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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • Here's mine. The top one is 10 DPO followed by 11, 12, and 15 days.
  • MrsSmithA said:

    Here's mine. The top one is 10 DPO followed by 11, 12, and 15 days.

    I really wanna POAS again so I can get that super dark line, lol
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  • 3+ weeks and counting!
  • My LMP was jan 8 2015 I used first response feb 9 2015 and got a clear positive. Later that night bought a clear blue digital and it told me pregnant and the weeks (: !
  • D2382D2382 member
    This was how faint my first one was two days before missed period and the clear blue test was done the next day :)
  • I think FRER are the best. I use WONDFO's and if I ever get another positive I will retest to confirm with a FRER

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  • I took a cheap dollar store generic brand test when I took the test it was because I had realized I hadn't had a period in an entire month going on 2 months so when I took the test it immediately gave me two lines one in the circle and one in the oval bar sorry I don't have a pic my boyfriend dropped my phone & cracked it. It was so crazy I knew I was pregnant no need for more tests then the doctor confirmed it the next day.
  • Walmart brand taken 4/30/15. LMP was 3/30/15 digital was taken 05/01/15.
  • This is positive right? I'm going to take another test tomorrow morning just to be sure and will be making a doctors appointment later today.
  • @Fidgette Yes, that is definitely a positive! CONGRATS :D
  • These were both 14 dpo and clear as day.
  • Took a second test just to confirm, so I bought a Clear Blue with weeks indicator and it came back positive as 2-3 weeks. Super excited!!!

    Congrats to everyone who got a positive :)
  • Took these today! 14 DPO!
  • These are mine! I was only 5weeks when these popped up! It took a few seconds for that blue line!
  • Liz726Liz726 member
    Here is my FRER, on the day of missed AF, about 15 DPO

  • I did a clearblue and it was a positive sign right away. 2 days later I went to my doctor and did a urine test and it was also positive. I thought my period was late from stress.
  • beckycuzbeckycuz member
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  • I find out I was pregnant last month. Lol it's was the best and worst day of my life. Best day because I'm pregnant. But worst day because my mom stopped speaking to me an called me every name possible in the book.

  • I had barley any line at all so tried the yes or no test to be sure. Sometimes your just testing a little bit to early. If you wait a day or two and retest it will come up much darker. At least for me it did.
  • @knottie67525693 I'm sorry to hear that your mom's reaction was displeasure. I am currently 5 weeks and have my first ultrasound scheduled in the beginning of July. Although it is super early on, I would love to share the blessing with my mother but will not be doing so any time soon due to negativity. Best wishes to you and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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  • Haye1Haye1 member
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    I went a bit crazy buying test after test! I finally tested positive! Yeah!
  • Here is mine..this was taken on first day of my missed period...
    test.jpg 375.1K
  • I'm clearly an over tester... This is baby #4
  • These are all CVS brand early pregnancy tests, can be used up to 5 days before missed period, which I did for the 6/13. The next one was the day my period was due and the 3rd was was today, officially days late :) they get darker every time but even the first one was very visible!
  • I tested 4 days after my missed period. I received two positive test. The first line is always darker than the second line
  • I have seen many tests that other people have taken and posted in various places with super faint lines, some barely visible but mine was a definite, no-question-about-it positive. But a positive IS a positive no matter how dark or light :)
  • I bought a two pack, came with digital and normal. Did the normal frost came back positive right away in seconds. I took it out of the shot glass put it down turned to flush and it was done! The digital I did after and it took 2 minutes and said yes! You can't really see it so I'm sorry!
  • sopshiresopshire member
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    Ok so i didn't know if my test was positive because the second line was so light. I had to hold it up to the light just to see it. I took it yesterday morning n since i wasn't sure i went n got another test. Six days sooner test n around five in the afternoon i.took the test. Behold was my BFP so i guess it all depends on the test brand n the level it can detect.
  • Got my positive last week at 11 dpo night pee. It was neg in am. I'm 4 weeks 4 days today.

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  • BafryBafry member
    Mine was just barely visible.  I actually couldn't see anything and thought it was neg.  My husband looked at it and saw the line... he got all excited and i was all like "what? .. honey! it's neg!"  it was really funny.  We had a solid debate on whether there was a second line or not and so i finally just went to the dr for a blood test - he was right : l lol.  My friend took one last week, the entire screen changed colors.  You couldn't even see the first line, little lone the second.  I was guessing that was positive since negs don't show any signs other than the test line.... sure enough, her blood test came back pos.   At home test , apparently in my experience, just aren't very clear. lol.  But maybe they do that on purpose so that you'll see a dr. lol.  (that was half way a joke)
  • isra90isra90 member
    many many congrats
  • I always use clear blue digital. My second pregnancy (which I lost) the hcg was so low at 90 and a first response barely showed. The doctors office had to do a blood test but the clear blue showed it no problem.

    Also once I used a first response and it said negative. I did another one a couple days later and still said negative. I knew I was pregnant so did clear blue and that one said PREGNANT. Sadly I lost that one too.

    Now I'm pregnant and I used an EPT first (on sale) and it came back positive and did a clear blue for how far along and it showed pregnant within 10 seconds and showed the weeks after the full 3 minutes. I don't like the dye ones. Me and my little sister have had negative tests when we were pregnant. Did a different test same day that was digital that showed it right away. I like clear blue personally and they always have coupons. Also if u live by a Rite Aid they always have them on sale I swear.

    Currently 5 weeks and 5 days with 6664 hcg.

    You have to watch the sensitivity of tests too. The cheapies are accurate after u missed ur period but it has to be the day after ur period should have started. A more expensive one like EPT or clear blue is higher sensitivity. First response is supposed to be but they are always weird when it comes to me and not accurate. But even faint dye lines mean pregnant as long as it is an entire line up and down. This was the EPT I took this time.
  • kariADkariAD member
    I used a family dollar brand at 3 weeks and came out very possitive then did a blood test just to double check.
  • Dang I'm impressed the dollar store one gave a positive so quick. However every test has a different sensitivity!
  • Is anyone keeping their PT for memory? My DH wanted to keep it but I thought it was gross since it would be rotting pee no? Opinions pls!
  • springrei said:
    Is anyone keeping their PT for memory? My DH wanted to keep it but I thought it was gross since it would be rotting pee no? Opinions pls!
    I kept mine long enough to take a photo holding it and that was it.  If you get a positive with the digital tests, within a few days the screen goes blank, so your positive won't show up anymore.  I'd say take a photo of it/with it, or make some other kind of memory with it and get rid of it. 

  • I definitely see now why everyone posts a pic of theirs on here. I keep thinking my eyes are tricking me. This is a FRER I took this morning, 3 days before my missed period. I honestly didn't think it would be positive since it is our first month trying. I am still in shock and keep questioning whether or not that really is a second line. It does look more clear in person though... Oh well I'm off to CVS to get a digital one and to figure out how exactly I'm going to the tell DH!
  • :) this was starting at about 7 dpo at the top, through 10 dpo, and today makes 11.
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