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  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    So this baby is bound to give me a heart attack. We had another surprise ultrasound today because the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. Little babe was fine and moving around so much! 10w 5d heartrate 162. 
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  • We went in today for our appointment at 9+5. They had tried to find the heartbeat with a Doppler  (at my request) at 8+1 and wasn't able to pick it up. It didn't bother me because I knew it was early and unlikely that we would hear it. Then, at the appointment today they said it may still be too early and not to be worried, but they couldn't pick it up. I asked when my ultrasound would be since I haven't had one at all yet and they said they don't do it until the 20 week anatomy scan
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  • @FakeFinn great pic! 
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  • @dkizz82 That sounds incredibly stressful! So happy that you were given an extra ultrasound and that your little one is doing great in there!

    @lovelylittledahls How do you feel about that? Could you go for an earlier ultrasound somewhere else?

    @AMCsquared Thanks! I even got three photos, lucky me! Baby was upside down for most of the appointment and that made it difficult to measure (first measurements indicated 10w 6days) and then right at the end baby flipped into the best possible position. Midwife got great measurements and we got great pics! 
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  • @lovelylittledahls that's not right surely? You should at least have a 12 week dating scan. Otherwise how do they know exactly how far along you are? If you cant get one until 20 weeks I would definitely look at having one done elsewhere. I dont know about where you live but here in UK you can get a basic ultrasound scan for about £40. I'd be gutted if I had to wait that long. Hope you get it sorted
  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @lovelylittledahls I'm so confused. So I see your picture. You did end up getting an ultrasound? 
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  • @dkizz82 @kate0506 @FakeFinn
    Yeah I was confused and frustrated as well. They said as long as my uterus is measuring on  track and there are no concerns or complications there is no medical necessity to do one before 20 weeks.
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  • Ah! Half of my reply was cut off. I did get a quick ultrasound just to calm myself down, but they didn't do any official measurements or anything. She just said baby looks good and appears to be right on track for 10 weeks. We do have an ultrasound scheduled to find out the sex at 15 weeks at a little specialty place, but it's  $80 for the basic package and at 2 hours away, it's the closest place to us.
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  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @lovelylittledahls boo! We are going st 15 weeks too. Luckily ours is $50 and just down town. Glad you at least got a picture. 
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  • @kaaverill ha I need details of these table acrobats u speak of!
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  • @whiska that is so cool your baby was moving all around!! I am really hoping to see that this week!!! What app is your pic from btw?
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  • whiskawhiska member
    @AMCsquared It was so sweet - I hope your little one shows off for you too! 
    I downloaded both the Photofy and BabyPics apps but can't remember which one that sticker is from. They both have lots of cute "weeks pregnant" stickers!
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  • jackiesmom324jackiesmom324 member
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    Hey I hope everyone is good 
    @breezybee congrats on twins omg! 
    @AMCsquared I wish I had a home sono too
  • mdcd44127mdcd44127 member
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    kersey0208: Due date twins at 12/4! Mine measured 6 days behind at the 9-week scan, but only 2 days behind at the 13-week scan. When she first said that, I got a mental image of the peanut growing in there like the hulk... soon I'll be measuring a week ahead, and then a month... end up giving birth to a 30lb baby at 36 weeks. (That's weird, I know.)
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  • My first ultrasound ever is tomorrow. I am really nervous! I've read way too much research and personal testimonies about "possible" dangers of an US and even though I am excited to see the baby, I am just dreading any and all possible bad news or side effects. Realistically it will all be fine, but I even had a dream about the US last night. I guess it is really on my brain. My thesis adviser from several years ago also made a dream appearance....not sure what's up with that. I guess in times of stress I remember other times of stress subconsciously. Hopefully tomorrow evening I will feel 1000x better and then we can finally tell our family that we are expecting!
  • @DLD1213 yay for December 4th! I'm hoping my baby has a growth spurt yours had and they don't have to make me less pregnant! Haha
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