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The Nursery Thread

Alright ladies, is anyone else like me and getting really excited to plan the nursery?! Now that a lot of us have found out the sex of our babies, what are y'all planning for your LOs' nurseries??

Please share your ideas and, when the time comes, your actual baby rooms!
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Re: The Nursery Thread

  • DH and I just bought the paint for the nursery yesterday!! The walls are already a cream color so we are going to throw some pink stripes on a feature wall. We don't really have a theme, more like a color scheme to stick to but it's going to be super girly with a mini chandelier! lol hopefully it turns out as cute as I'm imagining it in my head! 
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  • We are reusing the same nursery and decorating theme from my son. He's only 14 months so it's not like that room got used tons. 

    I am very thrifty and cheap and buy almost everything second hand (goodwill, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, etc). The room has  Yellow walls with red and blue and green accents. I have a vintage rocking chair and use an old antique dresser as a changing table combo. Then we put up shelves with horsey and farm memorabilia including vintage child toys and fisher price toys. We used rag rugs and I framed old prints from vintage children's books for wall art.

    Once the room is done being a nursery it will be converted into the playroom/craft room/homework area. 
  • We are doing a shared room for our little ones. I am having such a hard time finding a shared boy/girl inspiration room to model after. I'm open to suggestions! 
  • We finally cleaned out the room that was a makeshift storage room for new baby! There is also a 15% off glider sale at BRU, so I ordered a gray one as a start. We had a cream one with DS, but lent it to a friend who is still using it and has a bunch of cats that love to sleep on it. I'm super allergic so this was one item that we are going new for this baby.
  • @merrylea is rigt about that recommendation.  With DS I used the bumpers to wrap around the tops of the crib sides when he got a little older and started chewing the crib.  They are cuter (and cover more surface area) than the covers you can buy specifically for that.
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  • Seriously nursery planning is so fun! I can't wait for tomorrow to find out what we are having so I can dive in! Right all we have is a glider and an empty room. Bring on Pinterest!!

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  • DS's nursery has dark grey walls with cream accents (curtains, shelving, bed skirt, etc) and splashes of orange and aqua. We did sort of a travel/international theme in there - framed maps on the walls, and I just ordered these:

    I never had quite "finished" the nursery by the time DS was born, and then finances have been tight with paying off hospital bills over the last couple of months! Now, with another one on the way, the nursery has become a higher priority again. :smile: I'll post pictures when everything arrives! 
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  • Planning on an understated safari theme 
  • @mombod we are also Team Green and our theme is sort of similar.  It's a travel theme.  I registered for 'Oh the Places You Will Go' bedding and a hot air balloon mobile.  But we will be mostly gray and white, with a little teal, maybe some light orange... we'll see.  There will be globes and maps and stuff like that. Due to my work the baby has already been traveling a bunch.  I like the idea of marking the places on a map in the nursery. 
  • @wifeinraleigh28 I was afraid if the same thing.   They didn't have a lot of my set at my store so that's why I went ahead and bought what I did.  I can always buy different things to go with it.   Plus I like having it here at home with me.  Gives me inspiration for other things in the nursery.  
  • We are doing gender neutral since we're Team Green. The room is already painted a light gray, so no paint job needed. We already bought an antique dresser that will also serve as a changing table, and I have a wish list on Wayfair for a glider chair and crib. We need to do some reorg of the room before I can buy the nursery furniture (it currently serves as our guest room, so need to move the bed, nightstand, etc. out). Not too sure yet of a theme, but we are thinking light colors - grays/whites - mixed with dark wood/rustic shelving, etc. so will likely do some sort of "adventure" theme. It will likely be the cutest and most decorated room in the house! :)
  • We are doing white furniture (went with Sorelle brand from Buy buy baby). Purple + flowers + bunnies is our theme. I found some pretty purple prints on Etsy that have some sayings. A purple flower mobile on Etsy. Some black and white bunny prints on Etsy. I received a purple canvas print of her name and name meaning for Christmas that I'll put above the crib or changing table. I bought some purple and white simple bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I already purchased everything. STM so I won't be having a shower and I want to get it all done in the second trimester while I feel good and have the energy!
  • I'm not sure if I'll put together a nursery before baby comes or not. DS was in our room for 8 months and this baby will be in there for at least 6 so I'm not in a huge hurry to get one put together. 
  • This thread makes me want to move to a bigger place so baby can have a nursery!! I'm going to have a few things on the wall above the dresser/changing table so that will be the baby area in our room. I really like gray and light yellow for colors. 
    Also, we are going to BRU tomorrow!! Maybe I'll get some ideas. 
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    Little lady will be in our room for 5-6 months and then sharing a room with our son so I don't have to do anything except get him in a toddler bed and pick out new crib sheets.  We don't do bedding sets since we only used a crib sheet and sleep sack until he was 15 months then I added in one of those "Dream Blankets" I found on Etsy.  His room his light gray and we did pops of neon, black and white so it's pretty neutral already.  
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    @ClaireCF my friend did this in her house and it looks so good. She said it was really easy so Im thinking about doing it on the wall the crib will be on. Right now I have too many ideas and not enough walls. Lol
  • @Mother0fDragons we're planning on a shared room as well. We're not sure yet of the sex, but if it's a boy I'm planning on something neutral like jungle animals or maybe Sesame Street since it is DD's favorite. You could maybe do a Disney theme since they have so many male and female characters. It doesn't have to be in your face Disney... Maybe pale yellow walls with small character accents here and there, with some framed minimalist artwork. 
  • What kinds of cribs are you ladies looking to buy or already have? My in laws are taking us furniture shopping on Sunday and I can't really decide. I definitely want something white but I'm not sure if I want a really nice wooden crib with a headboard in the back or the more simplistic kind.
    ***BFP & Child Warning***

    Me: 32, DH: 35 ~ Married Nov 2014
    IUI #1-3 (Nov 2015, Feb 2016, May 2016) = BFNs
    IVF (July 2016): 20R, 12M, 10F, 8B = 7 PGS normal
    FET #1 (Sep 2016) = BFP!  EDD 6/3/17
    DD Born May 30, 2017 ~ 7lbs 12oz, 19 3/4 inches
    FET #2 planned for early 2019
  • wifeinraleigh28 We haven't bought a crib yet, but we are going simplistic. Some of the bigger/more ornate ones are beautiful, but I just can't bring myself to spend $600+ on a crib. 
  • @wifeinraleigh28 those colors are my favorite for a girl after looking through BRU.  

    elephants were my first option as a theme and a couple girls from work are coming over next weekend to help paint and i was all set and ready to go with a nice grey and maybe lean more towards the sex (greyish purple or a greyish blue) once we find out on monday.  I brought home a huge thing of paint chips one of them had and DH says he only likes greens so now im up in the air.  i might just trump him on this and stick with my original choice.  im loving purple/teal/grey for a girl and blue/grey/lime or orange for a boy, so i guess if its a boy DH can still kinda get his way.  i just think i need to pick something that wont be so "baby-ish" and will grow with LO but then this will also be a shared room for #2 when that happens so sticking slightly gender neutral sits in the back of my mind.

    One of the girls at work is giving me a crib from her sister, its like new, convertible and white which is everything i wanted plus its free.  now i know, my first question is how old and drop sides, well the baby that was in it is only 3 and no drop sides plus the mother is a freak when it comes to recalls and such, however i will still do my homework as well.
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  • We just bought the paint for our nursery and I am so excited about it!! We choose a very light pink color for the walls and are doing the nursery in pink and gold! My DH even made gold sparkles letters for her walls. <3 We also plan to do a "princess theme" and I do not mean Disney. (Think Royalty) I picked out the bed set I want, but DH is not thrilled about the $150 price tag, so still have some convincing!  
    @Wearmi1 I love that bed set you choose!!! I think a pale yellow would look amazing with that as well!
    @wifeinraleigh28 I love the mixed theme! When I thought baby was a boy I found an extremely cute elephant hamper on Pinterest!!! 
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  • Even though we're finding out I'd still like the nursery to be pretty neutral. We don't have a true room for it but more of a loft area outside the master bedroom. I hope to be able to motivate DH to put some thought towards it soon because he's significantly better with visuals than I am and has decorated most of our home. 
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  • We are doing a mountain/nature theme either way (totally planning on attempting a mural like @ClaireCF posted). Once we find out the sex I'm sure i'll add some boy or girl accents, but we plan on keeping it pretty neutral. 

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  • Ok some of you guys are way ahead of me and making me feel inadequate 
  • We're also going woodland with the nursery - I feel like there's a lot of us in this bmb.

    FTM, and we are having a girl, and our front-running name is Juniper, so nature theme seemed a good enough fit (and backup name initials are O.W.L., first name Ora). Plus this is likely to end up a shared room, and I felt it wasn't super limiting, whatever the next child(ren?) sex is.

    I have tons of pins, but no real life progress yet, so no photos. The plan is to focus on high contrast in texture and rich colors, dark browns, greens, some white birch. Trying to convince DH to build a chair rail bookshelf/ledge - maybe with a rustic branch type look - but so far, no luck. Also planning to go more the montessori direction, which means everything below the chair rail will be for baby/child exploration, so chalkboard paint, dry erase board, mirrors, all at her height. I figure this way, I should only have to repaint the bottom half of the wall when we move, right? #fantasy

    We won't go all in on montessori as we are repurposing some adult scale furniture from other rooms (because small house and we're not made of $), like a long dresser/changing table. But I suppose I could swap the drawers for baskets or get better sliders later so she can access her clothes herself. But, who knows, as a FTM, I realize my LO has a plan of her own, and if she's anything like me, I will certainly hear about it!
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  • @email2ash I have lime green sheers that would go with that room. If you lived in Nj I would give them to you.  Lol. I used them in my classroom for 2 months before being told i had to remove non flame resistant ones. Marburns is the place I found them.
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  • @jennas312 that's so nice! That room was at our old house. We moved about two years ago. He has a very paw patrol room now :)
  • @swanbrooner That is gorgeous!! I think the light pink color on the far right would be gorgeous! 

    Off to look up look up wallpaper ideas! 



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