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  • We'll be doing a wildflower/fairytale woods theme for our girl. I was quite the flower child growing up and DH is all about being outside in the woods. I don't believe we'll be painting the walls but definitely making a floral covered Monogram to hang over her crib. My parents are buying the crib so I'm trying to patiently wait for that so we can start setting up! I'm so excited! 
  • OK for strips on the wall should I do the pink in eggshell or satin and blue in semi gloss?? Would that look stupid? My thinking is it will make the blue "pop". But I'm still a work in progress in the whole decorating thing so please tell me if I'm wrong! 

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  • @awoodruff27 I think I personally would use eggshell for all of it, I just think it looks better!
  • @Ashcicle Love the colors of the room! And the spindle crib :)
  • @awoodruff27 I agree with @wifeinraleigh28 semi-gloss will highlight any imperfections in the wall.
  • @gabadoo Hobby Lobby has a TON of adventure themed accessories! I'm almost positive I've seen some planes there too. 
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  • I'm going to get started on painting this tomorrow. I hope it doesn't look terrible when it is done!

    ETA: Don't mind the random junk stacked in the bassinet and on the table.
    How are the mountains coming along??? I'm super excited to see it finished! 
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  • Thats the the last time I do a DIY project! Ugh! Any ideas how to fix it??
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  • alm52386 said:

    Thats the the last time I do a DIY project! Ugh! Any ideas how to fix it??
    Assuming that you used fabric paint...

    Rubbing alcohol or nail polish with acetone... once it starts to break down take a scrub brush to it with some detergent and COLD water (warm/hot sets the stain). Throw in washer with cold water once you've gotten out as much as you can Don't throw it in the dryer until you're satisfied with what stains are/aren't there.

    hopefully that works! 
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  • @alm52386, you could add some strategic polka dots to cover up the smudges. They're really cute!
  • Thanks for the ideas! My SIL suggested just re-doing it on the back haha My preggo brain didn't even think of that! I used fabric spray paint so on try #2 I'm going to use paint and a brush so hopefully it won't leak. It actually leaked through the painters tape I had the entire square covered in, not the stencils. 

    @BellaO21 when I wash it will the letters that I want to stay fade? The directions said not to wash until after 72 hours. I'm so bad with this stuff!! 
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  • @wifeinraleigh28, this furniture is beautiful! 
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  • @wifeinraleigh28 that set it gorgeous!! I wanted to get the armoire thT was made for our set too but DH said no  :'( Mostly because we don't have the room but still. Lol
    @alm52386 I would wait the 72 hours, but after that it should be fine if you didn't get any of the solution on the parts you want to stay! 
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  • @BellaO21 I feel like we barely have room for the armoire as well, but I found a spot that I do think will work for it! I spent a good hour on Pinterest looking at nursery set ups and pretty much copied one that looked similar to the shape of our room haha. I was much more concerned about having room for the amazing glider we ordered from BBB! Can't wait for that thing to get here!
  • So I may have gotten a little over excited to put this pack and play together... now that stupid piece where I should just be able to push in the button and pull it off won't come out  :# apparently it was supposed to go through the changing table part before I connected it... whoops! Hopefully DH can get it apart 
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  • @wifeinraleigh28 I love that furniture set! I can't wait to see how all your stuff comes along.
  • @jennas312 Looks amazing! Love the paneling on the crib wall.

    @awoodruff27 The accent wall turned out great! Can't wait to see the room when it's all complete!
  • BellaO21 said:
    @gabadoo Hobby Lobby has a TON of adventure themed accessories! I'm almost positive I've seen some planes there too. 
    Thanks for the suggestion, @BellaO21! I'll probably browse online and see if I can order that way b/c the closest store is 20+ miles away from NYC!

    @wifeinraleigh28, the bedroom set is gorgeous! Makes me a little jealous of all the space that people who don't live in tiny apartments have for normal sized furniture, LOL.

    Here's what our nursery/toddler room currently looks like (you'll see how there's not much room for any additional furniture...not pictured is the wall with the closet):

    It took me 3 weeks to find a crib that was small enough and Greenguard certified for the new kiddo that we'll eventually squeeze into the space in the pic above where my son's toys are currently organized. All of these companies are focusing on convertible options that just don't fit into such a small space! Luckily, we'll have the baby in our room until late fall/early winter, which gives us time to hold off on furniture delivery and finish decorating the room in the meantime. As fast paced as the city can get, I'm a slow mover when it comes to artsy decorative projects like these.

    Image result for milano classic crib

    I focused a lot of the accent/main wall because of the limited space that I have. The rest of my "theme" is going to be fulfilled with wall hangings/photos related to travel, shelves to move our books to and probably a desk lamp to put on a shelf (along with a new nanny cam because we'll be hiring a new person to give us some extra help). I know it'll all come together eventually. I've been scoping out a lot of ideas on Apartment Therapy, which has a lot of awesome options for small-space living.

  • Love the furniture @wifeinraleigh28!!

    Our decal came last week and our mobile is in Chicago!  Can't wait to get them hung up!

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  • @awoodruff27 That accent wall turned out awesome! What color are you doing the other walls?
  • @meilay those elephants are super cute! 
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  • @TGmomtobe90 they are all the pink. And then we are getting white furniture. I'm really excited on how it turned out

    Mom to Madison- 5 and Lillian 2....and now surprise baby #3!
  • @krex Love the decal and the bright colors of the room! :love:
  • Y'all boot me out of here if we want to keep it new baby only but I feel like it helps hold me accountable to share progress pics of our twins room which we are doing first before we move on to the nursery.  It may also be random to add stuff to a non-decorating thread... again boot me out if it is too AW...

    Here is the before... walls are SW Everyday White which has a pink undertone and it kills me!!  Yes, their closet is pink (previous owner) and if you see the air vent, that was the color on the walls prior to us painting it SW Everyday White 2 years ago.

    I ripped out their entry door, closet shelving, and closet doors to replace with white painted doors to match the trim... still undecided on door style.  Here we are with the new paint, SW Greek Villa being cut in before rolling... I think it shows how pink the undertones were in the SW Everyday White.

  • @ellie111227 looks fabulous! I am attempting a mountain wall this weekend! 
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  • @ellie111227 looks fabulous! I am attempting a mountain wall this weekend! 
    Nice! Post a picture of how it comes out!
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