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1st bday! Because someone had to...


Re: 1st bday! Because someone had to...

  • Aw I love that outfit! So cute!
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  • Haha I think it's a great pic!!!!!!  @kmurdock925
  • Love it! That's what it's about - showing their personality!! Glad you're going with it. And it's super cute! 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    edited June 2017
    So...sent out the invites. DH said he wanted something big so we invited 70 people (adults and kids)...44 have already RSVPd... :#
  • Dies anyone know how to create a video with pictures and add music? I want to do all of her first year pictures kind of like a slide show but with a specific song. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @babycakesday I'm pretty sure you can do it in Apple Movie. Not sure otherwise
  • @FTM53 I agree with Apple. We have a Mac and an Apple TV and I'm doing something similar to have playing indoor. I'm sure there's a similar pc program! 
  • Wishing I put "regrets only" on our invites.  I've only gotten like 5 responses out of 20 invites sent. Cmon people, rsvp!!!!
  • holly142holly142 member
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    I have a digital photo frame that I play the photos on. Music will be separately going on a speaker. People can look at the photos if they want. 

    On my phone I use the free app Splice (it's by GoPro) to make movies. They have music too. However I share it on Facebook and Instagram but I don't know how I would share for a party. 
  • I think that treat bag is perfect! @TiffRox81
  • @kmurdock925 I've been to multiple first birthdays this year, and my friend and I noticed that the babies were really unhappy and screaming while eating their cake in front of everyone. It's nerve wracking having tons of people watch you. So she said for her son they will do it at home when he can enjoy himself, and then give him a small piece at his party in the afternoon while everyone else eats the cake. That may be an option for you!!

  • I ordered Dr Seuss' Happy Birthday To You book and I'm going to have everyone sign it at DD2's birthday party. For favors, I ordered this pack from Amazon since the party is on July 1st. There are going to be 10 kids there between 1 and 7 years old. I didn't have favors at DD1's first or second birthday but I thought these were cute. 
  • Super cute and I love the book signing idea!!!!!!
  • @LDSJM123 I told my husband last night we're done with new visions, lol. It's overwhelming!! I want to do it all!
  • @LDSJM123 - lets see these projects!!!
  • love the pinwheels!!  I think I need some now....I just opened the box of crap i bought months ago and am disappointed with the balloon colors...clearly I need to go to the store...#ihaveaproblem
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