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  • @tessiesmom26 welcome!
    @gardenvariety88 you are definitely not alone, I started out feeling kinda detached too because of the fear of MC. now that I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow, with my first u/s scheduled for Friday and having had 2 beta tests, I'm starting to feel less afraid and more excited/attached. some fear/detachment, I think, is normal/healthy, considering how early it is. but if you feel like it's too much, I'd highly recommend therapy to help work on some of the fear/detachment stuff. my therapist has been super supportive and helpful!
  • @chgilmore thank you and I completely agree although I have yet to take your advice. Every time I syke myself up to find a therapist something falls through. I had one last year while I was pregnant because I was worried about PPD/PPA and then COVID hit and she wasn't a great fit. About 6 months postpartum I tried to get set up with a perinatal therapist but at the last minute we had to cancel because she was over state lines and wasn't able to do telehealth with her license. DH has already been encouraging me to try again to be more proactive this time, so I should probably get on that...
  • @gardenvariety88 it takes time to find someone who will be a good fit. I will say from personal experience, sometimes looking for someone who has the right credentials can make you overlook the person who will have the right personality. I'm a therapist myself and looking for mine, I said I wanted a certain kind of work but I ended up being paired with someone who's credentials were almost opposite of what I was looking for...two years later I'm still seeing him because our rapport/relationship is good. and studies show that that's what matters anyway :)
  • Welcome @saltymom21! I'm also a FTM in SLC :)
  • ninrmsninrms member
    @saltymom21 Congrats! I play video games too! What are some of your faves?
  • @ohsunnydays2 Welcome! What grade do you teach?
  • @makingbacon Thank you!! I actually teach grades K-5 (I'm an arts teacher :) ). 
  • I somehow missed a lot of these intros 🤦🏻‍♀️ Welcome!! 
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