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Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?


Re: Weight Gain Check In - How We Doing Mamas?

  • I am with a lot of you ladies! I stopped looking at the scale once the number made me cry. I told the doc not to tell me what I weigh unless it concerns them. I feel good about myself right now, and my doctors aren't worried even though I know I have gained a lot, and that's all that matters.

    I used to be lactose intolerant before I got pregnant and now I'm not!! So I am eating ALL THE ICE CREAM!! I haven't been able to eat ice cream without getting sick since I was a kid so f it! I am going to live it up while I can and worry about my weight later :smile: we are all beautiful pregnant ladies growing our tiny humans. Who cares how much we weigh? If the doc doesn't care I don't care!! Bring on the ice cream 
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  • I have the opposite problem! I am lactose intolerant now that I am pregnant! 
  • @shaylalr you aren't alone. I was lactose intolerant before becoming pregnant and even more so now. I used to be able to take a lactaid to eat ice cream and now they no longer work for me  :/
  • Im not lactose intolerant anymore either now that I am pregnant. I have avoided most dairy for the past 10 years...all of a sudden in my first trimester I started craving milk..I got crazy if I don't have at least one glass of milk a day. Ice cream is also something I never ate before, now it is slowly becoming a regular thing lol...
  • Pregnancy spurred my lactose intolerance, too. I thought this one might magically reverse it. Noooope. It's possibly gotten worse. I fucking love dairy so it's killing me.
  • setoshsetosh member
    I've gained about 30. Going into week 31. I know I haven't been eating as healthy as I should, but I drink tons of water and I'm on my feet for 40 hours a week. My mom gained 60 with me. Some of my docs remind me I was only supposed to gain 15, but one doc said he would use the pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever he wanted. I'm healthy. Blood pressure is fine, no GD... Bring on the Ben & Jerry's. 
  • Also not lactose intolerant now!
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  • I managed to lose some weight for my first two trimesters (amazing what not drinking anymore does lol), but the past two or 3 visits to the drs I have been gaining back in 4 or 5 lb increments. Hit my pre-pregnancy weight plus a bit more and I am sure it will keep going up as I get closer and closer. This, by no means is me bragging considering I am over weight to begin with. I was actually worried that I was losing weight at first because I know having a LO tends to add pounds rather than subtract.

    I am also on the "I don't care" train when it comes to how much I end up gaining. As long as I leave that doctors office with good news about a healthy, growing little boy in me, I am happy.
  • rsp21rsp21 member
    12 pounds  at 33 weeks.. starting to hv some back pain this week so exercised only 2 days this week..hopefully it gets better next week.i am 5 feet tall so need to keep moving to reduce my back pain 
  • carolynpetitecarolynpetite member
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    Today my grandpa told me i look terrible and should put a jacket on or something to cover my belly (I had a tshirt dress on), a 3 year old little girl at church said i look big and that she remembers when I was smaller (LOL) and then another woman said "ohh, you must be getting close!!" (I actually still have 2 months to go...thanks). So I'm guessing I'm not doing so great with the weight gain situation ;) haha!!
  • SerpicaSerpica member
    35lbs at 34wks... I was somewhat relieved that my gaining rate slowed down the past month but I've also decided not to weigh myself unless I'm at the doc's... So I don't think or care about it too much... It was helpful to hear from coworkers that the guidelines are pretty unrealistic; they all seemed quite healthy when they were pregnant and said they went way above guidelines and it was fine... 
  • I'm up 27 pounds at 30 weeks. I have no idea where it is, because I am still able to fit into pre-pregnancy pants (buttoned up in some cases). I think it's a combination of having a baby that's measuring 5 weeks ahead, boobs that have gone up 4/pushing 5 cup sizes and drinking a lot of water and not peeing as much.

    I've legit stopped caring. I'm still doing pilates/PT when I can (if the pain isn't too bad) but other then that I have decided I will deal with it after. I am crazy hungry all the time and I dare someone to tell me to stop eating. Plus I am currently obsessed with cake. I would eat a whole one if DH would let me.

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  • I weighted my self today, I finally lost some of that really bad swelling. So I am up 11.8 pounds at 30 weeks. Trust me, it's not for a lack of trying.
  • I had no idea pregnancy could take away or give lactose intolerance. Mind blown 
    THIS!  I feel very excited for you ladies who get to enjoy all the ice cream now!
  • I have gained more than I wanted to, but I gained 10 pounds just in the first tri, so I kind of expected it.
    I had my 32 week appointment today and just said screw it and left my shoes on to get on the scale. It is what it is.
  • I look pregnant from all angles.
  • I've gained 19lbs.  A little heavier than where I'd like to be at 33 wks but hey, can't win em' all.
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  • Pregnancy spurred my lactose intolerance, too. I thought this one might magically reverse it. Noooope. It's possibly gotten worse. I fucking love dairy so it's killing me.
    ALL THE DAIRY!!! No matter the pain!  I've given no F***s in a long time about the pain all that deliciousness causes, it's totally worth it!
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  • WevilleWeville member
    @stellaluna14 feel free to send me cupcakes anytime
  • WevilleWeville member
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  • Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. OR devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting. I love both.
    This. Betty Crocker GF Devil's Food Cake (because of legit reaction to gluten...id never give it up by choice) with Cream cheese frosting is one of my favorite things on this earth.
  • Jello  punch cake is a fav but let's be real I've never met a cake I don't like ;) 
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