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When will you feel baby move?


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  • 8 babies?! R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!! :)
  • Thank you for this post it made me feel a lot better.  I haven't felt much at all but keep reading the baby's position makes a big difference.  I'm so so so waiting to feel it on a regular basis!!
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  • I first noticed little taps at around 15 weeks 4 days. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 18 weeks on Sunday. They have become more frequent and more noticeable each day now, and have lots of squirms and wiggles now too :)
  • I was feeling some wiggles I think but in the last week I feel nothing (18 weeks). Starting to get nervous
  • I'm 12 weeks 5 days, and after realizing I'm starting to show yesterday, I felt this weird butterfly feeling to the right of my belly button that I've never felt before!! I'm so excited to feel he/she actually move. :)
  • I was about 11 weeks when I felt my baby's first movements. This is my fourth pregnancy.
  • I felt my little boy move last Thursday at exactly 20 weeks! and since then he hasn't stopped - even the sonographer felt him on Friday give a kick so if your like me it will suddenly happen out of Nowhere - I barely even felt flutters before - good luck! And anything between 18-22 weeks is totally normal when it comes To feeling baby move :) xx
  • I'm17 weeks today and I have yet to feel my baby. It makes me so uneasy :( just wanna feel my baby move
  • I have been feeling everything my baby has been doing since 16weeks then the baby got lazy. Just now at week 19 it started moving more and harder. It depends on the baby, and where the baby is. If its more in the front then you can feel it all.
  • I am 18 weeks and I felt my baby moving about 1 1/2 weeks ago! I love it . I am Soo excited :) Like others I feel it best when I last down.
  • I don't know if I have felt anything yet. I'm 15 weeks and 2 days. I've felt flutters and last night I felt something that felt like a poke. But I have no clue if it's baby or intestinal.
  • I've been feeling my baby girl kick since i was 16 weeks & im 21 weeks and 5 days right now ❤
  • And why doesn't this app give you the option to put the fact that I'm carrying twins so that the info they give me actually is for me
  • I'm 20 weeks & I'm hoping to feel my baby boy soon!
  • I'm 20 week's an one day an I feel him move every day since 19 week's I think sometimes he tumbles in circle. I have an ultrasound on the 17 witch is also mine an my boyfriend's 1 year n 1 month anniversary I'm excited.
  • I'm 16 weeks 3 days and have been feeling flutters and almost like a vibrating feeling near my belly button mostly right before I go to bed. I have anterior placenta so I was worried I wouldn't feel movement for a while but the flutters are right on schedule which is very exciting :)
  • I am 19 weeks and have no bump, nor have I felt any movement.. A bit worrisome but so far all US have been perfect and heartrate is steady 160 .. Hoping to feel movement by week 20
  • I am 18 weeks - I don't know if you would call mine a baby bump, but I have gained 15lbs... And nothing fits :/ I thought I felt a little kick the other day but that was it.. I can't until I can feel it daily so I know it's ok.. Be blessed!!
  • Are you thin?:) I've felt little flutters for a week or so and I'm 14 weeks. The doctor said it was ppssible!
  • I felt movement since 15 weeks but I thought it was just gas before bed. Then I noticed that the feeling was happening over and over again and realized it was actual movement like bubbles popping. At 19 weeks I knew for sure what I was feeling and today I'm 19+2 and my mom felt a kick! so exciting I definitely know what to expect with my next one.
  • I felt my baby start to move at 17 weeks and now I'm nearly 20 weeks it's really frequent now ☺️ don't worry if you haven't felt your baby yet it will happen everyone's different. When it does happen it will be such a lovely experience
    Rosie 33
  • I've felt my baby at 18 weeks. It feels amazing
  • I definitely felt the baby move last night at 19+2. I think I might have been feeling flutters for a couple weeks, but wasn't sure that's what it was. Last night's pop pop pop feeling was pretty definite.
    Rosie 33
  • I'm 17 weeks an 5 days and I haven't felt my baby move yet and it's scaring me
  • While I think there's been movement going on for the last week, I officially feel comfortable saying that today, I def. felt it.  I am 17w2d. I was sitting at the dining room table this morning having breakfast, when all of a sudden this quickening movement in my lower abdomen happened.  Around 3:30 this afternoon, same place, sitting at the dining room table and I felt it again. It totally feels like little gas bubbles rumbling in my stomach.  <3 I was ecstatic. 

  • I felt mine move at 18 weeks. Feels like little pokes right below my belly button
  • I felt movement about 15 weeks, I'm almost 20 weeks now and it feels like this little baby is training for a marathon.
  • I've just started to feel flutters now at 13/14 weeks (depending on the due date). They're sporadic and very light, but very much from baby and make me eager to feel some real kicks in the next few weeks!
  • I'm 19 weeks currently and over the last few days I've felt baby constantly! My partner has felt baby too! I've been having flutters since 16 weeks but barely noticeable unless lying down or in a warm bath.
  • Im 18 weeks and im not sure if i have felt the baby move yet but i could feel something like a burp or hiccups
    stacymoodyRosie 33
  • First pregnancy and 14 weeks - I have felt little flutters and when daddy talks every afternoon it decides to move around and you see little movements!
    stacymoodyRosie 33
  • 21 weeks and the kicks have been getting stronger i love it.. I find hes most active at night while im laying down... :)
  • thanks! this was helpful! 
  • I felt flutters around 15 but now am really feeling her move around at 24 weeks.

    I have a posterior placenta.
  • I started to feel her moving at about ten weeks I thought it was the craziest thing the doctor says she a super strong baby
  • I wouldn't be . If this is your first baby doctors say you won't feel the baby move until about 20 to 22-23 weeks but honestly you might of felt the baby move already and didn't realize it was him or her so no worries sweet heart
  • I felt bubbles at the end of week 14 and by 15 felt the baby's body weight move inside. Now everyday I get a couple little tapping nudges down there. At first it was freKy but now it's so awesome!!!
    Lilypie Maternity tickers
  • It's started week 16 it felt like bubbles then by the next week only I could feel kicks on the inside then by week 18 my husband could feel the kicks as well.
  • mileidy12mileidy12 member
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    I can't wait to feel my munchkin kick
    I'm 14 weeks & 5 days
  • I am 16 weeks today and I thought I may have felt my little one move last night but couldn't tell for sure. I'm so excited to feel a real kick!
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