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1st bday! Because someone had to...


Re: 1st bday! Because someone had to...

  • @jjtruffles - you will be a pro by the time you're done :)
  • @jjtruffles I sent you info on the bears! Let me know if you didn't get it. :)
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  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    Heads up that Oriental Trading has tons cute party stuff in a variety of colors/themes. I currently have paper straws, hanging fans, high chair "one" garland, and cupcake toppers in my shopping cart.  
  • After spending an embarrassingly large amount of time just surfing the internet for birthday ideas this morning, I think I'm shifting my initial idea a little. Originally I was thinking red, white, and blue -- something to do with our little firecracker. Now I'm leaning more towards a retro americano, county fair feel a bit. Still the same color scheme, just a bit more rustic. I think this also helps it feel not so 4th of July ish. Since we're at the end of July. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @TiffRox81 can I have that bear info, too? 

    We are doing a "fun to be one" theme with baby Disney characters. Still planning it, but I know we are going to have a small bounce house and slide. Perhaps a little water splash mat since it's like 1million degrees here in July. 
  • I thought we had a date and theme but now everything seems to be crashing down already and we're still 4 months out! I don't need a completely over the top 1st birthday party but I sure wish DH would get on board with the fact that I actually want to have a theme and some fun planning for this birthday since we won't be having big parties for quite a few years after this one.
  • I feel like I'm the only mom not throwing a 1st birthday party...lol
    This is the only one we throw, so don't feel bad! And real talk, think of all the money you're saving. 
  • @DachshundMomma me neither, girl! We're probably just going to be doing a smash cake at my ILs house.
  • I would like to throw a party for Camille but we're really far from home and I don't have a lot of mom friends here. I'm also not brave enough to invite babies/moms from daycare from fear of being rejected. 
  • A mom at my daycare invited me to her sons first birthday after Elijah was there for only a few days.  I have yet to meet her, 6 months later. I thought it was really sweet of her!!!!  I would have gone but I had previous plans.  @heathereaddy
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    I'm thinking of inviting a few of the other daycare moms to DSs birthday
  • I'm a hot mess - please ignore my variety of posts all over the place, lol. At least I found the right thread for this! 

    Im just writing to vent - wow birthdays are crazy!! Once you start including spouses, kids, it doesn't take much for the invite list to get out of control. I feel like w have to draw the line somewhere but I'm trying not to hurt anyone's feelings. But man st this point I feel like I need to take out a small loan to fund this event!! I just keep telling myself this is it for a few years. 
  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    Yes! Birthday parties can out of hand very quickly. Don't feel bad about drawing a very clear line when it comes to who to invite or not invite. I made a list of a few things that were super important to me to have at the party  and I'm focusing my energy (ahem and money) on those few things. I love Pinterest but M's college fund is more important. As is my sanity. 

    Im finalizing her invites and I love them! FYI, Snapfish has 6% back with ebates and lots of retail me not coupon codes. 

    Anyone else doing "in lieu of gifts"? 

  • @winnie1122 That is our budget as well! We are just having people come hang out in our backyard and eat cake. 
  • winnie1122 I think that will be a great, low key afternoon!

    We are sticking to family only.  Hubs doesn't like big parties- Kiddo will have no clue, and friends lists can get out of hand quickly to not hurt feelings then you end up having people there you really couldn't care less if they were or not.  Fortunately, the one friend that I really want there will be out of town so it will be easy to keep it listed as just family :D
  • Well it looks like we won't be able to afford the trip for Baby J's birthday. So I think we'll do a small friends and family bbq. A cheap cake from costco and maybe even make it pot luck style. 
  • babycakesday That is a bummer but the BBQ will be such a nice day for you guys! You will create a great memory.  You can take a trip any time :)
  • kburg15kburg15 member
    Currently struggling on first bday plans. I want to invite just family and to have it--low key--at my aunt and uncles lake house. DH wants to invite 50 of our closest friends and have it at MIL's house (with no lake ha). This would mean MIL planning the whole thing and/or continuously pestering me about it for the next 3 months and taking over. Ugh
  • Same here on the first birthday struggle, I like small gatherings, but my MIL and mom want a wedding like event. I just want a small close friends party where we live and then only immediate family for a family get together when we go home. @LDSJM123 I am doing an "in lieu of" as well, I don't want any gifts either, C already has so much and she will get plenty from us.

  • Ok I'm ready to start planning Elijah's bday now.  We've decided on a zoo animals theme and a party at home.  I had thought about doing a party at a park but that may be more fun for his second bday when he's moving around more.  Also when I was in the hospital giving birth and recovering, I kept telling the nurses I wanted to leave but they kept saying it was too hot/humid outside and I should be glad I was in the ac. Getting excited!!!!!!
  • @TiffRox81 Love that!!!!  I think a trip to Mychals or Hobby Lobby would solve your problem pretty quickly.  You could get some scrapbooking stickers or something to stick on there. 
  • @TiffRox81 That is adorable! It almost looks like a shadow box. 
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  • @TiffRox81 So cute!!!! Those fluffy yarn pompoms or flowers would be fun on the top!
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  • Thank you, ladies!! I hope Hobby Lobby helps. I feel like it just needs a little pizazz.
  • TiffRox81 said:
    Thank you, ladies!! I hope Hobby Lobby helps. I feel like it just needs a little pizazz.

    I'm stuck!! 

    The dollar spot at target always has adorable garlands too.
  • You are very right @LDSJM123!! Target does have some cute things in that section right now that fit my color scheme. I will check that out!!
  • Um, SO CUTE @LDSJM123!! I bought something along those lines at Hobby Lobby. Because I never would have been capable of making one. You're so talented!!!
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