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  • Loving all thes babies xoxo
  • @ShyTonia cool!!! Does it just do sound? No pic I'm guessing 
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  • I also found myself online last night a hour past my bedtime looking up random Internet sonogram by week to see what I can expect at my next visit lol. Obsessed much
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • @AMCsquared yes only heartbeat sound. It is sooooo worth the 60$.
    Today I had a check up and all went well! I confessed to my Dr that we purshased the at home doppler and she didn't make a good or bad comment. Lol. She went on to find our lil babes HB (with a little help from me hehe, I know right where lil babe is right now. ) with 165 bpm  :)<3 US is this coming Tuesday! Ahhhhh lol cannot wait. 
  • whiskawhiska member
    @AMCsquared I do that too before every scan! I also search like "8+5 ultrasound" on YouTube and then you can hear the tech or doc explaining what you're looking at!
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    @grochril look at that perfect little baby! 
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  • @anewadventure holy cow what a good ultrasound! Look at its little profile! 
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  • Great ultrasound pics @grochril and @anewadventure, really clear  <3
  • Love the new u/s pics!! Are NT scans usually abdominal or transvaginal?
  • @blueskies17 abdominal I believe.
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  • @blueskies17 mine was abdominal.  Since they do the NT screen from 11-14 weeks, baby will be big enough to see via stomach :) 
  • atackatack member
    My doctor called today to share that my dates moved up 3 weeks.  I am now a 12/1 due date - it could go back and forth since we are positive with my dates.  I thought I had a period in March, but it looks like maybe that wasn't a full blown period?!  

    Anyways - talk about fast forwarding 3 weeks.  Now, I am getting closer to being out of the first trimester.  My concern is testing because DH really wants the NT test and I am cutting it super close.  Going to get bloodwork taken care of on Friday and I am not sure if they are using the ultrasound from what I just had done - hopefully they can use it.  Anyone have experience with this, I am sure they measured the NT once they realized I was not at 9 weeks and baby was much further along.  
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  • @atack when you were last in your US appt, did you notice them taking tiny measurements of the back of the neck?  If not, you'll most likely have to have it done again.  I had mine yesterday and it took close to 45min just to get the baby in the right spot for the measurement!  

    Congrats on the bumped EDD!! 
  • Omg @KathrynJ088 that is wild! 

    NT scan went very well today. My OB gets them done at the perinatology group, and they are very strict with the ultrasound pictures. They will text you some of them, so while she was looking very baby like during the scan, I was only sent two that make her look somewhat like a pterodactyl.
  • @KathrynJ088 WHOA!!  That's so rad!
  • @KathrynJ088 OMG! Obsessed with your US!!! That's so cool!
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  • atackatack member
    @grochril my doctors secretary said they didn't when I was on the phone with them, but then she told me the blood test they're doing for me doesn't include the U/S so I won't need a new one.  

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  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    That's great @andipandicWed121369. So glad you got to see healthy baby. Sorry your DH missed it. Mine never goes to appointments 
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