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    My last baby was always measuring big and then he was 10 days late!
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  • SSo at my 32 week ultrasound the placenta looked great no longer in the way and baby girl was measuring LARGE as we expected..3-4 weeks ahead at 5lbs 5oz...well they ordered another late ultrasound for my 37.5 week appt because she was in the 90% well...we got the ultrasound and she’s “average” now at 7lbs 3oz lol we were a bit surprised! My other two kiddos were over 8lbs at my 37.5w u/ daughter was over 9 at birth and my son over 10...both 41w gest. So we just figured baby 3 would be big. I’m not sure if I should be nervous or celebrating considering we were very nervous about another big baby coming out of me after my last two bad lacerations...3rd and 4th degrees. But now I’m like hmmm as long as she doesn’t fall out lol. So there she is with her hand in front of her last will be my smallest unless of course I go 41w again and in that case she might tie with her older sister
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