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1st bday! Because someone had to...


Re: 1st bday! Because someone had to...

  • So lets talk smash cake...Is anyone doing a special pinterest-esque photoshoot with a smash cake or just doing it at the party in their high chair?  There are gobs of adorable smash cake photo shoots which I would love to do...but then i'm like- well do you do it at the party first so that is legit the first cake- or the photoshoot for big photo ready reactions? Does JC Penny photo allow food to be involved?? ha
  • Funny, @kmurdock925! I had the same thoughts. I think for her party, I'm just going to get her a cupcake. And a cake or cupcakes for everyone else. I really do want to do a first birthday shoot and figured I'd get the "smash cake" for that event. I'm thinking of just decorating a space in our yard and using some of her bday party decor. I plan on asking a girlfriend of mine take the pics. She works CSI for our sheriffs department so she's got photography skills and a nice camera, lol. 
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  • Thank you!! My husband actually helped a lot! The knots at the top are similar (or the same) to tying a tie. I made it for about $6 vs.the $30 I saw on etsy. 
  • TiffRox81  - HA! CSI crime scene photographer to baby smash cake photographer! hahaha

    The Groupon deals for the JC Penny photos are pretty darn reasonable (If you're able to narrow it down and just choose 3 pics...that is the hard part...) I may have to call them to see if they allow cake, ha.  We have a pretty nice camera so I may do the backyard set up too though, that is a good idea.  Inlaws have 17 acres so we could do a cute nature set up.

    I think at her party I'm going to get her one of the big cupcakes or a super small cake-cake.  Depends on pricing.  I don't need a very big cake in general so I'll see what the best deal is. 
  • For M's birthday we are doing pies. So she'll have a mini blueberry pie instead of a smash cake. I'll be doing a smash cake photo session myself. I did it for a friend a few years ago and they turned out great! I'd rather spend that $$ on family pictures and just request a couple of her by herself. 
  • @LDSJM123 those are perfect!
  • I cannot believe you used your iPhone! That gives me hope, haha!! They turned out super awesome! I ordered something similar for some of our decor. And I have a cakestand!! 
  • Omg. Major score @holly142!!! Super cute! Love Dr. Suess!!!
  • That's such a fun theme! And what a great find! @holly142
  • @HoneyBear40 I feel the same except with clothes. My friend did this and many people didn't bring anything. A few people brought gift cards, but a very few did end up bringing things. So i think it's a great idea to help reduce the amount! We will tell our guests this in hopes that we get to buy some things. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    :D@LDSJM123 Love that idea! I'll most likely do FB invites. That way I can pester people about it daily
  • @FTM53 I am kind of wishing I would have sent the invite I sent and followed up with an Evite or FB invite, so I could have done the same. 
    @HoneyBear40 Yup, flashbacks to the wedding rsvp crap. I agree - how hard is it to respond when it's been stamped and prepared for you?!?
  • @HoneyBear40 I sent them out this morning, but we are having his party 2 weeks early since gen day is the 4th and we will be out of town. 
  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    I dropped ours in the mail yesterday for a July 15th party. So about 6 weeks. 
  • I'm doing about 4 weeks in advance.
  • I sent ours out 6 weeks ahead. I figured replies might be slow and thatbwluld give me ample time to get it all squared away. 
  • I sent out the Facebook invite today for a July 1st party. 
  • @holly142 - love that!!  I've been delaying sending the invites because the ones I chose have a spot for a pic and I want a pic of her as close to 1 as reasonably possible.  I can hear the clock ticking, haha
  • FTM53FTM53 member
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    Want to send ours out next week for probably July 9th. We have a few out of town invites, so want to give them time. 
  • I sent ours out today for a July 29th party. We have two friends who are also having baby showers that month and a few others who have birthdays so I wanted to make sure we gave everyone notice. 

    I need ideas for appetizers. We're just doing appetizers and cake at the park. So I'm at a loss for what can be transported and doesn't necessarily need to be cold.  
  • As for appetizers I'd keep them simple since you have to transport. Fruit tray/kebobs/salad, cheese and crackers, veggie tray, fruit or veggie pizza, hummus instead of ranch on the veggie platter, pasta salad made with Italian dressing, or an olive/pickle latter. @babycakesday
  • I have that banner in gold! Definitely need to look for the cake topper cause you're right - they're spendy on Amazon!
  • @LDSJM123 - I got the same topper at HL a few months ago!!

    @babycakesday - a lot of parks will have those little charcoal grills all around too...you could throw aluminum containers on there to keep anything warm that may need to be warm.  Can't go wrong with tons of fresh fruit in July.  Chips & salsa..could do a corn salsa too. 
  • So I am majorly kicking myself right now - we did a yard sale yesterday and my moms friend was selling a vintage wooden high chair. I told her what it was worth and offered to sell it on the Facebook yard sale site in my neighborhood. Needless to say it was sold instantly. I should have kept it for L's birthday then sold it!! What was I thinking?!? Ugh! It's gone now...so too late. 
  • Ah man! What a bummer! M's highchair is new, but its wood and has that vintage look. I've been dreaming of using it for her party since we got it in the winter. Lol!  
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