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Baby Movement

Is anyone feeling any movement yet? I'm a FTM so I'm not too sure what to expect. A couple different times today I've felt a fluttery feeling down really low. I have only felt it when I'm sitting or laying still. I'm not sure if it's the baby or if I'm crazy and over analyzing this. My doctor said I wouldn't feel anything until 16 - 18 weeks and I'm only 14.5. Anyone have thoughts or experiences to share?

Re: Baby Movement

  • All I feel is what feels like a big hard ball in there when I try to sit with my knees up. No movement yet.
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  • I've been feeling flutters here and there but am not convinced yet. I feel like it's just muscle spasms or gas but I am a third timer so maybe it could be? I honestly don't remember when I started feeling it with my other 2 but I always start to enjoy pregnancy more once I can feel them moving around in there!
    Same to all of this! I know I felt it earlier with the second than with the first, but still not sure when, exactly. And, yes - pregnancy is so much more enjoyable once you can feel baby moving
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  • BayCampBayCamp member
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    I felt flutters at 13w (STM) and now at 17 felt a kick from the outside. Wayyyy earlier than my first pregnancy though. 
  • I haven't felt definite movement yet with this one, but with my first I started feeling it around that time. I wasn't sure that's what it was either - thought it might just be gas. But around 16 weeks I was positive it was baby. 
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    I'm feeling the same type of flutters at almost 14 weeks. Even though this is my second, I'm not quite convinced it's the wee one yet. 
  • Nothing here at 13. My OB told me not to worry if I'm rounding 20 weeks before I fee anything because of my anterior placenta. I'm sad about that. She indicated that 17 weeks is pretty average otherwise. 
  • The flutters very well could be the baby! I've felt the baby several times so far. I'm 14 weeks, STM.
  • I am 15 weeks and I have been feeling baby bumping around in there for about 2 weeks. Nothing from the outside yet and i cannot induce movement (like with preasure or speaking) like you will be able to latter on. This is #4 and I felt things along the same time frame with #3 but I was on bedrest already so I had nothing better to do that hope for kicks! The description of it feeling like a flopping fish seems pretty accurate to me for those early bumps.
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  • Thanks for all your input ladies! I'm going to keep an eye on it and if it seems consistent then I'll believe it! I can't wait until I feel something is definite! It's so hard to tell what exactly it could be at this point.
  • SRB130SRB130 member
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    I have felt flutters a handful of times so far, with my first I didn't feel anything until 18-20 weeks I think and even then it was tough to feel anything. 
  • I'm on my fourth and I feel flutters at 13- 14 weeks. I did when I was a FTM too! Sometimes it'll feel like a full somersault
  • I'm a stm and felt initial flutters around 11-12 however, I only felt it like once every two days which was nerve-wracking. As soon as I reached 16 weeks this past Monday I have been feeling flips around the clock. 

    I felt the initial flutters with DD around week 14 so I wouldn't it count it out quite yet.
  • av2323av2323 member
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    Nothing over here.  About 12 weeks I thought I was feeling flips but since I am almost 17 weeks and haven't felt anything since I'm calling that gas :)  Hopefully soon.
    DS didn't start moving until almost 23 weeks and he went straight to movement everyone could feel on the outside.
  • I've felt quite a few movements the past two days. I'm 15w6d and this is my third. I've felt them all early.  :)
  • I can feel the baby move here and there for the past two weeks. I can feel more using a little pressure (like trying to find her heartbeat with the doppler) or if I am bending over. lol. She doesn't like to be squished. 
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  • zigzag8412zigzag8412 member
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    Thought I felt something at 14+5, it felt like bubbles popping or an eye twitch in my lower abdomen but I also thought it was too early as a FTM to actually be feeling anything so, idk.  Now at 16+4, if I sit just right, every once in a while it feels like the lightest sweep of a fish's tail from the inside (like if you were holding a goldfish in a bag from the fair and his tail swept where your hand was carrying him).  Not a regular thing I notice and not something I'd notice if I weren't looking for it, but it's unlike anything else I've ever felt, so I imagine that's the right direction anyway...

    ETA: Also- as my doc has told me to drink half a can of coke as needed to help with my horrible migraines (pre-pregnancy I did NOT drink sodas!), and I feel like baby enjoys that cause I can usually feel something shortly after when I give in...
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  • Baby was flipping around this morning at 14 weeks on the nose! It took me a second to realize it since I was super focused at work but it wasn't just a little poke! More like little swim around! So exciting  :)
  • I can't remember if I posted this before but one of the midwives I work with said to lay on your tummy for a few mins and you're more likely to feel the baby early on. 

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  • pawcallpawcall member
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    jess0211 said:
    I can't remember if I posted this before but one of the midwives I work with said to lay on your tummy for a few mins and you're more likely to feel the baby early on. 
    Each time I've felt her (just a few) it's been while lying on my stomach 
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  • kwaldykwaldy member
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    STM, haven't felt anything with this one. 
    With DD I felt the first movement at 18 weeks. I was laying on my belly and it felt like I had been poked with a pencil eraser lol. I never got "flutters" but maybe I don't pay attention enough lol
  • liz4382liz4382 member
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    I feel a lot of stuff going on at night especially. I am not sure if it is movement but I like to think it is. It's hard to describe what it feels like--kind of like flutters, kind of like little muscle spasms. Always around the same place in my lower abdomen, right where the baby should be. 
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  • No movement here at 14 weeks and I have an anterior placenta, so not expecting to feel it any time soon either.
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  • @liz4382 yes, that's how mine feels too. I didn't know how to describe it but that's it!
  • @dragonfly87-2
    Anterior placenta  here also,  FTM .midwife said probably not to expect anything till around 23 weeks so we wait. 16 wks  now
    Bit sad because I'm not feeling very connected to this pregnancy it's like everyone else is more excited than me and I'm just intimidated by having to be a mum .. feel like feeling the baby might help make it seem real  . On the other hand it kinda creeps me out so maybe it'll be good to wait till I have alian type sensations 
  • @foxaírt I feel the same way! 
  • I'm not sure if my ute or the baby had a growth spurt, but I went from feeling movement about an inch and a half below my belly button, to on the right hand side in line with my belly button over night yesterday. 
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  • With my first, I felt her at 15 weeks. She was a kicker and never stopped, even after she was born--never stopped moving her legs. It was a fluttery/twingy feeling (I guess?) at first but I knew it. I can feel DD2 now (at 16w). 
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  • I'm 16 weeks and I think I've been feeling them on the outside for two weeks, but it took a while for me to acknowledge that it was actually babies kicking. Now it's quite obvious. My belly also gets visibly lumped up when they gather on one side. I think I feel them so early because of the combo of twins, and I'm very petite/skinny.
  • 15 weeks and haven't felt anything. The only thing I ever feel is when I'm laying on my back and my uterus shifts. It's about at my belly button, one big lump. Which is great for DH to feel. I thought I felt flutters down low but I think it was probably just muscle twitching. 
  • I think I've been feeling flutters for a couple weeks, but I tell myself every time that I'm wrong and it has to be gas. With my first three, I didn't feel anything until distinct kicks at 15 weeks. 
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  • NYTino24NYTino24 member
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    I swear I felt what was like a swimmer's flip turn and then three kicks after it while I was in bed and slowly rolling to my side this morning. Baby was so active ar the 12 week scan that they only got it to turn in the right direction for like a minute, so I guess it's possible. I swear I felt flutters around that point anyway and definitely 13 / 14 weeks.
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  • Reading all these posts about everyone starting to feel flutters and kicks is so exciting!! 
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