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  • Yes we fully switched over from formula to whole milk.  He would drink water from sippy not like an entire sippy or anything but sips..  He did a little better yesterday but rigiht away in the morning when youd think hed be most hungry he wont drink it at all and seems pissed.  I have tried the sippys with the bottle like texture too.
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  • @john5111 Maybe a silly question, but have you tried to drink out of his sippies? My mil and I have discovered that a lot of the ones out there are SO HARD to drink out of!!!! They try to make them leakproof but end up making them drinkproof. I have one that I believe is a Nuby, and it has a wider drinking spout (silicone still, but much bigger holes than a lot of them) so P can drink out of it really easily. I started him on it probably when he was 8 months or so, just with water or super diluted juice (I was still breastfeeding at the time so I didn't do milk at first). He loved that sippy because he could drink so much more than the bottle would let him. So I bought another one thinking he really liked sippies and he wouldn't drink out of the new one, and I figured out it was because he literally could hardly get anything out of it, I couldn't even get anything out of it without sucking my brains out! My MIL has bought several and all have been the same story, so we just use the simple sippy with the wide spout that I started out with and water bottle with an attached straw that is technically for older kids but it works for him because it doesn't have the darn leakproof stoppers in there. Just a thought, may not at all be the issue you are dealing with but it makes a big difference if it is!
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  • Just having one of those days. 
  • winnie1122 @john5111 - this!!!  We use the Nuby sippys with the wide spouts and have great success.  I also use some gerber ones with big drink holes.  I have tried a few of the other sippy cups that were really cute but she seemed to hate and I couldn't even get water out of it.  I second winnie1122 - try the cup out yourself (sucks when you end up having to buy all new cups...)
  • Any give baby the boob or mill before bedtime or naptime? I have been before her second nap and bedtime. My MIL completely lectured us about doing this. 
  • Well F that.  I boob to bed.  He sleeps overnight like a dream!   And naps are good if he's on his boob pillow.
  • He gets 8oz of milk before nap and boob before bed. Once he's used to one nap a day, I'll give him another 8oz of milk before bed and wean him off the boob. I will have him brush his teeth between milk and bed though. It will go diaper, jammies, milk, teeth, story, bed 
  • @babycakesday -Is MIL upset you are still nursing or upset at the timing of your nursing? I'm nursing in the morning, after 1 of DD2's naps and before bed in the evenings. I do brush her teeth most nights after nursing before bed. I just have the lights dimmed. Nothing wrong with nursing past 1 year old. It's healthy for baby! I nursed DD1 for 18 months. FIL was surprised I was still nursing DD2 at 13 months old. I told him the milk doesn't magically disappear. I'm slowly weaning her. I was nursing 6 times per 24 hours at 1 year. I was proud I was down to 4 times by 13 months! Lol. 
  • She's upset I'm letting her go straight to sleep right after. @holly142 I guess she told her niece about it and her niece who is dentist said I was going to cause J to get bottle tooth decay. My doctor hasn't said anything and she sees her first dentist in 2 months. Just wondering if I'm the only one. 
  • It seems like bottles are worse than breasts for causing tooth decay. However, at DD2's 1 year dentist appointment, I told the dentist I was still nursing in the night. He said to bring a wet washcloth in with me to brush her teeth off after I nurse. I don't think DD2 would sleep through that. I quit night time nursing a few weeks later once she was done teething her molars. DD2 doesn't let me brush her teeth for long so she'll probably end up with tooth decay too despite my best efforts.

    I know you aren't the only one. My neighbor gave her daughter a middle of the night bottle until she turned 2 1/2! Lots of babies have crutches. DD2 still uses a pacifier which neither her Dr or dentist are happy about. I will wean her from it soon but we do what we need to do to get by for now. 
  • Our dental assistant looked at me sideways when I said I don't brush his teeth after our bedtime nursing. I said once we switch to a bottle, I will. He doesn't use a pacifier and his morning milk is in a sippy. He also doesn't get put to bed with a bottle. He finishes it and then gets put down. 
  • I'm going to try the washcloth idea. We brush her teeth after bath time but before her night time bottle. I rock her until she's done with it and then set her down in the crib. I just feel like getting up and going into the bathroom to brush her teeth with the bright light after spending 20 minutes rocking and reading is going to rile her up instead of help her fall asleep. I've worked so hard at being able to put her down awake and let her fall asleep with zero crying. I rather not do anything to ruin that. 
  • Aww...thank you!  <3<3  You're so sweet! 

    Our neighbor is a professional photographer. We got 43 pics all edited, with digital release to print and share. She's amazing. 

    For outfits, I started with what I wanted DS to wear and then I picked complimentary outfits for DH and I. I didn't want it too matchy-matchy so we just played off the colors in DSs shirt 
  • I'm still nursing morning, noon, and bedtime (and once in the morning and once in the evening also--usually). So anywhere from 3-6 times per day, depending on what we're doing/have going on. The days I'm busier, we give like one sippy of almond milk, which he literally chugs. No plans to wean until he slowly drops these sessions, whenever that is haha. 

    About nursing at bedtime--I specifically asked my dentist about this about a month ago and he and the hygienist both said to brush his teeth before bed, but that because bm is anti-bacterial, there's no need to brush after bedtime nursing. Different story if you're using cow's milk or formula though, but we brush teeth, then read books, then nurse to sleep every night. 
  • How many cycles after your first pp period until you seen some kind of regularity again?
    My first wasn't until like 11 days before he turned 1. Second came a week early,  now this month's is two days "late" (I have 2 digital trackers I use). Just wanted to see you ladies experiences.
  • @FTM53 great picture!! So cute.

    @joberkiser I think it took maybe 3 cycles for everything to get back to normal. I got my period back at 5 months PP though.
  • omg i was just thinking about periods...I got my first maybe 10-12 weeks PP and it has been cray.  I went on some type of low hormone bc (don't remember what kind) and was getting 2 periods a month, went on lo-estrin and was getting one every other month (doc said that is ok and not uncommon based on that pill)...i've been off for about 3 weeks (likely going to stay off) and I had a period 2 weeks after so I'm hoping that i'm not getting back on the period every 2 week cycle :(:(.  Being this irregular a 13 months PP seems crazy.  Especially since pre-baby I was SO regular, like almost to the hour...
  • @austinjl We need to do a dairy challenge soon but I'm too chicken. Last time our ped had us trial yogurt and it went terribly. I just don't want to go through it again, so we've been on Ripple "milk" and avoiding all other dairy.
  • @shanparadise Will you do it at the dr office in case there is a reaction?  That's what we did today.  Is your pediatrician suspecting an allergy or referring to an allergist?  My son did skin and blood tests with the allergist.  He's allergic to milk and egg.  The egg blood results were too high to do any sort of challenge.  We will continue to completely avoid egg.  The milk blood results were mild for milk so that's why he recommended a challenge.

    The allergist advised us to do a baked baked milk challenge (milk in muffins and cooked at least 30 mins) because I guess baked products are tolerated better.  If you do it at home, maybe try baked milk?  I was nervous about the challenge but it went well and I was glad to be in the office in case there was a reaction.  I can send you the recipe if you want it.  Elijah actually really liked the muffins!!!

    good luck and feel free to ask any questions.  I'd be glad to help!
  • @austinjl So far we're just under the care of our ped, but my sister is a nurse in an allergy clinic so I might be making an appointment with the doctor she works for. They're reactions aren't anaphylactic or anything like that, mostly digestive and skin reactions. But they sleep like total crap when we've trialed before (three times now), and I really like them sleeping through the night, so maybe I'm being selfish haha. My sister suggested having them draw a small amount of blood at their 15 mo appt to see if it is truly an allergy or just an intolerance. DH and I decided that we will trial/see an allergist in September since August is such a busy month for us. 
  • So I'm one of those people who feels the need to shower every day.  I would hate to see the total amount of time I have wasted over the course of my life drying my hair.  I want to attempt the every other day hair wash but- i feel dumb even saying this- I don't know how.  I have pretty thin hair- but A LOT of it.  It has a decent bit of natural wave...not enough to call it curly but definitely not straight.  I HAVE to do something with it to make it look decent.  I feel gross if I don't shower every day, so to avoid washing my hair every day what to you do?  Wear a shower cap?  Is that a real thing people actually do?  With that being said- I feel like the days I have tried to not wash my hair I feel like a gross nasty mess by the end of the day.  #firstworldproblems
  • I was mine every 3 days. I put it up in a bun to shower. I tried dry shampoos, but they made my hair smell bad. I do two days down, one day up in a ponytail or braid or headband. 
  • Ill have to hunt down a shower cap!
  • @kmurdock925 Make sure you get one that's terry lined... the just plastic ones trap in steam and completely defeat the purpose of a shower cap. I have the amika brand shower cap and dry shampoo. I've tried a lot and they're my favorite. 
  • @shanparadise - ugh im sorry...hopefully ypur sil has a better support system than just her. And tic tacs for 1 year olds?! Wtf.  Thanks for the tip on the cap!  And where is that adorable kitchen from that you got for the kiddos???

    Leap 9 anyone????  Holy cow we went grom taking 5-10 mins to go down at night to am hour and a half
  • @kmurdock925 We got it from Hayneedle (my BIL works there), but you can also get it on Amazon. It's the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen. All of our friends have the same one for their LOs and it has lasted them years of use/abuse so I figured it was a good bet!
  • FTM53FTM53 member
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    @shanparadise I would have went off on MIL about the PPD. And I'd call SIL and offer some better support. 

    Not sure about leap 9, but we are getting molars and I think a 24 hour bug. DS puked 4x yesterday and slept most of the day. Today I'm offering only a little bit of milk at a time and bland foods. So far so good. 
  • @FTM53 ugh good luck with the bug...that sounds rough.  This waking up every time i lay her down deal is not fun.  I just saw tgat leap 9 can start at 59 weeks and we re 59 on wednesday.  No doubt she is starting to feel some molar pain as well.  And someone mentioned that separation anxiety can hit hard at this age...she is def a stage 5 clinger right now.

    @shanparadise - thanks!!!
  • I feel like I've been gone forever and it's only been since last Wednesday!
    Catching up:
    -My period is still all over the board. I got it back about 4 months PP and it was "normal" for me. Since then each period has gotten lighter to the point where I've had all of the PMS symptoms I always get but no flow. It's pretty frustrating, especially since I'm on the same pill I was before TTC. I've got my yearly next month so until then I just keep a stock of pregnancy tests to make sure the pill isn't a traitor each month before starting a new pill pack.
    -I'm on the same struggle with my hair! I feel like a nasty mess if I don't wash it every day. And it's not that I do anything with it (my hairstyles are up or down usually) but I feel so oily if I don't wash it every day, especially when I've been dripping in sweat after workouts lately. I've tried dry shampoo and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just too oily for it to work. It's either right back to looking how it did before I used dry shampoo or you can see the clumps of powder. If anyone wants to teach me how to girl I'm all ears! lol
  • @shanparadise I've had my MIL tell me that in her day they didnt make up things such as PPD. They just powered through it. It made me feel worse. So I agree that maybe you should reach out. Some people are just closed minded. I'm much better now and I see that they were just that, but in the moment I kept feeling like a total failure. 

    I also don't wash my hair daily. I do every other day and dry shampoo in between. Otherwose I lose half of my hair.
  • Anyone else's LO starting to pull at their diaper? DS messes with his regularly and if it's pretty wet, he'll actually pull it off/pick it apart
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