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  • @aeb1116 welcome! My first ultrasound is on the same day as you. Can't wait! 

    @knottie53739290 welcome!
  • What @amylu914 said. Welcome, everyone!
  • @knottie5c470039d9c79819 another CT mama! Welcome! And wow getting married at 8 months pregnant, I can't imagine! Congratulations! 
    If you haven't already, please change your username when you get a chance so we can get to know you better- it's impossible to keep track of/tag knotties!

  • @acunamatada I know, we will see! I'm anxious to talk about that with my ob. 
    Oh! I thought I did change my username, now I'm not sure what I did, lol. I will figure that out now. Thanks for pointing that out!
  • @knottie5c470039d9c79819 you probably already did- it takes some time for the system to update  :)
  • I second what these other ladies say, @afransen88, I feel like I need to know more.

    Welcome to the board ladies!! 
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • smm1118 I was in November '15 too, although I ended up delivering in October 4 weeks early. 
  • @caillierob welcome! I also just got married in september and got pregnant just a few weeks later  :# congratulations!
  • Whoa- And i need to figure out how to change my scree name! ;) 
  • Whoa- And i need to figure out how to change my scree name! ;) 
    Welcome! We live in St. Louis so I’m not too far from you!!
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • I figured out how to change my name- I'm BLA35 now. :) 
  • Hello all! After two miscarriages and a recent miscarriage in September, I found out last weekend that I am pregnant again! I am in total disbelief because of how quickly it happened! I am very cautious with this one, I wish I could be as excited as I really am but unfortunately with two losses it makes it much more difficult! I'm currently 4 weeks and 6 days and my first bHCG was 108 Wednesday morning. I am a bit nervous about that number because I feel that it is pretty low. I'm praying for a good increase today! Congrats ladies! All the best!
    I was in the same boat. Two previous MC and I had some spotting. Keep us updated @shmoolie88 I believe my numbers were around that at 4 weeks as well. Everyone’s numbers are different as long as they are doubling you’ll be okay. Best of luck and keep us updated please :) 
  • Hi everyone!  And of course, congratulations to each of you! I’ve finally been approved, I have been anxiously awaiting my turn to post my introduction.  My name is Hayleigh, and I am now 6.5 weeks with my first. I’m 28 years old, living in Ontario, Canada (any fellow Canadians here?!) with my amazing 30 year old boyfriend of two years, and our two frenchies! We are really excited, and I can’t wait to get to know you ladies too! Xx 
    Hey hmccaffery I’m from Canada too! Originally from Southern Ontarion but moved out west to AB 10 years ago. Congrats to you! 
  • Yes my ultra sound was on Friday.  We just graduated from our RE to OB. 
  • Yeah, it totally did! Ha!
  • samjjorgensen I'm from New Hampshire too!  EDD 7/23 and my  birthday is 7/21!  Too funny! Welcome to the group!  Are you going to Southern NH? The Birth Place is amazing!
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