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B*tch Fest/WTF?!? 4.10 - 4.16

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Since our b*tching tends to spill over, I thought maybe it would be best to have it as a weekly :) 

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Re: B*tch Fest/WTF?!? 4.10 - 4.16

  • @BabyMC517 I actually went and got a second monitor for home lol. My problem is: at work I connect my laptop to not one but two external monitors. Lol
  • @BabyMC517 I actually went and got a second monitor for home lol. My problem is: at work I connect my laptop to not one but two external monitors. Lol
    I'm sure if we had another room/space H would totally have us hooked up to multiple monitors! I'm surprised he doesn't hook the laptop up to the TV sometimes (he does for when we use kodi to stream, but not other things)! 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • Weekly is an excellent idea! I have no bitches so far, but give me a day (or an hour).
    @ChristinaWild ; That sucks! I love pizza and it's H's favorite food so we normally get it a lot. Well, this baby must hate pizza because it's the one food I have not be able to eat  this entire pregnancy. SO weird.

    @WombThereItIs ; I have a laptop plus dual monitors at work, they actually took me a while to get used to. Well now I don't like doing some stuff at home where I have just my laptop. Sometimes you just NEED more screen. H has 3 in his home office as well as his laptop. He does IT stuff though.
  • @WombThereItIs although that is a first world struggle it really is a big one! I can't stand having to work on my laptop screen now, i need my dual monitors!

    @Kipperoo I'm actually having some of the same problems. We have a lady come monthly, right now i have her set to come the day before my c-section. I'm hoping she will be able to squeeze us in if I go into labor early.

    I don't have a bitch yet, but i'm sure I will, I like the idea of a weekly thread.
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  • @jayandaplus even if you don't get the letter from your midwife your manager should still be required to reduce your hours at your request, they may want a 2 week notice though without the letter if they are a stickler...

    Hope they produce your letter so you don't have to wait!

  • DD had spring break next week and it is such a hassle trying to figure out who can cover her everyday. Especially since MH just started his new job and can't take a day off. I took a day off two weeks ago for my birthday and then last week because I was sick, and now I have to ask if I can take another day off. So annoying! 
  • Contemplating starting to write the thank you cards while at work (so not busy today), but I really don't even want to write them! I already told you "thank you" why do you need a card? I think someone mentioned this before...I just think its stupid and a waste of paper, but I'll do them anyway...

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • I am so uncomfortable today. Back and pelvis aching! I've been super busy in my outpatient area of the hospital but I have to walk my patients down and back to the waiting room. im already over 9000 steps and its 330. I'm scheduled here all week which is not normal either. Usually we all rotate areas. I am pretty sure my supervisor wants me to go into labor lol
  • @Bailey8809 That's terrible!! I'd be beyond irate. I like what @nda_roxybabe said.

    @RainyDays86 sex education page? Puhleasssee.
  • @Bailey8809 - that's some bs. Why do people feel the need to comment on anything related to someone else's pregnancy? 

    Can I add a second complaint? I have had the WORST heartburn all day. I'm over it. Stop it, body!

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  • @RainyDays86 are you accessing it via the website or the app? I bump via the app and its not blocked, maybe try that?
  • @SWE2 It's not just me?!
  • @WombThereItIs ok that is seriously funny. Expressing yourself abdominally. Lol. 
  • @wombthereitis I love dual monitors. I can't imagine having to go back. 

    I'm aggravated at the cashier at the Gap. I needed a few things for DS and to make a return for DH. So I finally made my first baby purchase for our Tream Green baby (a few little girls outfits...just in case and since my EDD is in the return window). After crossing town, I realized that I was double charged on an item and I had to trek across town for them to issue a refund.  So much for a quick lunch.  
  • Thanks @skzw! Most helpful and similar to what I was thinking of doing! As an update, I didn't get to write any at work and left them there lol 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
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    LOL @ leaving them at work... that's the perfect place to do them! I'm totally on board with that!
  • I'm a big fan of written Thank you's and always do them after Birthday, Christmas, showers, Etc. EXCEPT to immediate family like my parents and siblings. All that being said, I immediately did mine following my shower, except for the "late" gifts. I still need to do those, ugh. I keep taking the card between home and work.
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    I'm the same way @nda_roxybabe. I also cheat and have a mail merge saved so I do hand write thank yous I don't write out envelopes. Makes it easy for Christmas cards and such. Buy in bulk select print on mail merge stuff and mail. 
  • +1 on the wiping. DH keeps complaining about how fast we are going through TP. It makes me cranky. 

    My bitch is that my daycare lady (in home) was obviously miserable when I dropped off DD this morning. I appreciate her being open when she has a bad cold, but I woukd have liked to have known. I might have stayed home with DD instead of sending her into the germs. 
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    I actually have a bitch this week!!   WTF is wrong with my clients?  Seriously, I am killing myself to make sure your projects are done and out the door to you before the end of May, hell I want to take advantage of the 2 free weeks they will give me short term disability for and you jerks are dragging your feet in getting me info.  Stop it already.  
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  • H has been trying to find a job he actually liked lately, so he has taken leave from one stable job and has been switching around other jobs to find something. He was at one job for 3 days last week, he left that and was assured that he would be paid by Friday night... well it's Tuesday morning and there is no money! C'mon I know you're a government run company, but I can't do my groceries and pay my bills with $29!!! /sigh thankfully the job he started yesterday seems to be the one he's going to stick with.
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  • @Bailey8809 I am so sorry about the comments. It gets old real fast! A few weeks ago a colleague said to me, "Aww look you're waddling!" I just smiled and waddled on.

    @SWE2 You are absolutely preaching to the choir re: wiping. I am so tired of setting aside several minutes to get the job done. I am taking iron pills and I think they have made things even worse. Your comment gave me a much needed laugh, so thank you for that :smiley:
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