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Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?


Re: Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?

  • I had a cheese bagel with cream cheese, some peanut butter pretzels, three chocolate marshmallow cookies, two cups of coffee, and two cups of RRL tea. Is it snack time yet?
  • my GD having self is extremely envious of all of you ladies.
    This. Although through trial and error, I have found some dessert foods that I can have without it bringing up my numbers. Ice cream cake....is a no. But Franz shortbread with strawberries and whip cream, served with a high protein/veggie dinner.....is a yes. Last night, I had three small chicken tenderloins, and half of my plate was one of those bagged salad mixes, and then half of an apple with 1TB almond butter. After scarfing that down, I downed the strawberry shortcake. At my two hour reading, it was 108. Score!! Of course I cannot have the three things that I have been craving all pregnancy....slushees, mint oreo milkshakes, and strawberry lemonades from a local place. :(

    I was just telling a girl I work with how badly I was craving a slushee! shes like "then have one!" ugh... if only I could, lady. if only I could.
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  • cpockscpocks member
    I'm between 35-40lbs gained. I'm not too worried. I am confident I'll lose it after because I have willpower but right now I'm enjoying pregnancy and I know baby will be healthy. 
  • so mad that i ate one 3/4 of a slice of buttered toast with my morning coffee only to discover a nice spot of mold on the crust so now i refuse to eat the other slice after thoroughly checking/smelling it for mold spores....now I have to settle for gross whole wheat honey grahams that taste like the biscuits you give the goats at the petting zoo. :'(
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  • erin7264 said:
    I've gained 40lb (sorry not sorry!) and I'm about to spend the next few days baking dozens of cookies. Cuz I can. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and oatmeal raisin.

    Anyone who wants delicious, soft, ridiculously quick and simple chewy THICK chocolate chip cookies, make these right now: https://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=3cf992f9da355d2acee03badd&id=e6ef354dce&e=a210349e57

    Just be sure to have a gallon of milk in the fridge to go with and seriously follow the directions about not over baking. You will not be sorry.
    I made those before I was diagnosed with GD. They are amaze-balls! 
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  • @Jodi1980 I'm sorry, that really blows! But I totally laughed out loud at your description of the biscuits you give goats at petting zoos.
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  • I have lost 2 pounds this weeks. 
    I have had 3 different kinds of pasta this week. Wtf?

    Also, can some one feed me.
  • @joleri23 lol...I was so stoked as they were 2 for a buck so I purchased thinking they would taste like sweet honey goodness and now I know why they were so cheap! They are shoved in the back of my "snack drawer" at work for a reason. 
    whitehall, pa
    every adventure requires a first step- C.C.

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