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  • @kmurdock925, I was looking at that one too! We are between the britax, chicco nextfit, and the maxi-cosi. Also, that is a great idea to try C out in them, especially since this one is going to last longer than 10 months. 

    @HoneyBear40 it also stresses me out, when I walk into a BBB it is just too overwhelming and all of the car seats start to look the same.  

  • We are talking about a Recaro. My husband loves the German engineering and the fact that, that company started out making race car seats and harnesses. They also seem to have some stellar reviews. And bonus points for affordability.

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  • Wow!! Dang I never thought about the height issue!!! It's very much on our list of to-do's, as they're supposed to be transitioned by 1 year. But dropping $250x3 is holding me back. Ugh! Better break down and do it. I've loved the Chicco keyfit. I was strongly considering their brand again for the convertible. I like the demo'ing idea tho. At the end of the day it should be whatever fits them best!! 
  • As for baths, L LOVES bath time. It's our go to at the end of just about every night. We just recently ditched the infant tub and started using the big tub. Night one was funny - I don't think she knew what to do with all the new room. She kind of just sat there and I kept pushing the toys to her. She's gotten braver but really would be content standing at the faucet the whole time trying to play with that. Not safe so it's a constant battle of me moving her and her moving back lol. 
  • Elijah has his first fever today- not a first I was looking forward to...  it measured at 101.1 under the armpit so we called the after hours doc line.  The dr said fever is a sign that the immune system is working (yay?) and they wouldn't get worried about it unless it were 105 or above.  105?!?!?!!!!   That seems ridiculously high!!!!
  • kburg15kburg15 member
    That does seem very high! I always heard 101...
  • @austinjl Our doctor says it's only concerning to them if its 102.5 for over 24 hours. I've never heard of it being so high! 
  • The actual number doesn't really matter, oddly - every child is different and each illness causes a different reaction. The body raises your set temperature to try to kill whatever is infecting it (virus or bacteria) so it's part of the normal immune response. A true "fever" is
    over 100.4. Over 105 is unusual and you would be worried about an environmental component (like heat stroke) with it. Also want to be checked for any fever lasting longer than 5 days, decreased wet diapers, poor liquid intake, or acting lethargic.
  • We switched DS into the Graco 4Ever a few months ago and I love it. It's a really good seat and will last him for the rest of his time in a seat/booster. It sits more upright and he much prefers that over the infant seat which is more reclined. 

    Chiming in on the fevers... our nurses line told me if a fever lasts more than 72 hours to go in. DS had a fever for 3 days then it went away. She said if it were to come back within 24 hrs to go in.  And if a fever is ever above 103 to go in. It seems it depends on who you talk to as to what you'll be told to do lol.
  • @shanparadise you could make a lot of money off that idea!

    E is really constipated :( It's so sad! We've been doing pears the last few days with no luck and are going to try prunes today. I hate how much this is bothering her though.
  • Dang, @schaze!! Poor babe!! I wonder why?! For what it's worth, we have a couple of the food packets (don't know if you use those) that have prunes built into the mix. Maybe worth trying every few days.
  • @schaze if the prunes don't work, take her in. I tried pears, prunes peaches for like a week before I finally took her in. The dr had to help draw it out and it was bad and super hard. I felt so bad for waiting so long. Good luck! 
  • That's my plan @babycakesday. We've given the pears 3 days, so I'm giving the prunes until Friday morning to work before calling. I think it's starting to work since it's starting to soften a bit, but she's still really straining to get anything out. @TiffRox81 the only thing I can think of that's been different in her diet is bread! We bought whole wheat brown instead of whole wheat white and she had a sandwich on Monday and has been stopped up since then. I have no idea what else it could be, she's always been fine with dairy products.
  • Have you tried applesauce? That usually works for mine.
  • M got super constipated and it lasted 6 days. We completely cut out all table food for 48 hours and the straight breast milk flushed her out wonderfully. 
  • shaylalrshaylalr member
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    We bought the Britax Roundabout (only $135!). It was amazing to install. I really like it except the latch around her legs is weird because there's a pillow. She doesn't seem to mind though. 

    We also bought the Evenflo Symphony for my husbands car. He rarely drives her around and it has an extremely high rating for crash tests. I got it for $33!!!! I am serious. This car seat doesn't have much cushion, but babysitters or husbands who don't drive around much, save your money and get it! It is actually pretty nice. 
  • Since that horrible constipation time, I do as @LDSJM123 said. I cut all solids out and that usually does the trick. I never want to let it happen again. I felt like the worst mom in the world. The other thing the doctor did that time was insert a glycerin suppository and showed me how to do it in case it happened again. I haven't done it because it makes me really uncomfortable. But I hope it clears up on it's own. 
  • Baby J's cradle cap is back. Last time i just put some oil on it and boom it came off. Her hair is a lot thicker this time though.  Any one have any other ideas? I'd like to avoid slathering oil on her head. 
  • Baby J's cradle cap is back. Last time i just put some oil on it and boom it came off. Her hair is a lot thicker this time though.  Any one have any other ideas? I'd like to avoid slathering oil on her head. 
    M got cradle cap a little later, and I just oil and lots of combing her hair. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @LDSJM123 I have a special comb for cradle cap. It has a regular comb on one side and then an ultra ultra fine comb on the other. The nurse in the hospital gave it to use before we left, but I bet you could find it on amazon or maybe a baby store.

    I would use it in the bath with his shampoo instead of getting his head all gooey. I'd lather up his head, let it sit for a few, then comb it every which way. 
  • @babycakesday Ruby had bad cradle cap when she was tiny. We used a cradle cap balm from amazon that I would rub into her scalp before bath. I would let it sit for a good hour, and then I would use a super fine tooth comb to lift the flakes. Then I would wash her hair with a little scrubbie brush that the hospital gave us. After a couple times doing that, it was gone. She recently had a small patch pop up and I did it again and it was gone in one treatment. 

    This is the balm we used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01BFSGUYU/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494463669&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=cradle+cap+balm&psc=1
  • L has started to get a little bit of cradle cap too. My husband keeps telling me to do something about it. It really doesn't bother me so I haven't given it a lot of attention. It seems to come off more and more each day.
  • For cradle cap our doctor recommended Selsun Blue, that seems to do the trick.
  • Baby J's cradle cap is back. Last time i just put some oil on it and boom it came off. Her hair is a lot thicker this time though.  Any one have any other ideas? I'd like to avoid slathering oil on her head. 
    At night time after a bath we lather L's noggin and body with aquaphor. Yes, it's greasy but it does the trick because by morning no flakes and gunk! If you are worried about the grease, I put another blanket down on top of his fitted sheet in the crib so it soaks into that. Just be consistent with it!
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  • hi mamas !! so I deleted the stupid bump app after having Harper and completely forgot that people would still be posting post partum! What's going on ?! Did I miss anything good
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    Awesome ! Anyone pregnant again ? Currently winging life relying on breast feeding and hoping our pull out game is strong. But my period is a day late... so we shall see. Glad to see time has weaned through the weak and the a*holes because sometimes I couldn't deal with the whiplash I would get from posts in our bm. 
  • @schaze omg !!! Congratulations!!! Are you freaking out... I think I would be but at the same time slightly disappointed if I'm not. Harper is still nursing and waking up well over 6 times a night but I feel like my period just regulated. So it's a guessing game until I (wo) man up and buy a test.
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     @onesassybishh we are in the same ebf/po and pray boat lol But I still haven't gotten my pp period. Slightly worried I'm going to be one of the lucky ones to ovulate (sans period), not know it and wind up pregnant again. (we aren't ready for that yet, but because of my health issues, haven't found a b/c that won't mess with me/Dr is ok with me using).
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