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When will you feel baby move?

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It’s difficult to stay patient when it comes to pregnancy milestones. One of the most anticipated occasion is feeling baby’s first kick! Here is some helpful information on when you’ll likely feel those first flutters.

Have you felt baby kick yet?

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Re: When will you feel baby move?

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  • This is my second pregnancy, so this time around I know what to expect and I know what kicks are and what is just gas. I started feeling her at about 18 weeks with random kicks here and there, mostly when I'm sitting down which seems to compress her and when i'm laying down on my left side.

  • I'm 18 weeks and I can feel my baby move.
  • Im 21 weeks and I only felt the baby kick a few times im getting worried about him.
  • rue:Drue:D member
    I think I have felt mine around 18-19w. The softest little bubbles on occasion. I thought maybe it was the babies but wasn't sure, until I had my anatomy scan and saw where they were - which correlated to where I was feeling the bubbles. No discernible kicks or jabs yet though.
  • jverseyjversey member
    Last few days I've felt baby move only very small flutters but this Is my second so I no what to expect whether it's wind or not and I'm 14 weeks
  • Im almost 18 weeks and i just starting feeling what feels like a poke from the inside of my stomach. Its the most amazing feeling. I cant wait to find out what im having and I cant wait to meet my angel.
  • I'm 16 weeks & I haven't felt anything , but maybe I have this is my first pregnancy. Should I be worried ? The doctors always said the heart beat is really strong. I'm really anxious to feel my loved one.
  • I'm 18 weeks and think i felt movement last night but not 100% sure as this is my first pregnancy.
  • I started feeling movement in week 21.
  • JinnelJinnel member
    I am 23 weeks tomorrow. Just started to feel slight pushes and kicks. Very subtle and very sporadic. But when they happen it's wonderful!
  • I was about 13 weeks or so..but this is my 3rd pregnancy and I know what feeling to look out for.
  • I'm 18 weeks today and have been feeling pokes and flutters all week!! I love it.  I've been waiting on them.  I felt a few back in March and nothing since. :)
  • 10 weeks. But it's my second.
  • I'm 16 weeks & I haven't felt anything , but maybe I have this is my first pregnancy. Should I be worried ? The doctors always said the heart beat is really strong. I'm really anxious to feel my loved one.

    I'm 15 weeks. Haven't felt a thing yet but heard a kick (according to my OB) on the Doppler yesterday. Coolest thing ever!
  • Started at about twenty weeks for me, and I wasn't totally sure it wasn't gas bubbles.  

    Then they just kept coming and got stronger, and I got a lot more solid on exactly what it was that I was feeling. I'm at 23 weeks, now, and have movement pretty much whenever I'm sitting still.  When I went for my anatomical screening ultrasound at the beginning of last week, I was watching the movement occur on the screen as I was feeling it, which was cool and helpful. 
  • Felt tiny movements around 17 weeks and getting stronger and more noticeable. 20 weeks now and can even see small movements occassionally!
  • Im 18 weeks and haven't felt anything i think. Should i be worried?
  • sonuusonuu member
    Hey there mine is also in anterior..cant really feel...just something like heartbeats....and thats ok to hav placenta in anterior?
  • this is my 3rd .... and I didn't feel anything until 19-20 omg I was so worried . with the other 2 I felt at 16-17!!!
  • 25 weeks now and ive been feeling her move since exactly 13 weeks(:
  • I didn't feel baby move until 20+4 xx
  • I started feeling little flutters around 16 weeks, now at 21 weeks my fiancee was finally able to feel his movements on the outside, but i have to be lying flat- so surreal and after everything so far thats when it finally hit me that we are having a beautiful baby boy and i got really emotional, haha pregnancy hormones at its best!
  • I'm 13 weeks and I often feel movement in the lower part of my tummy and around my navel especially if I'm laying down. How can I tell if it is the baby or just gas?
  • I'm 18 weeks pregnant today and haven't felt a thing! Hopefully soon
  • I finally got some undeniable movements at week 20. Usually when I'm laying down.
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