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What's for dinner?


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  • @Jodi1980 this past Saturday I spent 3 1/2 hours making 18 freezer meals. That was start to finish! I used www.iamthatlady.com - she provides all the instruction and shopping list, super organized, all 18 meals at once type of thing. I've done two
    different crockpot dump meal plans by her and the meals are really tasty! Highly recommend (you do have spend about $8 for the printable paperwork, but well worth it!) 
    Totally agree with this!! I'm doing her grilling freezer meal plan. I got it for $2.99 and well worth the money. 
  • This chick struck my fancy with her breakdown and organization on her meals if you ladies are interested:

    This was another:

    Trying to get the most meals for your money can be tough since meat can get expensive. Meals with beans can be a great substitute for meat in soups and sandwiches. I love making sloppy joes with 2 beans instead of ground beef or turkey!
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  • Taco Thursday!
  • @LDSJM123 is it too much bother to ask for the Crock-Pot recipes as well?
  • Sent you a message @amyspohr
  • Bringing this back! What's been cooking?

    A few favorites lately: 

    -Blackened Chicken and arugula alfredo stuffed spaghetti squash. 
    -Sausage and kale stuffed portabella mushrooms with gruyere 
    -Apple Cider Braised pork loin with Apple, onions, and cabbage. 
    - Shaved ribeye sandwiches on sour dough with balsamic, blue cheese, red onion, and arugula. 
    -Roasted butternut squash with Brussels sprouts and red onion. 

  • I love this thread!

    Tonight is sautéed eggplant and tomato over pasta with Riccotta and Parmigiana cheese

    tomorrow, I'm pulling out the crockpot for some butternut squash soup
  • Tonight is teriyaki chicken thighs with bok choy!

    @ldsjm123 tell me more about this arugula alfredo stuffed squash! It sounds amazing. 
  • I roasted halved spaghetti squash until it could be "noodled" (scraped with a fork). While it roasted I sautéed chicken that I chunked with blackening seasoning. Took the meat out and made an alfredo sauce. I added the chicken back in and some arugula. And stirred it until the greens had wilted. When the squash was done, I topped each half with the sauce/chicken mixture and shredded mozzarella cheese. Then I baked it until the cheese was melted and golden. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest if you need exact mesasurments. @shaylalr
  • Tonight will be grilled chicken with fresh mozz and fresh basil on top.  Some pasta on the side.

    Last night was grilled filet mignon..steamed carrots and roasted potatoes (used onion soup mix)

    Also a big fan of beef enchiladas with rice and beans

    Beef stew in the crock pot!
  • Spaghetti and garlic toast for one tonight, DH's grad school schedule is brutal so he's home late every night and we just majorly slashed our budget, so I'm trying to be creative and cheap on food right now! Add that to LOs dairy allergy and it's been pretty boring over here. Ha. I did make pasta with sautéed veggies and cauliflower sauce yesterday, that was pretty good! Anyone have a favorite soup recipe? I think lots of soup is in our immediate dinner future!
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  • Here are 2 of my budget friendly soup favorites. Not sure if you have an Aldi near by but they sell 1 pound frozen ground turkey chubs for under $2! So I use that in both of these recipes instead of ground beef. Hope this doesn't come off offensive to anyone, I LOVE searching for "depression era and poor" recipes on Pinterest. So many budget friendly ideas. 




  • Apple and smoked gouda stuffed chicken with steamed carrots and baked potatoes. Mm mm
  • Oh man you guys are amazing. We generally do our blue apron or get takeout... Tonight is crispy cod and fried rice from blue apron :-P
  • You guys... dinner tonight was a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of orange juice. How do you find the time??
    Food is my hobby so most nights, I don't find it hard to do. I enjoy it. I meal plan according to our schedule, prep things on weekends/my days off that'll take too long to do after work (like peeling and chopping my veggies to be roasted). M loves being worn, so as soon as she's eaten, I put her in my Tula or wrap, and start cooking. Cooking is therapeutic to me. That said, if it's not a good day or we're having a rough night, I have zero problem asking my husband to get sushi or saying it's a leftover night.
  • I do similar things as @LDSJM123 : plan out what i want to make for the week before i go foodshopping.. prep veggies or things that need to be chopped ahead of time.. with rice and potatoes i try to make enough for at least 2 dinners so i dont have to make rice say each night. I usually try to have Declan fed before that and i will put him in his bouncer in the kitchen to watch mommy cook.  I still have to try our bjorn carrier!
  • I do the same.
    Plan and prep on the weekends.
    Make pasta or rice for more than one night.
    I also use my crockpot regularly. It's great for those longer meals like roasted chicken or pot roast.
    I also have my days planned (Monday is 'Mexican monday', Tuesday is Italian, Friday is Pizza, Saturday is a Linner out of the house, Sunday is a big meal for lunch leftovers (lasagna, ziti, pot roast, etc...). 
  • @LDSJM123
    Do you by chance happen to still have those 4-5 ingredient "dump" crock pot meals? I would so appreciate them!
  • @LDSJM123 Me too please? I need to break the peanut butter sandwich for dinner rut. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
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    I second that! Send to me, too, please? @LDSJM123
  • Thank u!!! Can't wait to try these @LDSJM123
  • holly142holly142 member
    edited November 2016
    Does anyone have an Instant Pot? A few of my friends do and they love it!  There is a large Instant Pot Facebook group with great recipes. I'm asking for one for Christmas since my crockpot is dying. Last week I made bone broth in my crockpot and the handle on the lid broke off. After cooking for 8 hours DH asked where the screw was to hold the lid on. I'm like, screw?  Crap. It cooked in the broth that whole time :( We still ate it. 

    Edited- we ate it not are it. 
  • No instant pot, but I have been eyeing them! Also love that you still ate the broth! @holly142
  • I love this thread too much to let it die. Here are some favorites I've cooked at our house the last couple weeks.

    -Creamy white turkey Enchiladas
    -Herb Pork loin
    -Pioneer woman lemon butter garlic Shrimp (AMAZZING!) 
    -Crockpot Corn Chowder 
    -Pasta Fagiole with pull apart garlic cheese bread. 
  • Oh! And Rachael Ray's Buffalo Chicken chili (with turkey). All the fricking heart eyes! That was delicious.
  • I'm making a BBQ chicken pizza with homemade crust.

    My husband is home so I can finally cook a legit meal and not something that takes 10 minutes.
  • Corn chowder!!! I must look into that. This sounds delish!! I'm all about the crockpot. I imagine that's a good dish for it? 
  • Anyone have any good dessert recipes for a crockpot? We are having a contest and I signed up for dessert... why
  • I love this crockpot dessert! It's wonderful with vanilla ice cream. I've also switched up the flavors. I've done lemon with blueberry and spice cake with apple too. https://www.ayearofslowcooking.com/2014/03/3-ingredient-slow-cooker-dump-cake.html?m=1

    . @setosh
  • I got an Instant Pot on Cyber Monday!  So far I've made perfect hard boiled eggs, rice, beef stew, chicken pho, a whole cut up chicken, rice pudding and today is pulled pork and mac and cheese.  It's awesome!
  • Since there is a meal one now, just wanted to bump this one up too. There lots of great ideas here! 
  • I made turkey and black bean low carb tortilla enchiladas last night. Loved by all! Including the husband haha! I saved some of the filling to use I L's quesadillas later on. 
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