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Im struggling with coming up with a 1st bday gift for my LO. He is our second boy so I feel like we have every boy toy under the sun and tons of clothes.  He always gets everything used (passed down from his big bro) I just want to get him one new thing for his bday.  I know hell never know but still want to get him something. Any ideas? Im running out of ideas as his bday is next week.

Re: August randoms

  • @honeybear40 - Some days are definitely harder than others but missing things like that is tough.  I guess be fortunate she did it with your mom instead of at daycare so it was at least with family? 

    I may be getting ahead of myself- but what is everyone's plans/thoughts on switching to big kid beds.  I know they say between 18 months and 3.  I'm sure that largely depends on each kid's temperament and family situation (siblings on the way, etc) but I'm weighing the options of doing a toddler bed or going right to a twin or double.  My husband made our crib and it doesn't convert to a toddler bed (he wants to build another one, haha) and he is starting to think out plans for her next bed already.
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    @john5111 We got J a teepee and she loves sitting under it and crawling out from the other sides. Plus she can use it as a reading corner when older. 

    J is officially off formula, but I cannot get her to drink milk from anything other than a bottle. I've tries all types of bottles. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

    @kmurdock925 We've been thinking about the bed situation because we're trying for number 2. I've seen some floor toddler beds and I like that idea. She probably won't make the switch though until closer to 2 years. I just can't imagine her staying in it any time soon. 
  • DD1 climbed out of her crib head first at 18 months and I barely caught her. We switched her to a full mattress on the ground. She stopped sleeping through the night and constantly came out of her room. I'm keeping DD2 in her crib as long as possible as long as she's safe and not trying to dive out. 

  • I love those floor beds! Such a good idea and way cuter than I pictured! We've also been thinking about transitioning beds in the next year since we'll be trying for #2 soon (TW I had an early miscarriage last week). I'm debating waiting until he climbs out vs if we get pregnant again, wanting to move him before a sibling would arrive. I'd likely move him to our other guest room (aka storage room) at the same time. 
  • The house frame bed is what I want my husband build for Elise! I have been pinning it like crazy for months. We will move Elise out before we have #2, which will hopefully be in 2018 sometime. 

    @kburg15 I'm so sorry to hear that!!  I hope you are doing alright. 
  • We bought a convertible crib, it goes from crib to toddler, to a full bed. He's not walking yet, so we're in no hurry to transition him. 

    @kmurdock925 your hubs should just build her an indoor playground - check out I so want one of those. 

    @kburg15 Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear that. How are you doing? 
  • @kburg15 I'm so sorry! Sending you good vibes. 
  • Sending you a big hug @kburg15

    Can we talk about poop? How often is your little one doing it? M is going 3-4 times a day. And they're big. She's still nursing 3x a day so I'm sure that's contributing to to the softer texture, but is this much poo normal?!  It's not diarrhea so I'm not terribly concerned. But it is making her constantly on the verge of diaper rash. 
  • We didnt switch to a bed until almost 2.5...he never climbed out.  I thought it was a bigger deal than it really was we went with a full size bed bc I know hell be big and didnt want to waste money on a toddler bed.  He slept like  champ from day 1 just need to get them excited.  Like people said unless you need the crib i wouldnt switch them till they climb out.
  • @ftm53 - those are so cool!

    I'm loving all of these house beds...this gives me something new to look at on pinterest now that the big bday is over!!!

    @kburg15 ; - so, so sorry :(

    @LDSJM123 ; - 2 is usually our average but the other day she  had 4 MASSIVE poops...we were also at the state fair the day before so I contribute that to the massive amounts of crazy food and fruit that she ate.
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    @LDSJM123 J has like 3 or 4 a day. And same with the diaper rash being on the verge. I've just being using baseline as a preventative. The two times it has turned into diaper rash then I use the diaper cream. 
  • Ohhh! The Vaseline is a great idea. Thank you! 
  • @LDSJM123 I'm glad you understood that baseline was Vaseline. Dumb auto correct. 
  • AJ goes about 3 times a day. He's also almost always on the verge of rash. Yesterday I started letting him go diaperless for an hour or so to help and im also beginning to put him on the potty if he starts going or I know he needs to (he always pees within 5 min of drinking his 8oz bottle)
  • Any one who is still cloth diapering, do your diapers ever smell? I haven't had a problem with them all year, but lately they just smell like urine even if I try to wash them every day. Any advice?
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    I am still cloth diapering. I had an issue with that too a couple months ago! I ended up washing them without soap and with hot water a couple times and then I did one load with1/4 of a cup of bleach and soap with hot water. I also switched soap after that and it helped a lot. I'm not sure if that's the best way, but that's what I did. 
  • Not sure about cloth diapers, but with other laundry a cup or two of white vinegar will get rid of most smells. If not that doesn't work you could try a cup or two of baking soda in the wash. Just don't mix the two (creates bleach) :smile:
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    @john5111 - we got Rosie a little wagon and my mom is getting her a water table. I think she'll get a lot of use out of both! 

    @kburg15 - I'm sorry  :/ 

    @babycakesday - I had a lot of issues in the beginning and was super helpful. I did a strip with grovia mighty bubbles and then would throw one in the wash occasionally. I also do a cup of bleach every month or so.
  • @kburg15 Sending hugs your way! So sorry!
  • How exciting!!!!!!@ftm53.  Elijah pretty much does "all done" for everything he wants to communicate.....
  • @austinjl ; That's all I've been communicating too! I'm all done with this week ;)
    S has 4 molars coming in, strep throat, and guess who just got blotchy on her face? Yep. Dr said 1/400 chance that she'd get a rash from her vaccine 7-10 days after the shots. Today is day's too much of a coincidence to be anything else right?
  • @HoneyBear40 OH, No!!! Poor baby (and poor mama). It Might be the vaccine, but If it's bumpy, you might want to get her checked for scarlet fever. It's caused by the same bacteria as strep

    all the hugs to you and S :(
  • @FTM53 Thanks! I'll take a look at it again but it didn't seem bumpy this morning just blotchy. I'd like to fast forward a little and get her past this - I just hate how uncomfortable she is!

  • My sister finally had her beautiful baby girl, but she's in the NICU on CPAP for meconium aspiration :( looks like another week at least. We are pitching in to get my sister a hotel room near the hospital, but wondering if you guys have any gift ideas for her and my brother-in-law to make this stressful time easier?
  • Thank you for the advice!!! Mom doesn't cook and dad is always gone traveling. So I will be doing all of the cooking and cleaning for the household. She was already a mom and did her time, so I don't mind taking that over for her. I'll definitely bring up some of those things though!!

    @mnkenned I will be praying for the little one! That is so amazing of you guys to provide a hotel room. You are an amazing aunt! I know if my daughter was in the hospital I wouldn't want to leave. 
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