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  • Laumb11Laumb11 member
    Ugh I am 20w and randomly feel movement. like only once or twice a day if I am relaxed so hardly! I am hoping they tell me the same, I am starting to get worried. (2nd pregnancy and I don't remember when I felt more with the 1st!) What a cute pic though! Why do they need more pics of the heart? I am sorry if I missed it somewhere

    DS 12/15/13

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  • slizteesliztee member
    edited May 2018
    She couldn’t get him to get in the right position for her to take measurements of the heart, @Laumb11. I’m sure your little on is just fine! I’m a little happy I can’t feel mine right now because of how active he is  :D 
  • @knottieamusements I can't remember what sex you decided on for each dinosaur. Either way Blast looks great. 
  • Loving all the pictures. I'm still a week away from my anatomy scan and I can't wait to see my little bean again.
  • Well I’m new here on The Bump and I’m due October 13th with my little girl! I’m a ftm to be and super excited
  • @slitzee wow that is awesome! Are they going to adjust your due date?
  • chyviechyvie member
    edited June 2018
    Such a great 3d shot. That is frame worthy!  <3
    Me 33 DH 41
    TTC since 2016
    Due: October 12, 2018
    Location: Ontario, Canada

  • I would be so sad if you left us @slitzee!
  • I think at this point, if you've been with us for any extended time you're stuck with us ;)
  • @sliztee we were measuring like 2 weeks ahead at our US. DS was big, so I wasnt surprised.
  • slizteesliztee member
    edited June 2018
    Yeah, both my husband and I were average 8lb babies...sooo...

    The doctor did say he has a big head...for now. @cdepperschmidt
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