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When will you feel baby move?


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  • Still early for me, but hopefully soon. 
  • I actually felt mines at 13 weeks 5 days & it was  amazing....  
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  • Im 15 weks today
  • I'm 21 weeks and I think I've been feeling her since 18 weeks. I feel her most when I'm sitting up, it feels like little jumps in my lower abdomen. Whenever it happens I say "my popcorn maker is on!"
  • I'm 15 weeks on Monday but it's my first, so I think I've felt it but am not sure. I'm thinking I'll know closer to 18 weeks. Mine just feel like some tightness and fluttering. Anyone else experiencing the same with their first?
  • Same for me!
  • Same here
  • I started feeling him around 15-16 weeks. Now when ever I'm watching a movie and there is a fight scene or loud engines he will kick like he's trying to fight too. It's so cute. I'm 20 weeks
  • I'm waiting to feel something definitive :smile: right now it could be gas bubbles lol
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    I'm 19 weeks and feel her like crazy! Yesterday I even felt her by putting hand on belly and saw my stomach move a couple times! I believe she's a strong one!
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  • I felt some movements before but the first kick was at 18 weeks exactly as I've read here https://www.pampers.com/en-us/pregnancy/pregnancy-calendar/series/18-weeks-pregnant-what-to-expect :)
  • 16 weeks and the feeling is like there's a big fish swimming in my tummy! Makes it feel like motion sickness though everytime the baby moves
  • I felt my baby move @ 21 weeks it so amazing. 
  • Baby #1 was riding "backseat" I didn't feel anything until like week 25 but this time about week 14! im 16 weeks now, and she is a full fledge mover.  :):)
  • I felt mines at 19 weeks but it made me realize that I was feeling it at like 16/17 weeks .. it was just softer and it felt like lil gas bubbles but now being 21 weeks the kicks are much stronger lol. Like right niw he's kicking the crap out of my bladder and punching my stomach lol.
  • I'm 13 weeks tomorrow and was told you can possibly feel it kick early on if this isn't your first child so was hoping it for me lol this is my 4th and can't wait to feel the baby move so my question is .. is this yiur first baby or no? 
  • I'm 17 weeks and have felt some flutters :)
  • I started feeling him flutter around in there at 16 weeks.
  • 16 weeks. Just felt the first flutters 2 nights ago.  Now I feel it quite frequently throughout the day. So exciting! Can't wait until the hubby can feel it also.
  • This is my first and I think I felt a couple flutters yesterday. I was worried though cause I'm 19 weeks 5 days today and it seems many people feel it much earlier than this. I'm also not showing a huge amount so maybe that has something to do with it? 
  • I think that's me too. I felt 3 flutters yesterday when sitting down and I have my 20 week ultrasound next week. I'm hopeful things are still ok 
  • I can't wait either! I'm not even showing yet. People tell me I should be grateful I'm not showing yet blah blah. But I want that baby bump and to feel my baby kicking!!!! I'm 14 weeks as well, due in mid may! Hopefully it will happen to us soon!
  • I am 17 weeks along and I feel our little girl moving mostly when I’m laying in bed at night. But someone on here said it perfectly, it’s less like a flutter and feels more like a fish moving around in there! Lol 
  • I felt mine move for the first time exactly one day before the sixteen week mark! Then I didn't feel him again until nearly 17 weeks....after that it became more and more frequent, and now, at 20 weeks 2 days, I feel him constantly, especially when I'm being still. My husband has barely felt him through my stomach once or twice this week. 
  • I started feeling flutters around 17 weeks, first really strong kicks at 21 weeks 5 days. I have placenta previa though, so I tend to feel it really clearly on the right, not so much when it moves towards the left. And then there's weird kicking towards the back  :o 
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    First kick was 12.5 weeks... I feel kicks every other day, now I’m 14 weeks... It’s amazing, I told my husband and he immediately put his hand on my belly. Which made me laugh... Third child
  • I'm 19 weeks today and pretty sure the little muscle twitches I'm laying here feeling this morning (and actually seeing) are tiny baby kicks!  Also having the "swimming goldfish" sensation in the same area. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!  
  • Hello everyone! I’m officially 20 weeks today. I’ve felt what I think are super subtle movements, but I’m always questioning it! Just today I was pretty sure I felt baby right above my bikini line, but then I felt something very clearly near my ribs. Is this possible? Does that mean that more than likely one of those movements wasn’t the baby? 

    Where have you all been feeling the baby around 20 weeks?
  • Ill be 18 weeks on thurs havent felt anything baby is good i have a doppler, im going assume its bec the baby is lower then my other pregnancys 
  • Me too! The ultrasound showed a very active little one and I could feel it. It's not often, but especially if I drink sweet tea. :)
  • I started feeling kicks at 15 weeks. This is my 2nd pregnancy. Everything is fast forwarded. Im now at 22 weeks and her presence is KNOWN! 
  • I'm about 20 weeks now and they just started kicking a couple weeks ago!
  • I felt mine around 18 weeks
  • I swear I felt my baby fluttering for the first time when I was about 12-13 weeks pregnant. I definitely started feeling my little guy move when I was 18-19 weeks pregnant though, and he started kicking hard enough for my partner and I to feel on the outside when I was about 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I am now 24 weeks pregnant, and I’ve noticed in the past few days he’s been a little quieter. There are some days where it feels like he’s going crazy in there, and some days where it’s just random kicks throughout the day.  I’ve been fairly active the last couple days and haven’t felt him kick as much as I’d like to, but he did kick last night and my partner felt him too.  Any other moms out there experience the fluctuation in movements? 
  • It's all normal not to feel movement at 16 weeks 
  • I'm 14 weeks with baby number 5 and I just felt kicks today
  • I am sixteen weeks and five days. I swear I felt baby move this morning while I was laying in bed and just waking up. I don't think they liked the way I was positioned and they were not afraid to let me know! It's like little fluttering, but immistakable.
  • I'm 14 weeks 4 days. I felt the first flutter at 13 weeks 2 days and then again a few says later. Felt like a little roller coaster reaction. I was completely still and it was unmistakable. Amazing!
  • I feel the same way! I am 16 weeks in and I have only felt a little flutter I'm not even sure if it was a flutter. I was starting to get anxious but I was told every woman is different and I should just relax. Easier said than done if I'm being honest.
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