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Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?

30 pounds at 31 weeks! Everyone says from that from the front or the back, I "don't even look pregnant!" so I'm not too worried about it, even though its maybe more than "recommended!"

I think most of that weight is in the boobs (much to my hubby's happiness!) 

Re: Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?

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  • DarkCatDarkCat member
    @DarkCat  yoga pants FTW. I'm currently pretending my sugar encrusted blueberry muffin is healthy and not just a blob of deliciousness.
    I have my 32 week appointment next Tuesday. I'm overweight and have gestational diabetes. I really don't want another appointment talking about my weight.
  • I'm up another 2 lbs my dr hasn't said anything to me but I know I'm not eating amazing I am now doing a health and fitness team challenge at work so that's been helping me drink more water and fruits and veggies and pushing me to get my exercise.

    however I am getting closer and closer to my heaviest ever weight which is really stressful and anxiety provoking even I know it's healthy for baby I have huge fears about being that big again after baby comes and having so much weight to lose after which has been hard and a struggle for me :/ 
  • @DataJane WAT. The coconut donuts are the greatest!!
  • I gained too much first tri and have almost stopped gaining now even though as a whole I think I'm on track. My doctors have never said much about my weight either pregnancy and I've never worried enough to ask, but now I sit here over analyzing wondering if baby is growing okay still if I haven't gained in like 2 months... I believe I'm up 24 pounds and will be 30 weeks tomorrow, but I was around the same place at about 22 weeks.
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  • rnyland1 said:
    @DataJane WAT. The coconut donuts are the greatest!!
    11 out of 11 of my coworkers would disagree (plus me, yuck!)
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  • 23lbs at 30 weeks...more than I had planned for sure. I am hoping to stick to 30lbs total...wishful thinking!
  • Racso12Racso12 member
    I am well on my way to gaining 50lbs this pregnancy. Fook. 
  • kellz14kellz14 member
    Bring me the carbs. All of the carbs.
  • I'm trying to stop counting. I know I'm on track and that is what I'm focused on. 
  • @DarkCat  UGH I bet. I'm sorry. :( Hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
  • I haven't weighed my self in a few days but my office scale says I am up 15 pounds. That is 5 pounds in 1 week. So I am guessing water weight.
    They didn't say a word and actually of the the OB's said I look thinner in my arms and face over all. 

    Since I am no longer working, I am cooking more. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
  • I weighed myself at home on Wednesday, and then an hour later was at a prenatal appointment where I mysteriously gained four pounds when they weighed me. So now, I only focus on my scale at home, since that is the one I stand on weekly.

    Although I am outside the amount I am suppose to gain (which was 10-15 pounds) my OB's (I have three of them) have said nothing about it.....besides saying that I am gaining at a "healthy and steady curve". I am guessing that they just know gaining only 10-15lb is hard to do, especially when they know I am already eating 80% healthy and watching my calorie intake (and they know I retained water like crazy with my first pregnancy, which a scale isn't showing what percentage is water weight)....so they are really just watching to make sure there isn't a huge jump in weight gain between appointments. Plus, I have gained FAR less at this point in this pregnancy, than I did in my first pregnancy at this point.....so I feel like I am doing amazing compared to my last pregnancy!
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  • Racso12 said:
    @PhoebeJune1984 You are still able to wear jeans with buttons?! Damn! 
    Only one pair! I owned them before getting pregnant, and they have a lot of stretch to them...so I think that is the only reason I have been able to wear them this long! I can still keep them buttoned, but it is starting to hurt while sitting. I think they are more comfortable than my maternity jeans, and I actually went back to Kohl's (where I got them for $13!) to see if I could find more, but couldn't....I was so bummed. 
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  • I had a munchie meal from Jack in the box the other day. So, I would say, not doing too well  :s
  • 30lbs at almost 31 weeks. I was pretty small to begin with pre-pregnancy so my doctors said they aren't worried. I splurge here and there but eat healthy about 70% of the time. Unless my doctors tell me otherwise I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing! Yoga pants are the only way to go at this point!
  • IB113IB113 member
    27 pounds at 31 weeks. Level of caring about my weight is so low now. I feel huge and am over caring. ::eats a whole bag of oreos::
  • Getting close to the 30lb mark at 34wks and all I want to eat is chocolate ice cream. And cookies. Really not excited to see the scale at docs on Monday, but I will probably still eat cookies because this baby is beating up my insides. 
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  • Up 35 pounds at almost 33 weeks.  My doc mentioned last time to slow down carb intake and I did.  I gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks.  I'm moving 5-6 times per week.  Apparently my body is just doing whatever the f it wants.
  • I'm up about 30 lbs. I have taken my scale away from myself and am asking my doctors/nurses not to tell me. I'm having serious emotional problems over it. I retain water soooo bad. I am also 6ft tall which I think makes you gain a bit more. I exercise every day and eat healthy, and the weight just pours on anyway. I can't change it, and I already did this once with my son and lost it all. Anyway, I'm just focusing on the fact that this is only temporary!
  • Honestly, I  stopped stepping on my scale once it reached a number I was not comfortable with. I get weighed at the doctors office and I don't even look at the number on the scale. My doctor tells me my weight is fine, so thats all that matters right now....i am past the point of caring...i am uncomfortable and always hungry these days, so i am going to eat whatever i want...i am hoping the baby weight magically falls off effortlessly once the baby arrives lol!
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