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I stole this from November.  Thanks November!

This thread is for pictures from our ultrasounds throughout the next nine months!!!

If you have an upcoming u/s appointment, please don't tell us here.  You can share that in the weekly appointment thread and/or your ticker change thread to help us keep this one relatively clean. 

Please check your picture before sharing to make sure that any personal information you don't want to share with everyone is covered up.

Some love to start their own threads to AW happy moments.  That is fine too!  Also please share the picture in here if you feel so inclined.  There are never too many places to celebrate these little ones and their mamas.  

@bumpCaitlin @bumpTara @bumpAdmin can we sticky this thread please.

Re: Ultrasounds

  • acgonzalez22acgonzalez22 member
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    ETA: I hit post to quick. This was at 6 weeks and change. I have a video of the heartbeat they gave me as well. Can't wait to see all the Dec17 babies!
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  • @acgonzalez22 YAY!!! That's so exciting to see!!!
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  • Our little pea!  This was done at 5 weeks 6 days.
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  • yarlkyarlk member
    This was an incredibly stressful ultrasound as the tech told me 'there is no baby' without any explanation. Had to wait two days for doctor to tell me I am just two weeks earlier than expected - needless to say it was not a happy experience. :( Will post in two weeks my new one!
  • I'm loving these ultrasounds!! 

    @yarleenr I'm sorry that tech treated you that way. Not okay. 
  • yarlkyarlk member
    @jlemons-2 thank You, I appreciate your words. :)
  • @yarleenr That's awful! Glad everything turned out okay though!
  • Hi girls, I had a first ultrasound at 5weeks + 6days, I dont know I was asked to come so soon and doctor told me he cannot see the embryo yet, maybe only the sign of yolk sac :-/ and the size is like 6w 1d
    I would like to attach a pic, but does not work :-(
  • @yarleenr I'm sorry that happened... that's why doctors take a second look! 
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  • @lin24-2 I went in at the same time and only saw a yolk sac. Doctor said it's normal and we will see hb next time I go in. Some people do see the baby at that time and some don't but go on to have healthier pregnancies. 
  • Can everyone attach a pic please?

  • @lin24-2 then mobile app is having technical difficulty attaching pics right now 
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  • Thank you Marley
  • Hello everyone! I love seeing all of the ultrasounds, and hope everyone has a happy and healthy 9 months!! I go in tomorrow (6w5d) for my first u/s, and am wondering what to expect. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to ask - still learning the rules of The Bump! Can I expect to see a heartbeat? I hope to have my own u/s to add tomorrow!!
  • NME44NME44 member
    @midwestmomma91, you should be able to see a heartbeat by then  :)
  • @NME44 here's hoping!! Thank you :smile:
  • Had my u/s today! Based on my lmp I'm 6w5d, but I have very irregular periods and wasn't sure when I ovulated. Today the baby measured at 5w6d, but she found a strong heart beat of 131! I can't seem to attach an image using the app, hopefully I can add it later!  
  • Congrats!  I'm also a ivf momma and don't go back for my 2nd ultrasound until may 1st. Can't wait to be released to my regular dr
  • @blairbecky78 I couldn't help but notice your U/S was from Wash U...are you in STL too?
  • This is my only ultrasound so far which is such a different experience than my last pregnancy. I also only had 2 betas a week apart. My RE just didn't order as much this time.
  • @bumpadmin Can we sticky this???
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  • @jljeanblanc I know right!?  It's becoming more and more real every time I look at it hehe. It's amazing the difference from 10 days ago! I'll have to do a side by side to show the growth spurt in just ten days!!!!
    im sure your blob is a very cute blob.  Hehe
  • And can I just say it's a shame we can't just request more USs...ya know for the fun of it! But then again I'd probably be there every week  :D
    Now I have to wait till 5/23 for 12 week scan! Ahhhhh  <3
  • blairbecky78blairbecky78 member
    edited April 2017
    @jljeanblanc I am from Southern Illinois but St. Louis is the closest for me.  
  • @blairbecky78 Curious where you live! My cousin and her husband lived in Wood River for a couple years. She went to SIUE and he went to the SIU School of Dental Medicine in Alton. 
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  • @vvitchhazel I actually live near SIUC which is much more south.
  • I had my first OB appointment and they scheduled me for an US tommorow afternoon !!!! Yeah !!!!! I'll be one day shy of 8 weeks. I hope everything goes well and I'll try and post the pic.

  • I have my first US on Friday when I'll be 7 weeks 5 days. Can I just say that I'm nervous in fear of bad news? Am I being paranoid or is this normal? I have felt like it won't be real until my US confirms that everything is ok.
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  • @AMCsquared I think it's completely normal to be nervous.  With my first pregnancy with my son I was blissfully unaware of everything that could go wrong and wasn't nervous at all.  ***TW*** After what happened with my DS and us almost losing him and then having a miscarriage I am now terrified at every appointment.  I don't think I will feel better until I start feeling the baby move and even then I don't think I'll fully relax until I have a baby in my arms. ***End TW***. Good luck at your appointment Friday!
  • Thanks @TigerCakes ! If only we could eliminate all reasons to worry!
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
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