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  • @baby3forme GL on Monday, I'll be thinking of you. Keep us updated.
  • @baby3forme sending positive vibes for Monday!

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  • Does anyone feel the baby right up near the stomach? This baby likes to sit above my belly button and I feel a poke (i kid you not) coming out on the side of my stomach right below my rib cage. I did feel this last pregnancy but not until late in the last trimester. It actually is pretty scary as I feel the baby is trying to push real hard for some reason but it fortunately does not last long and she calms down after a while and disappears somewhere else. It's not a contraction as rest of my uterus feels soft and normal. 

  • @ShePersisted for the most part he stays pretty low and on my right side. Occasionally I will get what I think is a foot up closer to my ribs. It really surprised me how high I felt him yesterday at different points. I will be 23w Wednesday but my OB said after your first you tend to measure fundal height differently than a FTM. 
  • Ah interesting @maegpie I did not know that. My dr has not done any fundal hieght measurements so far. 

  • @ShePersisted she didn't do the regular measurement with the tape more of just pushing around to see how high it was because I mentioned I thought I was measuring further along than my due date. I think actual fundal measurements will start at my next appointment at 24w. 
  • @ShePersisted I'm 22 weeks tomorrow and feeling lots of jabs about an inch above my belly button. On my sides, that gets close to my rib cage. As a STM, I wouldn't be surprised if you were feeling punches up there. 
  • I'm 22 weeks and have felt baby from very early on. This is my 5th pregnancy, last being twins, so I'm very "stretched." I didn't think it was baby at first, but sure enough it was! Baby is crazy now, moving all the time. Love it! If I try and feel movement on the outside though, baby stops and starts again when I move my hand
  • 22 weeks tomorrow and can bow watch the kicks from outside and watch as he turns himself around. Still have that one spot that hurts like hell when he presses on it and sometimes it feels like a Braxton hicks but it's just him pushing in all directions (the whole uterus isn't hard).  He gives a swift kick if anything is on too of him. I also feel it above the belly button, Fundal height is belly button level at 20 weeks so not surprised. 
  • 23 weeks tomorrow and they are crazy. Sometimes it looks like popcorn is popping inside my belly. And because twins, it's all over at the same time. Up by belly button, both sides, down by pubic area, all at the same time. 
  • Yay @dragonfly87-2!  I'm STILL waiting!
  • Abby7Abby7
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    I have been feeling him since 12-13 weeks, but it has been a mixed blessing because I have gone days feeling nothing and been way too worried, even though I knew in my head that it was too early to expect anything consistent.
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    As of yesterday I can finally say that I'm definitely feeling LO. It's just a few sporadic jabs that I feel down low through the day. I know it's her hands because she was head down during my A/S last week. It's such a relief to finally be able to feel her.  
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  • I'm 23 weeks today and didn't feel any movements till about week 22. As time goes by the kicking seems to get stronger and sometimes SO can feel very subtle kicks while putting hands on my belly.  
  • Hi there, 
    I had first time baby flutters around 18 weeks.  Felt like little muscle twitches.  Now I'm 22 weeks and DD is moving all around.  DH hasn't felt much yet,  but there getting stronger.  
  • Got thumped the whole first half of Disney on ice frozen yesterday . I think the loud music was different for them it's really the first time this pregnancy we've gone to a show or anything that's had ambiance sound . They settled by the second half and I didn't feel them again for the day so I think they danced them self out .
  • @foxiart exciting! So cute that baby tired his/her self out to frozen... Disney on Ice would have been so cool  :) Has your SO got to feel baby yet? If i remember correctly you had an anterior placenta do it took longer to feel baby? 
  • @Perfectypo
    Yea it took a bit longer till I could feel anything maybe 21 weeks but hubby was also able to feel them then too he just happened to be holding my belly when we first felt it . 
    Feeling them more now (23w+5d) but still irregular and mostly when I lay down and sometime while I'm sitting . Have seen them on the outside too . I feel at least something each day now 
    They are low feelings as the placenta is in the top 2/3 and anterior and it's only the last maybe 3 days I have felt baby closer to my bellybutton . Mostly it's to one side or the other or in the center but more in line with my hips 
    Most feelings are these rolls and little pokes and occasionally there's a real thump and those can be seen on the outside and those were what I was getting for like 40 min of frozen ha ha then nothing all day and night till maybe this afternoon . All danced out ha ha
  • I was reading on my iPad yesterday and had it resting on my belly. He kicked and the iPad moved. Kicks/movement are definitely getting stronger now. I wasn't even feeling my DD at all at this point. 
  • LO gave DH a HUGE kick a couple days ago. He had felt a little movement the day before, but the next day, she was moving around a lot. I am so glad he finally got to feel her!
  • @foxiart cute! So cool that your H has felt kicks, mine is a bit weirded out by it so he's only ever felt two kicks. It's so cool and strange to see kicks from the outside. Haha I love that your baby tired him/her self out  :)
  • My fiance finally felt the baby last night! He's been trying for a while but his hands are just too calloused from working construction his whole life I guess. Last night he laid his head on my stomach and finally felt him.
  • @foxiart that is so sweet and cute of your hubby!
  • Today I got to feel LO kick hard on my left side under my rib cage on the outside. Of course when DH put his hand there LO gave us nothing! I carry all my fat/weight in my abdomen so it takes longer to feel outside movement.

    My fundal has been above my belly button since 16-17 wks. Dr even commented that it was high though baby is measuring spot on. 
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  • @dragonfly87-2 Im still right there with you. I feel movement but nothing outside. My husband still hasn't been able to feel anything.  Glad you are able to feel more movement  :)  
  • When I felt my baby kick for the first time it caught me by surprise. I hoping its a baby girl...if its a boy I will be so happy but this little one has some strong kicks. The kicking does not happen a lot. 
  • LO was beating me up today! But of course, as soon as I put my hand where she's kicking, she stops. 
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  • I'm still waiting. I had flutters around week 18. And maybe a few times here or there. 24 weeks and I've felt some pains but no real jabbing. I've had a body part (head maybe) stick out near my pelvic bone a few times that I've had to wiggle back in lol. But no real kicking, moving and definitely nothing consistent. Today it felt like baby was sitting on my intestines and I thought I was gonna poop my pants lol! But as soon as I stood up it went away. I can't wait for constant movement. I think my biggest issue is I have stomach problems so a lot of the movement I feel I can't tell if it's baby or my stomach just moving (it all kinda feels the same as before) my stomach was constantly moving. I also have an anterior placenta so it could be a while til I feel more. I hate not knowing !
  • @kaitlinliz it is so hard to not know.  I haven't had anything super consistent up to today but baby has been active today starting at  330 this morning.  Baby hates me sleeping on my right side and moves around so much I have to flip to the other side.  Lots of activity today too.  Baby movements seem so different for everybody and it is so hard when you are a FTM and don't really know what to expect.   
  • I agree,  I've been feeling movement,  but sometimes not consistent.  Makes me super nervous. DH hasn't felt much or she won't move when he puts his hand on the belly.  Sometimes it feels like this private thing only I get to experience.  
  • I've felt some fluttering or pulsing near my upper rib cage over the last couple of days. I know little guy is getting bigger because some of the positions he gets in makes me very uncomfortable, but I don't think he's up there just yet...
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  • I think baby had the hiccups this morning. It was when I was still in bed, laying on my side. By the time I shifted to get a better feel, they were gone. 
  • Yesterday I had a lot of movement. But not much of anything today, I don't think I had any yet. I have a Doppler but IDK if I wanna use it in case I can't find his heartbeat I don't wanna freak myself out for user error 
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