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  • @ktcakes87 such a cool picture!!! So very excited for you!!! We are days apart! I haven't seen my babe since 7weeks 4 days.  Next appt is may 19th for obgyn and may 23rd for 12 week scan. I cannot wait! You must be over the moon! Will you have a 12 weeks scan?
  • how did you all manage to get ultrasounds so early?! My first appointment isn't until I'm 10.5 weeks :(
  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @nbrown0827 I did because I have had a loss. Not sure about everybody else. 
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    @nbrown0827I have a history of miscarriages, so they got me in right away. With my first pregnancy, I was told I wouldn't have an ultrasound until the anatomy scan at 20wks. Crazy!
  • @nbrown0827 I also have history of loss. My OB has been great about "coddling" me so to speak.  
  • @nbrown0827 my OB has all patients do their first appt and ultrasound between 7-8wks. I got an extra US at almost 10 wks to ease my anxiety about previous loss (happened at 8 weeks after normal 7wk+3 US, and I didn't find out until 13 wk scan)
  • @nbrown0827 I was under RE care and had US at wk 5, 6 & 7.  Now I'm with my OB so next scan won't be until 12 weeks.  If I hadn't been under RE care, my first US would have been between wk 6-8 for a viability scan but with DS I was closer to 10 weeks when I got my first one. 
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  • @ktcakes87  gotcha! To be honest they never gave me a set due date, weird I know. I just based it off when they did our IUI. I was realeased so quickly from my RE to my obgyn I think it was just lost in translation that maybe I just knew. Lol So it lands at about Dec 3rd. I'm hoping to get a more exact date the 23rd. That will be our 12 week scan. Im counting the weeks on sunday. So I'm currently 10weeks 2 days. 
    @nbrown0827 ****TW. Because of previous losses , I was able to get them done so early. TW*****
  • @tinkerbellwest what app did you use to add the cute little size stamp to your photo?  
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  • @ktcakes87 I used photofy & purchased the baby bump group for 2.99. :) 
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    This Baby Pics one on android does similar and is free, if it helps anyone. :)

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  • @nbrown0827 my early ultrasounds are because we are infertile... we got a scan at 6 and 7 weeks, and I get one more on Friday before 'graduating' to an OB.

    I actually asked for another one at 9.5 weeks and they said that would be fine, so I'm getting another peek, then!
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  • This is so neat! I've never seen an ultrasound for twins before. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are feeling good!
  • I was able to get in because my dr. sees patients at 8 weeks and they did a transvaginal ultrasound.  It was refreshing to see and know that all is well.  <3

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  • Haha they look like cute little gummy bears ❤️ 
  • Ooh, you guys, this is by far my favorite thread:)
  • @jfritschie that's a great one!
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  • @drablnd cool the arms! !!
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    @AMCsquared it definitely is! I was very happy with the clarity this time. It was transvaginal so we were able to get a pretty decent image. I think Baby's arm kinda looks like a little turkey leg lol
  • Is it normal to get an ultrasound at 12 weeks or is that only if you are doing the NT screening? 
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