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****December 2016 Birth Announcements****

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Mother of an April '15 baby
Due December 16

Re: ****December 2016 Birth Announcements****

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    Me: 33     H: 36

    Married: 12/14/13   DS: 1/29/09

    BFP2: 10/9/15  MMC: 11/12/15

    BFP3: 4/6/16   DD: 12/12/16

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  •  Me (28), H (30)
    Together Since 04/21/2009; Married Since 05/29/2013

    Baby Boy born 11/30/16  <3

    Baby #2 Due December 4

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    ****Siggy TW****
    natural pregnancy: 2008 
    Me: 28 (Hypothyroid), DH: 35
    Together since: 2010
    Married: 2013
    TTC: 2013
    Infertility: severe MFI, low AMH (0.5)
    Met RE: January 2016
    ER: 3/14 (4 follies, 6 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized)
    fresh 3dt of 2 embryos= BFP (1 implanted)
    EDD w/ baby boy= 12/6/16
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  • I thought I'd post a couple more pics. These are Maxwell, 1 week old (would have been 35 weeks).

    Me: 35 Husband: 40
    TTC #2: Jan 2019
     DS: 2.5 yo 
     EDD: 12/2/16 DOB: 10/22/16
    (Previously MBS2016 Dec 2016 board
    <3         <3