was not upset, but like what do I do??? He's so sweet but I feel like it's not ok to let him do that? DH said he didn't think it was a big deal, but ugh. I feel bad yanking him away but also feel bad letting him walk up to strangers like that even when I'm right behind him. 
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  • How do you all handle weekends when both parents are home?  Currently having trouble with this...  Let me preface this by saying my husband is a wonderful person.  I stay at home 5 of 7 days per week and work the other two but when my husband is home I think I expected 50/50 parenting and that's not what is happening.  It's not like he won't help out if I ask but also, it's like he expects me to do everything (changes, feeds, nap) like I do when he's at work.  I do still nurse so I understand things can't really be 50/50 but....the only time I've slept in and he's gotten up with our son was on my birthday this year.  I mean, cmon, can I get one day a month of sleeping in or something?   My husband works really hard out of the home and gets stressed too.  It's like we are both working really hard and we are both stressed out.  I'm trying not to be frustrated but...apparently I am.  Any suggestions?   End ramble.
  • My husband does a great job helping make dinner, taking care of the animals and cleaning up the house when he is home. However, I don't think he thinks about/notices the kid stuff like I do. I just ask. "DD2 needs a diaper change before we leave" or "can you play with the kids or take them somewhere so I can have a break?"  I almost always get up with the kids unless I'm sick. Sometimes I get frustrated and talk with him. However I do the majority of the kid things still. 
  • I do the majority of kid stuff on weekends still too, but DH does a lot of work around the house on the weekends that he doesn't have time to do during the week so I usually don't mind. If he is just sitting around and I'm getting worn out I do just ask if he minds doing xyz with P for a minute while I take a quick break or go get something done. I think they tend to think we have it under control and it's not the first thing on their radar since it's not usually their 'thing'? I try to balance remembering if he's had a break at all since he works really hard all week too with remembering that sometimes I need a break and he will help if I ask. I just try to ask before I let it get me upset, because usually he just doesn't realize I'm needing the help. 
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  • Thanks for the feedback ladies.  I'm trying to ask for help more and remember to do that before I start to get frustrated lol. Also he has mentioned that I'm "faster and better" at baby stuff since I do a lot of it- changes, meals, etc.   so he probably just doesn't think about it much.
  • I stay at home during the day every day, work 2 nights and 2 Saturday mornings a month.

    DH is really good about taking all the stinky diapers over the weekend and handling early wakeups. I think because he does have her by himself for a few hours a few days a week, he gets how hard it can be to take care of her, so I'm pretty lucky. I do get irrationally pissed when he does stuff with friends on the weekend though, since that's when I usually get me time.
  • @austinjl This is how it is for us, too. Except that DH gets up with DS in the middle of the night. He's the master of resettling this kid at night. Otherwise, I have to very specifically ask "can you watch him while I...?" Or he's hungry, Will you get him some cheerios and his water cup?" He's good at that. He just needs reminding. Though, I pretty much do all diapers because our deal is I handle poop, he handles puke.  :D 
  • Ive found you need to ask.. can you blah blah.. sometimes they just are not good at knowing what needs to be done or with diaper changes we try and alternate like hey its your turn.
  • @babycakesday - that is great news for you!  Thoughts are with all of you.  That is so generous of you to foster those pups!  Especially with a toddler.  Those dogs and families will be so appreciative :)
  • austinjl so scary!  I'm glad he is  ok...this is why i'm so paranoid about going barefoot outside (kiddo and myself) and no one seems to understand why...this, ha
  • @austinjl oh no! How scary!! I'm glad little E took it like a champ and didn't have a reaction. I've been thinking about it recently, everyone always talks about the exciting first (crawling, walking, starting food, words), no one talks about or prepares you for the scary firsts (first fall off furniture, first injury with blood, first coking on a bite of food, first bee sting/bug bite). They really should talk about them more. I'm sure you were scared even in Mama Bear mode. Hugs to you! 
  • @kmurdock925 I will be paranoid now!!!  Too bad Elijah knows how to take his shoes off now.  He definitely prefers to be barefoot!  But I'll be pushing the shoes more.  @FTM53 I agree!!!!  One of our sitters recommended printing out first aid/cpr pages from the American Academy of Pediatrics and putting them on the fridge.  Of course that didn't help when we were out and about but when I cam home I read the section on insect bites/stings.  I was glad I had it!!!
  • @austinjl So glad he's ok! I'm so afraid for the first time E gets stung.
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