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1st bday! Because someone had to...


Re: 1st bday! Because someone had to...

  • love the colors!
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  • @kmurdock925 I'm late at responding (3 deaths in the family have kept me busy) but I believe she said you were brave because a LOT of colors like that, stain horribly! Lol My nephew was green for a week after his smash cake! I bet it is going to be gorgeous though!
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    The high chair decor is adorable! We won't be decorating his because he has super long limbs and can reach/kick the end. 
  • I love her headband, the little crown is super cute!
  • Thanks @adough27! A friend bought it for her at a little shop when we were all in Vegas in the spring!
  • TiffRox81TiffRox81 member
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    Well here's my favorite. We tried to beat first nap and the heat taking these. We started to run into both by the end lol. 

  • FTM53FTM53 member
    Need to rant somewhere and you ladies will get it, so please ignore the long post! 

    I have just become ridiculously overwhelmed with the birthday party. DH got a new job and has been mostly uninvolved with any planning except to say that he wanted it big. So we invited 70 people 55 of whom will be there. It is now less than 2 weeks out and I needed to finalize food/entertainment/ a few other decisions. I tried talking to him about it and he lays out this HUGE plan with two catered meals (lunch AND dinner for any one who's still around after 5) and 4, yes FOUR, bounce houses and a huge indoor ball pit with 10000+ balls and cases of alcohol and "why didn't I invite these 3 neighbors (an additional 14ppl) that we literally maybe see 1x a month for a poker game?" And cases/kegs of alcohol only for me to remind him it's on a SUNDAY from
    1-4 and then get criticized for making it a Sunday and "well we certainly don't need even a single bounce house now" who has a birthday party on a Sunday? It took 4 hours, Nothing was resolved, and I'm running out of time
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @LDSJM123 @kmurdock925 Lol...yes, he's a show off and always wants the biggest and best. I was worried about this when we first had DS, so I dragged him to a couple a kids' birthday parties. All it did was confirm what he "didn't like" at a kids Birthday (no seating, no planned activities, crappy food ect...). He wants it stand out and "be special". Which I kinda created because I brought up the idea of a 1/2 keg because it's also a "we survived the first year" party. I think he took that and went a bit looney with it  :#
  • You're preaching to the choir. My husband also likes to be the ultimate party thrower. Which is why we spent an embarrassing amount of money, if you ask me, on all the stuff I listed! Hey, you only turn 1 once right?! Lol But true story, in hindsight some of it we could have done without. The sucky part about stocking too many kegs is you'd legit have to keep them cold and drink them!! They'd go bad otherwise. I'm all for wasting $10 at the dollar tree but wasting a couple hundred on kegs would really break my heart, lol!! And same is true with the food...you can only eat leftovers for so many days. We were sending the last of the mohicans home with pizzas!!! 
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    So DH found his mind and realized he might have been going a bit extreme. We solved the entertainment and cake. Still working on food and any safety upgrades needed. 

    Question for moms though: Of all the birthday parties you've been to, what makes them most enjoyable for YOU? 

    We will have cornhole and penny-ante poker for the dudes (we're known as the poker house) and plenty of fun for kiddos, but want to make sure the other moms enjoy themselves, too. I'm thinking wine and plenty of adult seating where kids can be kept an eye on. But anything else? 
  • @ftm53 I think that sounds like a good plan.  I would say that in addition to seating make sure there are places for the moms to set their drinks down if they need both hands to chase after the littles.  I always find myself awkwardly not sure if i should put my cup in the grass or hand it to someone (hoping someone is close enough) or what to do with it.
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    @winnie1122 You'll do great! Have fun and enjoy Ps and your celebration!! 
  • @ldsjm123 yay!!! It looked so good.   now time for hAppy vacationing :D
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