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When will you feel baby move?


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  • I felt her at 19 weeks, her little flutters were light and I didn’t feel her all the time maybe once a day or a few times in a few minutes.  Such an exciting and also strange feeling.  
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    I'm almost 14 weeks and I feel what almost feels like buzzing or blooping (totally can't think of a comparative action for that one) in my lower pelvis on occasion. I want to think this is the little bebe but I'm sure it's too early what with it being my first.
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  • I'm a FTM, due in March of this year, but I didn't feel my baby move until I was past 20 weeks.  I have an anterior placenta, so the feelings were muffled for a long time.  It was a bit worrisome for me, but now this girl almost never stops moving.  :) 
  • I'm posting this for those who felt it as early as I did. I felt a small flutter at 10 weeks. Then again at 11 weeks. When I went for my U/S at 12 weeks I could tell exactly where the baby was before the technician located it because I was feeling flutters again. That reassured me that I was truly feeling my baby those times before. Now if I'm still in bed I feel baby and at times when I'm sitting and eating will feel the little flutters and sometimes a flip. This baby is super active and Yes it's possible to feel your baby early. But dont panic if you dont. That's way normal too.❤ I wonder what this ninja will feel like @20 weeks. Lol. I'm currently 15.
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