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What's for dinner?

The tiny human is sucking every ounce of my energy today so nothing fancy here. I grabbed a take and bake pizza and we'll be having carrots with it. I'm thinking a chocolate chip mug cookie will be in order too. I've earned it! What's on your plate tonight? 

Re: What's for dinner?

  • Slow cooker has saved me today. Diced meat, carrots, onion and gravy and we'll make mash potato later to go with it 
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  • I made baked chicken chimichangas! Top with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa! // https://www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com/2012/10/baked-chicken-chimichangas.html
  • I was just looking for this thread! :)   Anyway, Im making sirloin steak bites with sauteed onions and bell peppers and corn and asparagus and baby potatoes!  Went to the farmers market so I have loads of vegetables. Pretty excited if you cant tell, steak is sounding really good!

    I know there is already a weekly meal plan thread. I just thought a what's for dinner tonight thread might be a fun twist. 
  • Frozen lasagna for uno tonight. Hubs is stuck at work due to the roads being closed so just me until tomorrow afternoon. 
  • HMcDade1 said:
    Sushi ! Ah can't wait 
    I had some raw oysters over the weekend when we were at the ocean. Delicious! And probably even more so since "I'm not supposed to have them." Forbidden fruit always taste better! 
  • I'm at work for a closing shift so I'll probably grab a pizza lunchable and a side salad. Pizza lunchable have been my thing since I've been able to eat meat again.
  • I've been craving spicy things like crazy lately. Jalapeño poppers, buffalo chicken wings, and a jalepeno bacon chicken pizza. So good!!! 
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  • I wanted pizza but didn't feel like like going to get some, so I made some spinach & ricotta ravioli and garlic bread - dinner for one since my husband has a beer dinner event for work. 
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    GD sucks but I'd be lying if I said I'm completely following the diet..

    Popcorn chicken, carrots, and a side of blueberries for dinner. Probably a sugar cookies for dessert. 
  • Tacos on Wednesday this week
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  • Pizza and popcorn 
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  • We had smoked salmon Caesar salads. I wasn't really hungry considering I ate a Cinnabon around 4:00. Oops. 
  • I made curry with potatoes, shitake mushrooms, asparagus, and veggie sausage all over rice. 
  • Delicious sandwhiches! Anyone have a recipient for crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside bread???? 
  • @blissylissy86 tonight I am making Cuban sandwiches, which I hope will turn out to have a crust on the outside, chewy on the inside effect.  https://www.blueapron.com/recipes/cuban-sandwiches-with-sweet-plantain-kale-salad

    Blue Apron, a company that sends you recipes and the accompanying food items has saved my life. They provide healthy and flavorful food and have taken away the dreaded meal planning! It has stopped me from eating french fries for dinner every night.
  • @noelietrex I could eat breakfast at any and every meal. Four years of night shift will do that to you. Same with wanting a Mojito at the 7:30 am when I'm done with work. Breakfast for dinner may be us tonight !!  
  • Shredded chicken tacos!

    Last night I made this with pasta, and it was amazing. I LOVE tarragon... https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/eggplant-and-goat-cheese-sandwiches-with-tomato-tarragon-sauce

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  • Breaded tilapia, baked potato, and butter beans
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  • Having to pick up my brother tonight who will be with us for Easter. Driving from PA to Staten Island and back. I will probably resort to a WaWa hoagie. Fast, easy and delish! :#
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  • @winnie1122  oh my god can I hire you?! That's amazing.
  • @theshannondee Ha, my mil is the rockstar of freezer cooking, I just try to keep up! But seriously, if you can coerce a friend or two to try it once with you, you'll never go back. It is the BEST ever and totally worth a couple days of work not to have to think about cooking or constantly going to the grocery store. It saves a lot of money and I don't waste as much food either, so it's a win on all fronts! We did our first trial session in July and have done it about every two to three months since to restock (except this winter when I couldn't even think about food for MS). It's more fun with another person, but I know of people who gradually stock on their own by doubling dinner recipes and freezing half. I've become a total nut, I could go on forever about it!
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  • jlgriff11 said:
    First we had Avocado, Basil and Heirloom Tomato Crostinis, drizzled in a lemon-olive oil mixture, and cold cucumber soup, followed by a rustic, simple vegetarian linguine pasta containing breaded artichoke with lightly tossed zucchini and asparagus with a drizzle of fresh aired olive oil: a healthy spin on a traditional Italian dish, full of fiber and protein. We also had free-range, organic grain-fed oven roasted chicken breast garnished with a sauce of tomato and pesto, both harvested from the sun-dried fields of Campagna, Italy. We drank chilled Fillico water and after a small tray of various smoked cheeses from around the world, dined on honey-sweetened mascarpone with berries and pistachios.

    Oh my god my mouth is watering so much. This sounds absolutely amazing. Italian is my absolute favorite 
  • @jlgriff11 I've said it before but I'll say it again..god I love you.
  • @jlgriff11 God dammit hahah I was seriously envious of your culinary skills and energy to make all of that. You got me. 
  • After take and bake pizza last night, I am happy to be back in the kitchen tonight making "mmm-chiladas". They are a family favorite of ours. 

  • @jlgriff11 you are my favorite ! 
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  • My husband cooked tonight....he made steak with chimchurri sauce yummmmmmm
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  • Chicken enchiladas tonight.  With black beans and chips and salsa and probably spinach to get some greens in. 
  • My roommate saved me from my lonely sad mac and cheese binge so instead we made mashed potatoes, veggie "chicken", asparagus, and garlic bread. 
  • We did the buy one, take one from Olive Garden... so I'm eating leftover fettuccini alfredo!
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    Making a chicken alfredo with spinach, mostly for my kids, but right now im in the process of making "Dragon's Breath Chili" for a chili cook off at my husbands work tomorrow. Thinking I might be sampling that tonight too.

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