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When will you feel baby move?


Re: When will you feel baby move?

  • I felt it first time in week 20. No doubt it was the baby
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  • First pregnancy, 14 weeks and 3 days, no detectable movements. I can't wait to feel the baby kick!
  • bab22bab22 member
    First Pregnancy. . I am 24 weeks now.. started feeling the flutters by 18th weeks onwards. Now can feel them from outside.
  • I'm 18 weeks and I think I may ha e felt kicking once last week but not too sure lol. I'm anxiously awaiting when I can feel the baby and know for sure.

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  • I started feeling little flutters only when I laid down @ 17 weeks a week late and I feel little nudges here and there. Exciting!!
  • I am 19 and 1/2 weeks and I haven't felt even one flutter! It is my first baby but she I be worried?
  • STM here. DD1: 17w6d DD2: 14w5d

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  • nixianixia member
    I am 17 weeks now with my first pregnancy n I can feel little movements dnt know if its gass are its the baby am confused
  • I was 15 weeks when I felt my baby move and I'm 20 weeks now and you can see my belly moving constantly
  • So hard to know what is and what isn't a flutter! Really want to feel something physical but think I am thinking on it too much. Telling yourself to relax is easier said than done! I guess when you know, you know?!
  • I started feeling movement at 12.5 weeks.  I thought it was my imagination so when I went in for my OB visit last week, I asked my doc and she said it's very possible to feel flutters already because my placenta is "behind" the baby...I do panic when I stop feeling these tapping sensations... can't wait to receive my Doppler already!!

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  • Hi...I'm having baby number 8 and only felt true flutters at 15/16 weeks and not very often!
  • Every ptegnancy will be different for feeling movement. Based on the position of the baby, the placenta, and of course your body type. With my first pregnancy I felt him move around 19 weeks but didn't feel kicking till a bit after, probably around 23 weeks. This pregnancy I've been feeling movement around 16 weeks, kicks at around 19 weeks. My boyfriend felt baby kick around 20 weeks !
  • I wish my boyfriend could feet something. I'm somewhere between 20-22 weeks and I feel some movement but not enough!!! I'm nervous as well and my ob gyn just doesn't not care with how concerned I am he keeps saying soon enough! So reassuring !!!!
  • dolce916 said:

    I wish my boyfriend could feet something. I'm somewhere between 20-22 weeks and I feel some movement but not enough!!! I'm nervous as well and my ob gyn just doesn't not care with how concerned I am he keeps saying soon enough! So reassuring !!!!

    Everyone is different, everyone will experience movement at different times. A lot of it has to do with the position of the baby and your placenta !
  • Just last week at 14 i had to pee [tmi sorry] and was laying on my right side. My baby likes the left side for some reason, but i could barely press and feel the baby. Like my bladder had pushed it right to the edge. It was pretty cool.
  • I'm 19 weeks and I feel a little movement here and there, I guess I have a lazy little one lol but for some reason my sweet prefers the left side as well.
  • I am 17 weeks and 5 days but dont feel my little move yet
  • 16 weeks and 2 days and I think I felt movement. Like butterflies in your stomach or when you feel nervous but was down by my pelvis. Carried on for a little while
  • I'm 20 weeks today!!! And I think it's flutters/movement/I don't know what he's doing lol! But the feeling is right under my belly button.
  • I for sure felt flutters starting at 19 weeks. by 22.5 weeks she became a ninja. I am now 24w2d and I can both feel and see kicks clearly. It gets better. :)
  • I'm 14 weeks and I just felt fluttering/bubbles all night last night. But I felt the first ones around 13 weeks. SO EXCITING.
  • I thought I felt fluttering like butterfly's around week 14. But wasn't too sure as it's my first pregnancy. I'm now 19+6 and I definitely felt my first real kick!! Saw those little thighs on ultrasound today and I'm not surprised lol
  • Im 19 wks and for the last few days i have been feeling very small "flutters". While getting my ultrasound a few days ago bubba was kicking and stretching and i could not feel a thing haha! So at least i know he is moving around lots in there.
  • hermosa10111hermosa10111 member
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    22 weeks today and I feel my son move and kick around I started really feeling him at 18-19 weeks I probably been felt It but this is my first child so I wasn't sure can't wait to see his kicks or him for that matter
  • This is my first pregnancy and I was slightly underweight to start with. I started feeling definite kicks around 14-15 weeks. My husband felt him kick around 18 weeks. And he started kicking regularly around 20-21 weeks.
  • I'm at 24 weeks and definately got some good kicks in today, felt some fluttering the past few weeks but wasn't sure what to think. Fluttering and kicks below belly button too. :)
  • I felt my baby kick at 18weeks and I thought it was gas at first because this is baby #1 but the further I go the more she moves .....im 22weeks now & my baby girl is a firecracker she cant keep still especially early in the morning lol she my alarm clock I wake at 6am everyday cause of her
  • At 17 weeks I started to feel popcorn popping in my tummy and then more and more at 18weeks, I thought I had gas turns out to be the baby! Strange but wonderful feeling!!
  • I am 18 weeks & i felt my baby move at 14 weeks i think my baby boy is lazy because he doesn't move as much... But i do feel him moving sometimes at night mostly:)
  • I felt the baby move at 15 weeks 6 days. Felt like little flips! Still feel them all the time, especially after something sugary or a cold drink and coming up on 20 weeks.
  • My placenta was in the front so I couldn't be sure if I felt my baby girl at all... Until 21 weeks and 5 days all of a sudden she woke me up at 5 am and I could feel her bumping my belly for a whole hour!!
  • This is my 2nd pregnancy
    I'm 18 wks today and I can feel the baby a lot! Very active and she pokes around the belly, turn, kick...
    I have my 2nd ultrasound August 5, and I wonder if I'm further along or I have two babies
    The poke is the left and right side of my belly All at once

    By the way, I started feeling the movement since I was 16 wks
  • I felt my baby kick and swim around at 17 weeks...after my husband and I had sex lol it felt like flutters below my stomach. It lasted for a while, the flutters I mean! I guess she liked how it made us feel..? I hope that's what it was and not like "get off my mom!"
  • i felt my daughter move at 16 weeks, and every day since then
  • My grandpa was an old country doctor and he said you could mark it to the day that baby would be here 20 weeks after you first feel movement. So I would say you should feel something around 20 weeks & marking it down is always fun to see how spot on grandpa was :)
  • I'm 20 weeks with my second baby and I've been seen him move for 2 weeks and I started seeing him move two days ago!!!
  • Im 22 weeks and still no movement
  • 15w6d and this is my 1st one! She is a very active little girl! Due December 6th
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