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  • @babygagnon2018 what a small world!! Yes, I am going to the Birth Place! I’m glad to hear a good review :) Have you delivered there before??
  • @samjjorgensen I have not but both my SIL's and 2 best friends have! 

    How far along are you that you got an ultrasound at Foundation?  I have my first appt tomorrow and they said they dont do them until 12 weeks :(
  • @babygagnon2018 ah! They were dating me at 10 weeks based on my last period, but I had JUST gone off the pill so my cycle was somewhat unknown. The APRN couldn’t get a definite date from the pelvic exam, so she got me in immediately for a dating ultrasound, where they found out I was closer to 8 weeks. I wasn’t supposed to have an US until my January appointment, originally.

    But in this one they’ll definitely use doppler to find the heartbeat and if they can’t find it using that, they have a handheld US they use, which is really nice!
  • Hi everyone, my name is Michelle. Married 7 yrs, work in accounting, have a 3yr old, expecting my second one DD 7/3. Excited to get to know everyone :) and to share my experience this second time around. 

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  • WOW @justdoit93 I bet crazy busy is an understatement. Congrats on #5, that is impressive!

  • @amylu914 thanks! We are over the moon excited to add to our (not-so-little) family! 
  • @myfairbump I completely understand being scared. We are scared to tell my bf’s dad’s side of the family, so we are going to put it off as long as possible but not too long that they would be offended. Probably 20 weeks. And we most likely won’t post on social media until the birth lol. Which comes with its own set of nerves. I wish you luck! 
  • Hi, @coco305, from a ftm who is currently 40! Good luck with your first appointment tomorrow!
  • Hi everyone! I'm Jen, going to be a FTM. In my late 20's and hubby is early 30's, we've been together for a little over 6 years and married 3.5. I'm just shy of 9wks and think my EDD is sometime around July 26 give or take. So ready for my first OB appointment, it's still 2 weeks away!
  • @coco305 @sm05-2 I'm a ftm too, Age 43 here. 
  • @krystlerr holla from OC! We also announced this past weekend - I'm 12w - and the first time grandparents were so excited!!
  • Does anyone know how to change your name on here ? 
  • Does anyone know how to change your name on here ? 
    Type PSA knottie in the search bar our main page (at the bottom if you're on mobile) and it should bring you to a pretty detailed thread. 
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    Stupid Mobile tb...crossed my post for another thread. 

    Welcome all the new ladies!!!

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