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  • @chels0120 - The app is called 'Mealtime' and the icon is a lime with green background. :smile: 
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  • I'm getting sushi tonight. I could not be more excited about it. 
  • Making lentils with onion and garlic and chicken broth then throwing in spinach, ground turkey and feta on top.  Probably adding a lot of hot sauce afterwards, too.  Never made this before, but Im just trying to use what I have in the house and be healthy at the same time.  Should be interesting. 
  • DH and I both had rough days so comfort food for dinner: homemade fried chicken and gravy with sweet potatoes. 
  • Salmon, brown rice, and asparagus.  And Cadbury eggs (shhhhh).
  • We made pancakes. No shame. 
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  • @HMcDade1 I love blue apron. My husband thinks it is a waste of money, but I like that it gets us out of our normal cycle of foods. I would probably like it even more if this was a meat eating household! 
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    Tonight the family is going to try a southwestern alfredo... sounds delicious and I can't wait!

    ETA: Pasta is the way to my heart, pregnant or not!
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  • I made a roast over the weekend in the crock pot so tonight we will have shredded beef tacos with the leftovers
  • Pizza sandwiches
  • Fried chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and salad. Our last blue apron meal of the week. Oh and if I find the time I'm making banana bread either tonight or tomorrow! 
  • I picked up grilled chicken Caesar salads for the husband and I. Best decision ever.
  • @Weville I need more information about pizza sandwiches. 

  • @givemepenguinss I made banana bread muffins today. So good. 

    Tonight were here having pork ribeye with a jalapeño balsamic sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. And I'm treating myself to Peach Bellini flavored sparkling water, pretending it's something with vodka.
  • @elenabrent They are my favourite lazy dinner (and since I'm moving this week is brought to you by the lazy dinner). I use a bread I like a lot, pizza sauce, whatever cheese I fancy- usually an old cheddar, minced garlic, spinach, pepperoni and goat cheese. Wrap them in tinfoil and toss in the oven for 20 min so they are gooey and slightly toasty. Other pizza topping are amazing but that tends to be my default
  • We must all be on a banana bread kick - I baked a loaf yesterday morning and it's almost gone!

    Tonight's dinner was brown rice pasta with red sauce & garlic bread. Dessert will be hazelnut chocolate chip gelato! :)
  • @Weville contemplating going to the store just to make this tonight!
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  • @Kellyj103 You will not regret it
  • I made tacos... Now I'm having Tums for dessert  :( 
  • @Weville I made this and a salad and let me tell you it was a hit. Thanks for the inspiration
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  • @Kellyj103 Seriously, yum. 
  • tonight is leftover "drunken spaghetti" (based off of Rachel ray recipe).  I use thin spaghetti cooked in half red wine/half water (instead of just all water). Then I mix the cooked spaghetti with one cup reserved pasta wine/water, pan seared pancetta, garlic, and kale, and season it with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Top that stuff of will fresh pecorino romano cheese and voila! A Rachel Ray recipe that is actually done in under 30 minutes!  Sad part is I tried to give my son a kid-friendly version (plain noodles with butter and parmesan cheese) and he didn't like it. Maybe because of the wine flavor? Anyways, I guess he gets to eat leftover grilled chicken and corn. Yay for leftover night!
  • @Weville that sounds amazing, but I'm a little disappointed because I was imagining sandwiches with pizza slices instead of bread and I was really excited about the possibilities.......
  • We must all be on a banana bread kick
    In case anyone wants to change it up or needs some banana bread inspiration.... 
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  • DD ate a ton (half my dinner), so second dinner was - Tortilla chips with white tuna salad and pico de gallo that we took home from a restaurant yesterday.
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  • We had buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.. Yummo!
  • Tonight I'm keeping it simple with chicken Caesar wraps (grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, and red onion all in a wrap), root veggie chips, and pineapple. 
  • Beef stew last night but I deglazed the pan with some sherry and it was SO good.  Need some ideas for tonight, chicken caesar something sounds good now!
  • i hope you feel better @rnyland1

    I currently have ketchup, eggs, sliced american, random veggies. I think the most likely scenario will be a omelet.
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  • @rnyland1 Now I want a DQ blizzard like nobody's business. Hope you feel better!
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  • The smores blizzard is back!! Had oneo on friday. delish
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