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  • Also- Scarlet's butt is sooo red...doesn't look rashy- it looks chapped.  I hurt just looking at it (maybe that is why she has been revolting on sitting in the tub lately??).  Based on the posts not long ago I bought both aquafor (spelling??) and vaseline this weekend. I usually just use Desitin (almost every diaper change...always poop changes).  Of your ladies' experiences...which has been the best/fastest at healing chapped cheeks?
  • schaze  - I must thank you (I think??) for getting me hooked on Wildbird!  I'm up to 4 and since my hubs figured out how many I have and what they cost (he totally doesn't realize that the price is reasonable compared to other companies...) he said I should make my own...needless to say I have 3 in the works and found more beautiful linen and want to make more, lol.  This is becoming a problem, hahaha.
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    @kmurdock925- we don't use diaper cream unless she's red. I really like Butt Paste. DD2 had a red butt last week with 2 little sores on it (thanks to teething and diarrhea). Every time she pooped we immediately changed her. We also changed pee diapers more frequently than usually. I applied Butt Paste each time. I gave DD2 about 30 minutes of diaper free time outside 1-2 times per day. Her butt was much better on the 3rd day. 

  • I think P is starting in on some separation anxiety. He has started just sobbing any time someone walks out the front door to leave, it is so sad! He tries to follow them and then when he can't he's just totally crushed. I had a few people over on Saturday night and he wouldn't go to bed while they were here because he hates being left out of the excitement and then when each person left he just sobbed. He did the same thing when his grandparents left from a visit yesterday and when I left for work this morning, but it's just started this last week. It took me awhile to calm him down each time too! I feel so bad, he never gets that upset!
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  • @shaylalr Yay! So glad you found a great living situation. Maybe the RV thing can happen when you retire and the kid (s) are all grown up??

    @mnkenned the hotel room is an awesome idea. I also like the Amazon gift card idea. They can order whatever they might need and not have to worry about going to Target or anything.

    @kmurdock925 lol you're welcome! I so want to get a second one because you totally need a new one for a new baby, right? I'm waiting to see the fall line!
  • schaze - they are addicting!!  Are you on the b/s/t group on fb??  Totally sucks you in, lol.  Some of those women have 20+ birds!  I don't know where I would put them, lol.  I would imagine they should start putting out sneak peeks of the fall line soon.  Do you follow them on IG?
  • I second Butt Paste!!!!!!
  • @kmurdock925 Third the Butt Paste. We use the one in the red tube. Although, we have had to use prescription cream twice now when nothing else works. Our ped just called it in for us. 
  • I really like the Burt's Bees diaper cream, but we haven't had an issue with severe rash (knock on wood). I usually just use it at the first sign of redness and it's gone by morning. 
  • @kmurdock925 I fourth butt paste. My doctor told us that to use diaper creams that contained 20% or more zinc oxide other wise it doesn't work. That's always worked for us. 

    So I left J with her grandparents on Sunday while we went to Ikea. We called to check in and found out she had fallen and her nose wouldn't stop bleeding. By the time we made it home it had stopped. We were told three different versions of what happened. I just feel like the worst mom ever for leaving her there. I don't get how they didn't think to immediately call us. I hate not knowing exactly what happened. I know kids fall and I'm not mad she fell. I'm mad that they can't give me a straight answer. 
  • Elise ended up being allergic to zinc oxide because it was just too strong. I used the honest company healing balm and that helped a lot! She's gotten bad rashes with open sores all over. Usually that was a sign of a yeast infection for us, and after it began to heal it chapped. Loooots of naked time helped. 

    I am so sorry!! E has gotten at least 4 bloody noses now with me being right next to her. It is ok! But yes, it would be weird to hear different stories. Don't feel bad for leaving her! I hope it all gets resolved. It's hard hearing your kid got hurt while you were away. :( 
  • It looks like I'll be buying some butt paste!  Thanks ladies!!

    babycakesday I'm so sorry :(  You never want to see your kiddo hurt but not really knowing what happened and finding out as an afterthought is tough.  Just like anything else...communication is the most important thing.  When your kid is involved I think it is fair to say the need for communication is amplified. 
  • @kmurdock925 I'm not actually, but maybe I should be! I follow the company and Taylor on Instagram though. 

    Butt paste is amazing! Never buying Desitin again.
  • Lots of catching up to do here! 

    I am so sorry to read of your loss @kburg15. I hope that you're doing ok.

    @shaylalr Exciting news for you and your family's new living arrangement! I agree - sounds like this is a better plan for now, and I'd totally rock that RV plan with the babes are a little older. What a cool experience that would be for them to see some exciting places on the cheap!

    I've bought a lot of the babyganics items. We've never had any issues with them, and they always seem to be effective!

    Definitely second these babies aren't babies anymore! The walking really changes their appearance. And keeps you way busy. I started wearing my FitBit again. This kid never stops moving!! I wish I could put one on her!! Haha!

  • Here's a random for you - Those of you with baby girls, what is your trick to putting their hair up in mini ponies?! And where do you find what I imagine are special hair ties?? This girl's bangs are starting to get out of control and I am continually sweeping them to the side. I don't want to cut her hair, so I'm looking for other options. I ordered a couple clips online, but as active as she is I'm constantly fixing those too, LOL!
  • @tiffrox81 you can buy the tiny plastic rubber bands at any grocery store or Walgreens! I got colored ones and black ones. I get mine at Fred Meyer. There's not really a trick, I just have her sit down and I wrap her hair in it about 8ish times. I do pigtails and ponytails! 
  • @TiffRox81 The little rubber bands are usually by the cute girlie headbands and bows. I usually just grab S's hair and stick it in a pony however she'll let me. (She usually does pretty good but there are some days she can't slow down long enough to have her hair done!) I figure she's still little enough that a goofy positioned ponytail is cute - as long as it serves it's purpose and gets her hair out of her face! :)
  • schaze - you should definitely join the group!  It is insane!!

    S's hair is so darn curly and not quite long enough yet for a pony.  This hair thing will get interesting, I'm sure!
  • I tried the actually rubbery ones, and they stuck to M's hair and pulled it out. I'm not sure how people get those to work! I got these from Target, goodie brand. The one in my hand is a bit stretched out, but this is what it looks like in her hair. No trick, I just do it. If she tries to stop me, I tell her no mam. Same thing if she tries to take it out. No mam! she rarely touches them anymore though. 

  • @LDSJM123 Hopefully this makes sense - I found that if you take the rubber band and can slide it up a little on the ponytail you can work the band out of the ponytail by playing with the hair instead of the band. I'll try to do a snap video of it later ;) Some hair comes with the band (just like when I take my hair out of a hairtie) but it doesn't seem to bother S as much as trying to pull the band itself out.
  • Love it!! THANKS LADIES! I cannot wait to try it out. I'm thinking the sitting still long enough so I can experiment is going to be the challenge. Maybe I'll try it while she's in the high chair with some puffs to distract her, haha!

    Um, YES to the awkward baby hairs. I cannot stand it. I don't know what to do. For a while people were asking me if I had cut bangs, they were so bad. No. Just sucky side effect to having a baby, lol. They're finally a little longer now, and staying in place better with my part. I tried to hairspray them lightly "in place", if that helps at all. 
  • @TiffRox81 I have the rubber ones as well. I have to do her hair while she eats and even then she hates it! It's not super long yet though.

    @winnie1122 I hate the PP halo. I can't wear my hair down because it's such a mess, and it looks awful up because I have bobby pins everywhere. I hate it so much.
  • Omg omg SO cute!!! Love all these cute baby ponies!! 
  • J's outfit in that picture is the same one M wore at her birthday party! I also know that R has it too! 

  • S has that outfit too! :smiley:
  • @kmurdock925 Would you be interested and selling one?? I love that so much! 
  • @LDSJM123 I think it's my absolute favorite. The four little girls in our stroller group have it too. 
  • Wow! Missed that Carter's (??) must have!! Lol Dang! Super cute!! 
  • Amazing, @kmurdock925!! Really. I am so impressed!! 
  • Safety question. I'm rearranging things in J's room and was wondering how far from a side wall should the crib be? 
  • How far from a wall? I have M's up against a wall. Did I miss something (safety concern?)? 
  • I was trying to push it more into the corner but I wasn't sure if having it in the corner would ne unsafe. I could be totally crazy here. 
  • @babycakesday I think the concern is having two cribs closer together. I've seen incidents where a twin has climbed and gotten their head stuck between cribs too close together. We have R in a corner and B up against a wall and I think they're fine. 
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