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  • Thanks! It might have been something my crazy MIL said and it just got stuck inside my brain. Into the corner she goes!! 
  • TiffRox81 - thanks!

    @babycakesday - I would think having the crib in a corner would be less sides for baby to potentially climb out of??
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  • The only issue I have had is that when I put the crib against the wall the baseboard didn't let it go flush against the wall. Elise has gotten her leg stuck between the wall and the crib a couple times now. She's never been hurt and she hasn't done it anymore!
  • Has anyone started thinking about Halloween costumes for LO and/or family?! Or maybe I'm crazy, hahaha!! I'm hardly crafty enough to whip something up in a hot minute so I need plenty of time to pull things together. And inspiration...
  • @kmurdock925 you make a good point. 

    I'll keep my eye out @shaylalr She loves to put her legs through the bars as it is. 
  • Nope not crazy! I would like to do a family costume as well. But we'll see if it actually happens. We have an annual couples (adult) Halloween party we go to, so that's an added layer we have to think about. I'm not doing 2 costumes for us!  @TiffRox81
  • Elijah is having a lot of feelings today.  Now he seems like a toddler lol
  • I have DD2's crib against the wall. I am more concerned about what's on the wall. It's out of reach from curtains and the monitor cord. I also don't have anything on the wall above it except stickers and very lightweight letters that are covered in command strips because I'm scared of things falling on her. 
  • I love all your ideas! I guess I should start thinking seeing as we probably have a qualified tricker treater this year! I have zero ideas though, last year he was a shark but it wasn't a very sophisticated costume.
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  • FTM53FTM53 member
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    I just threw out almost 100oz of boob milk. He's still nursing at night, but it had all expired. I feel both sad and accomplished
  • Oh no!!! Totally feel you, @FTM53! Definitely bittersweet. 
  • Anybody on MyFitnessPal?? I injured my hip 7 weeks ago and was unable to exercise while it healed. I've gained back most of the weight I lost and I really need a push!!
  • I used to use it! Maybe I should jump back in. I've been using my FitBit!!
  • I've been slacking lately, but I need to get back to being diligent abput logging everything. Plus it syncs from my Garmin device. 
  • Anybody read books on parenting toddlers?  I got Happiest toddler on the block from the lib.  Anybody read that or have other recommendations?
  • How was how to raise a child the Montessori way? @holly142
  • @LDSJM123 we just did family photos today. I had the same problem, plus it was August in swampy Florida. I found this great site that helps with some guidelines. 


    I'll post a couple when I get them back

    @winnie1122 Good Luck!!

  • So I was tempted to paint Scarlet's toe nails this morning...too young??
  • @LDSJM123- I gave "How to Raise An Amazing Child The Montessori Way" 4 stars on Goodreads. I enjoyed it! It has lots of ideas on things to do at home. I like the more natural toys and activities in this book. Plus I love creating an environment that allows kids to do more on their own. I think it helps them be more responsible as they grow up. 
  • Ahh!! I definitely want to do family
    photos soon. I'm thinking October here would be nice. And we can get away with using them for holiday cards. I hear you on the battle with attire, @LDSJM123!!!! 

    Hahaha, @winnie1122!! It's definitely no joke. So much planning. So so much planning. 
  • @holly142 I don't know if you have an Instagram but I have a good friend who home schools her kiddos and does Montessori. She has great ideas and posts the different activities she does with them. 
  • @kmurdock925 love that ring sling!! I might be interested in one too....  :D
  • schaze - Thanks! - just let me know!
  • @TiffRox81 How did everything go? I can't imagine keeping DS confined for that long. We barely make it thru the grocery store lol
  • I need tips on getting my lo to drink milk from a cup not a bottle.  Weve been trying the past several days..he just turned one a week ago but ive tried like every cup imaginable even the straw cups hell just refuse sometimes we can get him to drink 1-2 oz if we are lucky. Ive been caving and letting him drink from the bottle before bed bc I want to be sure hes getting milk and esp before bed.
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    @john5111 I started with her morning milk. I just handed it to her and flat out refused to give her the bottle. It took us like 2 weeks before she finally drank it. She doesn't drink it all at once. She'll drink 3 oz and then come back and drink the other ounce. Out of her four bottles, she'll drink out of her sippy for 3 of them. It was an adjustment for sure, but it eventually happened. Plus our pediatrician told us she should drink no more than 16 oz a day and it helped her consume less. 
  • @john5111 - does your kiddo like water in the sippy?  Mine loved drinking water from it but not milk- took about 2 weeks of adjusting- now she is totally cool with it (I still give her a bottle before bed for comfort and momma wants to sleep, haha- whatevs).  I gave her a sippy with milk before each meal so she was still hungry when she got it.  She got the hang of it.  Are you still working on the transition to cows milk from BM/formula?  I found that once we had that transition done the transition to only the sippy went much easier.
  • We just do his morning milk in a sippy right now. I got one of the sippys that are more bottle like and just give it too him. This week we will start for afternoon milk. Next week, when I start weening from before bed feedings, he'll still get a bottle, but once he's fully adjusted, that will move to a sippy cup, too
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