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  • @jjtruffles we have a Graco Extend2Fit and love it. I wanted it because Q is 95th percentile for height and the Extend2Fit allows for longer time rear facing. I was worried he would outgrow other seats earlier than he should. Plus it looks so comfy and is easy to buckle him in! 
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  • Jodi1980Jodi1980 member
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    Sorry this isn't bump related news but L, DH and I need your help. I'm asking for donations to help our Yogi through emergency surgery to repair his IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) which caused his back legs to stop working. We are hoping surgery will get him to walk again. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!
    whitehall, pa
    every adventure requires a first step- C.C.

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  • @jjtruffles - yay for your date!! 
    I have been looking at the extend2fit but I'm having decision paralysis from so many options. Anyone have the Chicco nextfit or any of the evenflo models?
    Struggling with what to do about nannys car- buying 3 seats sounds ridiculous, but these also don't seem like they are going to be easy to take in and out.

    @Jodi1980 - sorry to hear about yogi  :/ my Doxie was paralyzed by IVDD and ended up having the super rare progressive paralysis complication and we had to put him down last year. I made a donation to Yogi from Charger... hope he gets up and moving soon!
  • @mnkenned We have NextFits for the twins and so far we really like them. They seem to find them comfortable as well. They were easy to install, which is another plus. We got the Zip model so it's super easy to clean. We used two 20% off coupons at Buy Buy Baby which made them a little more affordable. 
  • @mnkenned :'( so grateful for your contribution! Thank you!
    @schaze thank you! 

    whitehall, pa
    every adventure requires a first step- C.C.

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  • arhodes6arhodes6 member
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    I'm pretty sure shoes were talked about at one point, but I can't seem to find it... I am debating getting toddler shoes for Q. I want him to be barefoot around the house but my hubby is weird about him having socks on when we are out and about. I want to promote him standing and trying to walk vs crawling so I just don't want the socks (he slips and can't stand too great in them). Do any of you opt for shoes or just go with bare feet? If you got your LO shoes, what did you get? I want to get him Toms because they are adorable, but I also don't want to spend $30 on a pair of shoes he won't be able to wear in 2 months. I feel like I need to get these for his 1st bday since he was born on 7/4! 

  • Elise is walking so she is wearing shoes when we go out now. My friend gave me this style of shoe to borrow and she walks alright in them! Technically, they are for crawling, but she had tiny feet and is still a size 2. 


  • @arhodes6 I let her go barefoot. Although I have been thinking about shoes now that she wants ti walk more than crawl. I'll cave eventually and buy some. 
  • jomama1618jomama1618 member
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    I feel like we talked about shoes somewhere as well. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (sure wouldn't be the first or last time) but I thought it was better developmentally for them to have soft soled shoes while learning to walk/walk well? I have been looking for soft sole shoes because of this, for L. I always feel lost in the options. He's always just barefoot now.
  • My mom bought P some little leather type moccasins and they are nice for out and about since they have a soft but tough sole and stay on his feet really well! 

    Ok well I just looked them up to check the price and I guess they were $30 also, so not better than Toms price wise. The brand is Made by Molly
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  • I got some Robeez - they have leather moccasin-like soles and seem comfy. They run a little big
  • @schaze I'm glad it worked, sorry it was so disgusting. But I have to say after reading shoe talk, I wasn't expecting that and it made me laugh.

    Will definitely be looking for something like moccasins I guess!
  • We did talk about shoes! DD1 was in PT so I'm picky about shoes. Soft and bendable are best! I love Robeez, PediPed and Stride Rite. We also have homemade moccasins that are adorable but she just outgrew them. DD2 is barefoot 95% of the time, but if she's going to be crawling around outside she's wearing her Pedipeds or Robeez. Easter Bunny brought her the cutest Stride Rite sandals but they are size 3 and still too big. 
  • @Jodi1980 I'll donate to your sweet Yogi, too. I'm so sorry about  his condition!! Have you reached out to FBRN? Would they be willing to help spread the word for your gofundme??
  • @schaze ... yeah we had to do prunes and still do with Nat as she gets constipated a fair amount.  The first time was a nightmare lol. Poo EVERYWHERE lol like clean the while crib and wipe down he walls hahah it was like a scene out of a horror movie lmfao.
    Nathalie is just about walking on her own now. She's been using the walker/cruising using furniture for a few months now but seems hesitant to let go of things. We leave her barefoot as she slips when she has footed pj's on. 
    Side note: why don't they make pj's for 6 months with the sticky feet for smaller babies who walk? They are almost always 9months (very rarely) or 12m and up...what about the little babies who are walking?? Nat is still in 6 month clothes and will be walking before she moves into the next size for sure.
  • I just picked M up 2 piece PJ's in size 12 months. I washed them in hot water, Dried on high, and I cuff the legs when I put her them. She's 16 pounds right now. But full on walking. And it's working well for us. Just an idea! @AshGee18
  • Happy Mother's Day ladies!! I hope you all get to do exactly what you want to do today!! 

    Thanks for all your input on the shoes! I ended up getting Q some Stride Right from target for now. He is barefoot 90% of the time, but if we are out we wanted something he could finger walk in or crawl in other than socks so he doesn't slip in his socks when trying to walk. The stride right seem to be really flexible and soft. He had a hard time figuring out how to stand in them at first but they are great now. 
  • Happy Mother's Day everyone! Hope you are enjoying a lovely day with your beautiful children and families. 
  • @AshGee18 Old Navy has footless pj sets in smaller sizes. Maybe worth a try?

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Enjoy your day with your littles!
  • @schaze @LDSJM123 thank you I'll try these out!
  • How did you all figure out what size shoe to buy your LO? DS hates anything on his feet. I have shoes for him (Toms) and they last about 2 seconds. The same goes with socks. I joke that I only put them on him when we go out in public because of judgemental moms staring haha. 

    Not shoe or poop related:
    DH is gone a lot for work (military). He misses out on a lot of DS's developments. When he comes home he often feels like he doesn't know what to do because so much has changed. Sometimes he treats DS like he did 3 months ago, when he just laid in one spot and rolled everywhere. Now he's always on the go and into everything and DH doesn't know how to handle it. Often times he talks to DS like how he talks to our dog. I don't know how to make DH feel more comfortable with all of the development. When he's gone I send pictures and videos or we Skype. I let DS get into "his cupboard" and pull out the towels and other baby safe stuff I stuck in there. But DH gets all nervous and anxious because of the mess, which I've learned to live with until bedtime lol. It makes for issues between us too bc he's really high strung which creates friction. Definitely a trickle down effect. 

    Ok now I'm rambling. Need more coffee...
  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    On the shoe topic, I took M to stride rite to be sized. @DachshundMomma
  • @DachshundMomma I also took my kiddos to be sized. We ended up getting some super cute See Kai Run shoes for B in a size 3, but R's feet are too tiny for real shoes yet so I just have her in size 3 sandals for now. 
  • Omg you guys are making me feel like I have bigfoot as a child, haha.  I was measuring Scarlet's feet and am going to have to order a size 5.5 for her very very soon....
  • Moms who have their periods back...I just got my first one since giving birth and it's so bloody (no pun intended...ok maybe a lil) heavy. Was your first one heavy and then the others not as much? Or should I be expecting a murder scene every month? I'm so not use to this lol before getting pregnant I was on the pill and had light bleeding for 3 days and that was it. 
  • @AshGee18 the first 2 or 3 for me were the worst. After that, I'd have like 2 days of super heavy and then light bleeding for the rest of it.
  • @AshGee18 mine are all over the place and I got mine back at around 8 weeks pp and even on the pill.  I was on a low hormone pill for a while- what I used before baby and has always worked and I was getting 2 light periods a month.  I got a stronger pill because yeah...2 a month, hell no...and last month I didn't have one at all- so yeah...all over the place
  • My first 2 or 3 were heavier than normal. My last 4 have been pre-pregnancy normal for me (thankfully pretty light!). I'm not on any birth control. 
  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    My husband and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary in December, and I think I've talked him into a trip with just the 2 of us! He likes action and adventure and I like something a bit more relaxing. So we need to find that sweet spot in the middle. Something budget friendly, (no Europe or Africa), and that would have good weather in the early spring. Suggestions? We live in Ohio if it makes any difference. I just want to take a trip that really feels like vacation. If that makes sense? The only trips longer than an overnight we've taken the last 5 years have been to visit family. And that never feels like vacation.
  • @LDSJM123 I say just come to Omaha
  • mnkennedmnkenned member
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    @LDSJM123 - San Diego with a trip to Catalina island? Can do some fun city stuff, relax at the beach, and then snorkel/scuba dive while you relax on the island 

    or.. Central America. Costa Rica or Guatemala would be affordable spots and lots of relaxation and adventure options
  • @LDSJM123 I'd say Hawaii! Not sure if you've been there. Maui is beautiful. Spring is usually the most affordable time to go, I think. Maybe a national park in the CO, AZ, UT area if you like the outdoors? 
  • @LDSJM123 I dbl @TIffrox81 - Love the natnl parks.  We did Yellowstone/Grand Tetons in June of 2015 and it was an amazing trip.  You can make it as adventurous or relaxing as you like.  The Tetons are just up the way from Jackson hole too- lots of spas and hot springs...bonus!
  • My periods have been all over the place too! The first couple were heavy now the last 2 I've had 1 or 2 days of light bleeding but all the cramps and PMS symptoms. I had such a light one last week I took a pregnancy test because I felt like I should have been bleeding "more" with how I was feeling and they weren't matching up. The test was negative which just leads to the "bodies are weird" comment.
  • @LDSJM123 I would recommend Hilton Head, Charleston, or the Outerbanks. All offer a ton of activities and truly are beautiful.
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