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  • So in two days I will be 14 weeks, according to fetal measurement. I was referred to the specialist in Kalispell for the NT scan... and haven't been called to schedule an appointment. And supposedly, you are only supposed to do it before 14 weeks. Kinda having a mini panic attack.
  • @CarsonsMommy do you have the number that you can call them?
  • @cynth0104 yeah, but they aren't open weekends, and am nervous they won't be able to get me in tomorrow. May have to do free cell dna test, and I Dont know if that is covered.
  • @CarsonsMommy thinking good thoughts for you! Hope you have luck getting in!!
  • @CarsonsMommy I second PP.  I hope they were able to squeeze you in today.
  • Thanks guys, but I didn't get in. Appreciate the positive thoughts. They offered an early anatomy scan instead, but I am not driving 1.5 hours just for then to tell me they can't get an accurate measurement due to it being too early, so I will just wait.
  • Just had my A/S... We are TEAM PINK! Baby looks great! Already about 8oz! 
    Aww so cute! Congrats!!!
  • Thanx! We are thrilled! I was thrown off guard tho, blood pressure was high... So now I'm being watched closely, got a check up apt in 2 weeks...
  • @yanchuss Too funny!  I saw ET right away too!  But a cute ET!  <3

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  • @yanchuss, I am probably way more excited for you than I should be, haha. I've followed your story so closely, I feel so invested in your kiddo being well. It's so cool to know that little fighter in there is a boy! Congratulations!!
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