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  • ineedsixeggsineedsixeggs
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     Are any of you STMs feeling kicks later with your second than with your first? 
  • @Tourmalily yes that's exactly what they're like. And when my hands are on my belly they feel like little nudges.
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  • bcashawbcashaw
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    I think I felt it the other day but I haven't felt it since :( I want baby to grow faster so I can feel it all the time 
  • 16 weeks (4th preg) and im feeling flutters atleast once a day that is defiantly not gas. Cant wait till my hubby can feel from outside. 
  • I'm feeling movements.  I'm pretty sure I have for a little bit, but they're way more pronounced now.  He's doing somersaults in there or something.

    Also, I don't know that it's a "he", but for some reason that's what I've been saying.  Although I'd be totally cool with a she and I can't wait to call the baby by name.

    DS1 is 7.  DD is 1.  DS2 is coming in late April.

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  • Anterior placentas suck. I know bub is moving cause i occasionally feel these tiny rolling movements. But i want to feel all of it.....and i cant. My last pregnancy was the same.... Anterior placenta and even up until delivery, there was very little movement to feel. :( 
  • I thought I might be feeling movement today, but it honestly feels more like how I remember braxton hicks. Just a general, brief belly tightening. Are braxton hicks even a thing this early?
  • I know I am only 14w3d and my OB said my anterior placenta would likely delay feeling movement, but nightly when I am about to fall asleep I definitely feel a unique kind of pressure/flutter. Not really sure what it is...but I would like to think its early movement :)
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  • 14w2d with baby #3, still waiting to feel some movement. I have had an anterior placenta before, but not sure about this time. The u/s tech never said either way and I guess I forgot to ask. Waiting 4 weeks between appointments before feeling baby move is torture. 
  • I was freaking a little at not feeling much today, but once I got home and laid down, baby moved around. Sometimes it's more of a constant pressure I feel than an actual movement, but I feel relieved.
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  • @NYTino24 I get really anxious when I don't feel anything most of the day. 

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  • I'm in that nice phase where I don't feel baby all the time/the kicks hurt, but I feel her at least once a day (actually more often the past few days!) which is reassuring. She's very low still; I have a short torso and she's still a couple inches below my belly button. That's exactly where the nurse found the heartbeat this past week though, so that convinced me I was definitely feeling her. (Btw, still look way further along than I did with DS despite how low she still is. The midwife promised it didn't mean I'm destined to be bigger than I was the first time, because I was big!!, and that it will balance out somewhere along the way.)

  • I feel kind of nervous because I feel like I was feeling baby a bit more and now I'm not sure. I'm only 15 weeks so it's still early... but after having two MC it still makes me nervous. I'll go in this week for my next appointment so that will hopefully be reassuring.
  • 2Dash2Dash
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    @teachermama7 Im 16 weeks and sometimes its awhile where I don't feel any movement and then finally I do. Its still sporadic.
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  • @2Dash thank you! I think I'm just paranoid because I have had two miscarriages already. I'm going in to see my midwife today at 10.
  • As a FTM should I be concerned I haven't felt anything yet? I'm 15+3 and I thought it was normal to not feel anything for quite a bit longer for me but now I'm comparing myself to everyone else
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge I'm 15 and a TTM and I haven't felt anything. Totally normal. 
  • @DuchessOfCambridge my OB said it to expect anything until 17 at the absolute earliest, and not to worry if I still haven't felt anthing by 20. 
  • ineedsixeggsineedsixeggs
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    @DuchessOfCambridge I was feeling definite kicks with my first at 16 weeks with flutters before, but my preggo friends tried to tell me it was too early! So you've still got plenty of time. I was just getting paranoid because I thought I would feel things sooner the second time around and that didn't happen. 
  • So it seems like when I do feel the baby it's almost always on the left side, should I be concerned?

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  • Definitely don't be concerned if you still haven't felt movement. With my son, I didn't feel him until 21 weeks. This one, I felt around 14 and I'm only concerned because I feel a decrease in movement. I'm sure you're fine!
  • @jess0211 It's totally normal. Mine is all left too apparently. Things will get more centered as baby starts taking up more space. 
  • kwaldykwaldy
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    Kinda related: I had some gas the other day that felt like when I was pregnant with DD and her foot would be lodged in my rib cage. I got half excited then remembered that I'm not that far along yet and baby is nowhere near there.... awkward.

    also, haven't felt anything distinct over here yet. Boo... but it is SO excited to read about y'all getting flutters <3
  • I'm anterior but I did feel a squirmy kind of feeling that deffo WASN'T what I feel normally when I'm gassy or hungry. I'm just a day from 16 weeks and a FTM so I'm surprised if this is actually baby.
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge This early, as others have said, it's completely normal not to feel anything. Even for me, I can't be certain if its movement or gas :) Given my anterior placenta, it's probably gas. 

    I don't even have anything remotely similar to a bump and I will be 15 weeks on Thursday and I have only gained 1 pound. So I am quite paranoid, but have to wait until June 13 for my next appointment/fetal doppler. So the anxiety is growing for sure. We just have to hang in there!
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  • liz4382liz4382
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    I also gotnervous bc I havent felt as much movement yesterday. I have felt some today, though. Makes me wonder if movement is really what I was feeling in the first place!!
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  • I think I just felt Honeybee move! He's only 16w2d but I felt a distinct poke like some others have said followed by little pokes. Now that its been a few minutes I ocassionally feel more pokes. This is so exciting! 
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    Married for two years to my Honeybear and expecting a little Honeybee on our homestead in Belgium.  <3

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  • Yesterday I felt baby move, it was strong too I literally said "WHOA" out loud haha then when I went to find the heartbeat later that night it was on the opposite side of where it was pretty much this whole pregnancy! It was crazy! I wanna feel more movement! My SIL is pregnant, she's 29 weeks and keeps talking about the bay moving and it's making me so jealous! 

  • Twice now this week I've felt something I can best describe as "weirdness". I can't pinpoint a specific sensation. I'm 15 weeks and anterior, so it's probably not baby, right? But mayyyyyybe? I'm trying really hard not to obsess about it, telling myself I'll feel her when I feel her. 
  • Babies were so active yesterday. The bus went over a big bump and at the same time I felt a strong, sharp, painful kick! Startled the shit out of me.
  • 18w3d, 2nd baby; I've been feeling baby girl for weeks. Two night ago DS 2.5yrs old tried to scare me he jumped on me and yelled rawr. I'm sure he scared baby girl because not a second later she kicked me so hard I screamed lol. I told my fiancé she was trying to make my belly button an outie lol. 
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