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1st bday! Because someone had to...

Yes...yes...it seems early...but I got my first delivery of goodies!  Let's hear and brainstorm the party ideas!!!  I'm going with "it's fun to be one"!  



Re: 1st bday! Because someone had to...

  • So excited for this thread! 
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  • So cute!!! Are those your photo booth props??
  • So cute!  Love that idea.  I know how busy I'll get once the weather gets nice and my hubs gets back so the more I can get done now the better! 
  • I've seen those ^^^ tutorials! So stinking cute. Glad to know they actually work. I'll have to remember that. It looks great. 
  • OOh love the table cloth backgrounds!
  • Am I the only one not doing a 1st bday party...?
  • @kmurdock925 there definitely will be booze at DS's birthday.  :D
  • We did a big 1st birthday for DD1. Only immediate family came to her 2nd birthday and then immediate family plus 3 friends for her 3rd. I'll probably do the same for DD2. 

    We will have alcohol at the party.
  • @TiffRox81 that is fantastic!
    @holly142 i like that idea
  • loving everyone's ideas. esp its fun to be 1! we will prob do a bigger 1st bday celebration and then keep it smaller going forward. alcohol is a definite lol. theme thoughts-are either little man theme or cookie monster but im still debating.
  • LDSJM123 - Love those!!!  I was actually recently thinking I want to play around with royal icing and try to get decent at it before the big ONE
  • I'm with @arhodes6 ... I want a cookie, or 2.
    I've got the date picked out (truck pulling schedule kind of already set it) but still working on the theme...thinking Disney of some sort with "It's Fun to Be One" but that's all I've got so far.
  • shaylalr those balloons are the cutest!

    @MamaBish - 2 months is not sufficient if you're a planner!  You can't plan in man time...it just doesn't translate. 
  • That cat theme gets all the heart eyes! How stinking cute @shaylalr
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @john5111 I LOVE the idea
  • Went pin-crazy yesterday for this event. And wanted to cry!! It's going to be so bittersweet putting together all the pics throughout this last year. Hopefully the party planner in me is more excited than the sad momma in me! lol

    i think I'm going to go with gold, coral and ivory and make things kinda floral. LOVE "One is Fun" for the invites, etc. I'm also obsessed with those oversized gold letter/number balloons! We're going to use our backyard, mid June. We had a dessert bar for our wedding with some fun single serving desserts. I want to do something similar for the party. Those personalized cookies are too cute!
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