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  •   @dragonfly87-2 I don't think I've felt movement yet. I'm chalking it up to being a FTM. Hopefully this week! (I say that every week :wink:)
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  • 17w1d STM I can count on one hand the number of times I THINK I have felt baby. It's almost depressing as it causes me anxiety :( baby hiccups on the inside are the cutest! I am READY for movement!!!
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  • At this point I feel her every day, verrrrrrry low and very soft, but it's her. FI is dying to feel her from the outside. 
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  • @dragonfly87-2 Same here! I was feeling the same thing earlier but then nothing. I went for an ultrasound and the baby was flipped in towards my insides, so it's harder to feel little movements. I think I am feeling little things now but maybe not, it's hard to tell.
  • I'm 17w 2d and have felt movement very inconsistently since about 14 or 15 weeks.  Some days I feel baby often and some days I feel nothing at all. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't driving me just a little bit crazy lol. 
  • I was feeling her pretty constant for a couple of days last week. She was high, like around my belly button but then suddenly one day, nothing. I knew it was normal this early on pregnancy but couldn't help but to be a little worried. The dr found her hb super low and deep (as in he had to push on my stomach pretty hard) so she must have just moved down. I think I may have an anterior placenta near the bottom which is why I can't feel her when she is low. I guess we'll find out about the anterior thing at my anatomy scan in a couple of weeks!
  • @tashandma
    The report from our second scan (morphology) at 12w+2d revealed an anterior placenta placement
    First midwife appointment we discussed what it ment or could mean . 
    And this last scan (anatomy scan) at 18w+6 she confirmed it was also high which was a relief as I had to empty my bladder at the scan because it was obstructing and distorting the uterus and at first it looked low and I think the OB was worried it was too close to the cervix

    So I would think the placement would be in the report from your earlier scan (im assuming everyone due November are between like 20/21 weeks and 16w and already had their NT scan I could be wrong , I also live in a different  country to most of you)

    Hoping it isn't too low lying
  • @foxairt I'm so glad yours isn't low!! And that you felt baby even with it anterior!  :)
    i have only had my dating scan by my doctor, my anatomy scan will be in a couple of weeks. I'm really not worried about it at this point, it was just such a huge difference in feeling her move so much to nothing. I did have an elective ultrasound to determine gender a couple of weeks ago but the tech didn't mention the placenta. I doubt she would though since she isn't a doctor or anything! 
  • I am 19 weeks today and I am pretty sure I have felt the little guy bounce around the last day or so.  Although the movements aren't as distinct as I would like, it feels like him moving around! :) I am just ready to feel those kicks! With our daughter, I felt her early around 16 weeks!
  • @zigzag8412 My baby is the same way! As soon as I put my hand on my belly after feeling flutters, she settles right down and I don't feel anything! Good luck with your AS tomorrow.
  • kwaldykwaldy
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    18 weeks 3 days and still nothing... boo you, anterior placenta. It makes me sad bc with DD I was definitely feeling things by now. 
  • Double boo to anterior placenta. 
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  • this thread is comforting me!  i am almost 17 weeks and haven't felt movement which has been freaking me out.  i have a posterior placenta and every once in a while i think i feel something but i'm pretty convinced it is just gas or digestion! 
  • @bklynchica when I first felt movement it was after a really bad stomach day. I was totally empty and felt him kicking away. Definitely feel him more often now when I'm on the empty side. 
  • @bklynchica I have noticed a similar pattern. I am also more likely to feel him if I am curled up sitting as opposed to sprawled out.

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  • I've been feeling the baby for a couple weeks now. Very light, but consistent enough that I know for sure that's what I'm feeling. It's definitely different than with my daughter because she had an anterior placenta and even up until she was delivered I had to lay really still and focus in order to feel her. 
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  • car1acar1a
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    I can finally post here! I'm 19+4 and have felt very slight flutters over the past few weeks, but extremely inconsistent (some days nothing). Something changed today because I can feel her moving around like crazy! Very much changed overnight.
    Last Friday my nurse asked if I could feel anything and I said "not really" and she said that was not unusual because the baby is still so tiny. They didn't mention whether I have an anterior placenta but now I'm wondering if I do - the baby is facing into my (our?) placenta in my U/S pics but I'm unsure of the angle it was taken.
  • I can feel baby move from the outside. DH cannot but he doesn't even try that hard. My BFF is coming over tonight and I want her to feel my baby.... any tips? 
  • NYTino24 said:
    Fireworks made baby go nuts last night! Speaking of that, I ordered this for $5 from Motherhood Maternity.

    How'd you get it for $5!?
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  • NYTino24 said:
    Fireworks made baby go nuts last night! Speaking of that, I ordered this for $5 from Motherhood Maternity.

    My mom and DH both bought this for me! I returned one, but obviously this is so my style lol 
  • That was baby and im not just being crazy right?
    Yes!!! That had to be baby!! Yay! 
  • @tashandma I wasn't sure if it was too low to be baby because i felt it around where my underwear is but I figured it must be because babies move around a ton and also my muscles don't spaz like that haha. Omg yay!!!!
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge yes! I've felt him that too.

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  • @DuchessOfCambridge up until the last week I've only felt him at or below my bikini line. Super low! Yay for feeling him!! 
  • @MississippiCatfish It's on sale and the price shows in your bag / cart. I also got the navy star shorts for $10.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • Still waiting here at 17+6 with my anterior placenta. Pretty much 100% sure what I felt before wasn't baby now. OB said probably 3 more weeks. I'm waiting impatiently! But I can tell she's sitting on by bladder today because I can't stop peeing!
  • @irishfrisky there's hope! I have an anterior placenta too and felt it early this morning at 18+6. Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer! I want to feel him again!
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  • tashandmatashandma
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    @irishfrisky I feel your pain! I felt her move around quite a bit and then all of a sudden she must have moved low because I haven't felt anything for over a week! I've heard her hb at my dr appt and she was in deed low and deep but it still sucks!
    please move back up, baby!!

    eta- I actually came to this thread to see if anyone else was experiencing this because I started to panic a little! So thanks for sharing your situation!!! 
  • I haven't felt anything for the last couple days.... I'm 19+3... come on baby girl! Your momma is anxious!
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