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  • @anewadventure - Just asking for opinions on the picture, I know no one can give a definite answer. I have always felt like it is a girl and I've always heard 3 lines = girl. Now that there are 3 pictures on my disc that look similar to the one I posted, it is driving me crazy. We are still team green as we won't know for sure if it is a boy or girl until I deliver now. 
  • @lindsey30 I am not a trained tech, by any means. So I may be off here. But I'm not sure you can tell one way or another from this angle. This really isn't a "potty shot". It looks like legs are down and closed. I mean even if they weren't I probably couldn't tell you, but I'm pretty sure baby has to be at a different angle to see the goods
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    Hi ladies-

    Had my anatomy scan at 21w2d and this is the potty shot... At 12 weeks I was told boy and was hoping for a clear penis shot like I had with my first. Anyone see it? I've had people say it looks like an animal rather then a boy or girl
  • @bstrenn The genitals aren't developed at 12 weeks, so unless you had a blood test done, there's no way to actually tell at that point. As for the 21 week scan, I really can't discern what is what limbs or otherwise. You should ask your US tech or doc to point it out if this is fore sure the potty shot. It honestly looks like baby was moving when the picture was captured. 
  • Thank you for your comment!
  • Well, I suppose I did have 2 more ultrasounds this weekend, but I was too frazzled to care about pictures. Baby is fine, but I had a painful 4.5 cm fibroid that landed me in the hospital with contractions every 2-3 minutes for about 24 hours straight. WTF! Pregnancy is so crazy. I also have a copy of my MRI, which has some nice pictures of the baby. Silver lining from a terrible weekend!
  • Good luck @lindsey30. Hope all turns out fine. 
  • @KathrynJ088 the 3D ultrasounds tend to creep me out a little, but that one's really cute!
  • @jennasaisquoi aw it looks like they're already as thick as thieves!! 
  • Baby girl's 30 week scan! ❤❤❤
  • @elvenchick92686 Yay for your growth scan, just wanted to reach out to ya, my little lady is breech as well but the said the same thing, she has plenty of time to flip! My OB called today though to schedule a "just in case" C-Section so that was very unexpected lol. Now I'm googling all things to encourage her to flip. Even though I'm fine either way the outcome as long as she is healthy! Here's to our little ladiesmaking some moves hehe xo
  • @ShyTonia mine didnt even talk about a just in case section. But, i did see one of the newer doctors who isn't exactly familiar with my history like the rest are. I am seeing the doctor who is VERY aware of my history in two weeks so i will see what he has to say. He is the one who was present during my loss two years ago and help figure out testing with me and stuff. Im guessing they didnt mention it since they are planning a 38/39 week induction anyhow. A lady on a mom group i belong to said to get on your hands and knees and sway back and forth. I told her i did that anyway to help with back aches so maybe you can try that too. My little lady can come out anyway or anytime she wants to long as she comes out and i get to bring her home :-)
  • @elvenchick92686  please edit your post to black out your personal information. we all want you to be safe and people on the internet are weirdos!
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  • @anewadventure thanks!!! I didnt even think about it. Im super spacey since i haven't slept much!!!
  • Repeat scan to look at fluid on kidneys today. The fluid resolved so that’s good. But now they found a cyst in her pelvis so I have to have an mfm scan and make sure it’s not a problem!
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