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  • @cwalker042 I'm so glad you found some peace of mind 
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  • 17+1 and DH got to feel baby from the outside. Laying in bed and felt a different sensation than before. I moved his hand on my belly, he wanted to know what I was doing and then he felt it. "Something tiny" as he called it. It was down low.  
  • I was surprised to find out that I have an anterior placenta for the first time this pregnancy. Surprised, only because I have felt baby move around here and there. It's very few and far between though and it happens so quickly that I actually question it later... like, hmmm, wonder if that was real?! lol I think I may only feel it at all because it's my fourth go at this pregnancy thing. 
  • This little girl is SO active now it's crazy. Hubs can feel her from outside too. 
    Love it!

  • Honestly, I have muscle spasms and don't think it is the baby. I see my belly move and sometimes I think its me trying to hold breath to feel the baby move that makes my muscle twinge especially if you have a little fat on the belly. Of course that does not mean baby is not kicking...she certainly is but just wanted to share my exp. 

  • STM, 16+5 unmistakably felt baby! 
  • 19w and I've been able to feel baby move since 15w but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I definitely felt DD1&2 way more often and it was much stronger by this point in pregnancy. 
  • I swear I felt the baby move from the outside last night (18 weeks 6 days), but I was half asleep and I can't convince myself I did. I don't dare tell DH, he's been so upset that I can feel LO on the inside and he can't feel anything yet. I hope it happens again! I get so nervous when I don't feel anything for a bit.

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  • Between 17 and 18 weeks now and movement is able to be felt more often. Pulling my knees to my belly while on my side at night makes it more pronounced. LO seems to have flipped as I feel it on the right side now instead of my left. It is a night owl and also likes hip hop music in the car. Hahaha...
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  • Today in particular baby is moving like CRAZY . My whole uterus contracted and I could feel baby squirming around which was bordering on painful but mostly just kind of insane. I am so in awe of this tiny human. 
  • I felt some bubbling internally, not like gas or anything I've really felt before but I'm hesitant to think it was baby. It was very slight and I started concentrating hard to tell if I could feel something. So now I'm just confused. Oh well, I'm sure baby will make him/herself more obvious to me soon. 

  • @DuchessOfCambridge earlier on in baby movements I tried to find things that pissed my baby off or get a reaction out of them. Some of them include organs, lying on my stomach, drinking carbonated water, dancing, or when the toddler cries. Not that I ever made her cry on purpose just that everytime she was throwing a tantrum I was focusing on my belly 
  • Still not feeling anything (19w) And not really showing just look like I put on weight (lost stomach tone but then I have put on too much weight
  • I've decided that this baby must be WAY in the back. All I feel now are back jabs. A lot and it's quite uncomfortable. Like my back is twitching/spamming. Hopefully my A/S tomorrow will give me some answers.
  • I'm finally at the point where I'm comfortable saying I feel baby a few times a day. Generally it's just brief and soft and by the time I stop and try not to move so I can concentrate on what I'm feeling it's gone. DH said stubborn like the other two. Both my girls were crazzzzzy in my belly and it was quite painful. 
  • I'm 16 weeks and a FTM...I'm not sure if I have felt the baby yet!  I have had some sensations, but can't tell what it is?!?  Seems like a lot of you have felt baby by now!  I know they say it may take longer when a FTM, but I will feel SO much better when I can feel baby.  I am always anxious.  I've debated on buying a doppler, but then I read something saying they can be dangerous if used often, so that gave me more anxiety of course!
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  • @LoveDontCostAThing I felt the same way at first--now if I feel something, and it's not a cramp or a pain, I assume it's baby. 
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  • I'm 19+3, and for the last week I thought I was starting to feel her. It was hard to tell - one or two kicks, then nothing for a few days. Fast forward to tonight when she decided to take up tap dancing! I feel bad my husband is out tonight, but I called my mom to tell her and she was so excited.
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  • Well I'm 18 weeks and I've been feeling baby strongly for two weeks. Honeybear finally felt him kick a few days ago, said it felt like something poked his hand!
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  • Yesterday (19+4) baby officially graduated from tickles to thumps. It feels like a little "plop" and s/he must be quite the acrobat. I also wondered if I might have felt hiccups today because there was rhythmic thumping for about 3-5 minutes earlier this afternoon that was just strage. But I'm a FTM and frequently feel I have no context and may just be making all this up...  :p
    Feeling hiccups was always my favorite! No hiccups yet here but I am getting jabbed quite a bit!
  • I feel like today the baby just WOKE UP lol. It's been moving a ton all day. Just now I was just laying on the couch with my hand on my stomach and I felt it!! Then I came on here and I felt it again!
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  • I felt my first swift kick (or punch!) to the bladder last night. That seemed like a milestone lol! I told DH about it and he went to feel her and so she kicked him too haha

  • @BayCamp I got a good bladder kick at my best friends wedding this past Saturday and thought I was going to pee myself during their first dance. Let the fun begin.
  • 18 weeks tomorrow FTM and it's still kinda spaced out, sometimes I question if it's really a kick or not. Come one little one be more consistent lol, I can always tell when it's a full on roll or shift but question the tiny stuff.
  • STM and I swear I forgot what it was like and when I felt my first move! I definitely felt it him/her flip 16+4 but really nothing much since, I vaguely remember that at my anatomy scan with My first, I was feeling any but the ultrasound tech was surprised I wasn't feeling some of the movements she was seeing. 
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    So jealous of all you ladies. I am sitting here at 17w2d and not feeling anything. Back at 14-15 weeks I got weird feelings/pressure/bubbles around bed time, but it has stopped. So nothing exciting going on down there :(

    @ShePersisted I am right there with you. Idk if it's my anterior placenta or what, but it kind of sucks.
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