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  • @mrslittlemac girl you better not be jumping ship to July now!! 

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  • @ecwk psssh, ya'll are stuck with me! Also DD was 5 days late so I wouldn't be surprised if this one was a shy groundhog too!
  • @allieswan3 you should edit and crop your photo, your full name is on there and there’s lots of creepers out there 

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  • I haven’t checked this thread in a few days but loving all these US pics!

    @jennybeans46 yours looks like Strongbad from HomestarRunner. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Lol. 
  • @ladygali Yes! I used to love strongbad back in the day.

  • Haha! It does huh? Reminds me of a little alien.
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  • Had my first appointment Today! Hb was 171 and measuring 9 weeks 5 days. 
  • My first US was at 11 weeks. A little late but super exciting. This is my first pregnancy! 
  • This is from our NT scan today at 11+6! Heart rate was 167. Baby didn't cooperate for the testing (too busy squirming around) so we go back on Friday to try again. 
  • For you ladies that have had an ultrasound between 11-13 weeks, have any of you attempted to predict the gender using the "nub theory"? I had never heard of this until yesterday and now am obsessed! I can't stop googling images and comparing to my ultrasound. lol.
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