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  • We are also doing BLW and having him feed himself has worked really well. I've mainly steamed the veggies so far and given them to him, but roasting them is on my to-do list this week. So far we've done green beans, sweet potato, corn, and carrots. I expected him to just kind of play with the food at first, but he's actually eating a lot more than I thought he would. Might be worth a try! 
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  • Wow! Things are a bit opposite here. I'm struggling to get her to like the fruits!! She's taken to bananas and pears. Isn't over the moon about the homemade applesauce but I mix it with yams and she seems to like that. I'm going to try kiwi and berries soon. Hoping to find something she likes!!
  • Any tips on feeding S from her high chair tray? If she's hungry we need to be shoveling the food in her mouth or she freaks out. She seems to hate having to grab the food from her tray on her own. The other night she had a bottle first so shouldn't have been "starving" when we put her in the high chair and put veggies on her tray but it seemed like she didn't want to do the work herself after a couple pieces and got mad.
  • @honeybear40 we have the same problem. She hates her high chair to be "dirty" and wipes everything onto the floor. She shoves everything else in her mouth, I don't get why she won't do it with food.
  • How often are your babies eating right now? The doctor told us to try to have her eating 3 meals by 9 months but we're about to be 7 months and barely eats a meal. 
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    We do breakfast/brunch and dinner. I haven't figured out how to get a lunch in there between nursing and napping yet. M just turned 7 months.
  • I just started two meals a day.  E will be 8 months on the 24th.  He's only recently become pretty interested in food.
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    We do three meals a day. E LOVES her solid food. She cries and putS her head on her tray when I sign and say "all done." I was doing two meals until recently. E dropped her third nap (really early for her age) and went to 4hr bottle feedings this month, which made it much easier to get in solid food meals! 
  • DD2 nurses 5 times during the day and 2-4 times at night. She's still taking 3 naps so she's often asleep when we are eating. She eats solids 1-2 times per day. 

  • We're at 7 mos and really only doing dinner so far during the week, but on the weekends we do breakfast also. I know we need to work up to more frequent meals but it's so hard!
  • I agree it is hard. I don't feel so bad. She likes solids, but if I up her meals she ends up getting really constipated. She's also back to drinking milk every 2 hours so that's making it hard. 
  • We are also still nursing/bottle every 2 hours. I feel like I spend the majority of my day (and night) feeding him one way or another ha
  • AJ has a morning and an afternoon solid snack at daycare and I either give him some of my dinner or nighttime snack (fruit and yogurt). During the weekend he usually gets a little of whatever we eat. 
  • E has solids once a day and still doesn't finish even a tablespoon of anything. Even if she likes something she doesn't eat much of it.
  • For those of you formula feeding...apx how many oz are they taking in a 24 hour period?
  • We are 7.5 months and she has 3 solid food meals per day  (cereal and fruit or veggies if she takes them) plus 4-6 breastfeeding sessions. She LOVES cereal and fruit ... with her being in the lower weight end the pediatrician recommended we get as much into her as we can. Somedays im shocked how much she can chow down on lol. 
  • We aren't consistent with the solids, but I plan on changing that! I want to do at least dinner every night, maybe lunch if I'm having something he would like and not salad. 

    @kmurdock925 we do 5 6oz bottles between 7am and 7pm. His last bottle is 7pm and he sleeps through the night. The last few days he has been refusing to eat the last oz on a few bottles a day, so I don't force it. 
  • S usually eats between 34-40 oz per 24 hours...plus 2 meals of solids (purees), usually about 2-3 oz (and she would eat more solids if i let her 80% of the time). I feel like thats a lot of formula, lol...she is happy with it though!
  • Now that Elise eats 3 meals of solids and is on a 4hr schedule, she drinks 4 6oz bottles. She eats at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. She sleeps through the night. 
  • Baby J eats typically one solid meals and consumed 24-28 oz of milk. She still gets up once at night, but it's the only time she drimks 4oz in a sitting instead of 2. 
  • i am weaning down from nursing so Declan gets 3 or 4 bottles of formula., 5oz each n then couple-times of nursing.  i would say he prob. takes in about 25-30oz and he gets a tablespoon (dry) so whatever that is once i mix it with formula of oatmeal with a lil fruit. and then a veggie at night.. i think thats about 1oz-2oz. @kmurdock925.  we have to go back to get him his second flu shot in a couple of weeks so i planned on asking the ped some food amt questions:)
  • Do you guys buy organic food for baby?
  • If I buy pureed baby foods I do buy organic because there isn't much in price differencw. But if I puree it at home or steam veggies for her it's whatever I purchased. Our grocery story has pretty good priced on frozen organic veggies so I often buy those. 
  • I bought the beech nut "just" line and so far the veggies mixed in with fruits seems to be doing the trick @LDSJM123 ...he already ate the kale and pears..like...gobbled it right up. He seemed to like the oats, banana and cinnamon too! I bought others as well that we still have yet to try! Thanks for the recommendation. :wink:
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  • So I got my 37 week update email from The Bump and it said that daily BM/formula intake should be down to 16-24 oz and to offer water if baby wants more...holy schmolies my little is drinking way more than that.  If I had to put a number on it I would say probably still in the 32 oz range, give or take but probably more give.
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    @kmurdock925 yeah...my LO is probably still at about 26-30. He only dropped one 4oz feeding and is still up twice at night to eat. 
  • I feel like there are so many big feeding changes in our very near future.  It makes me a little nervous.  I feel like we just got in a really good groove/routine and it is about to change again.  I feel like I will have a ton of feeding questions at our 9 month check-up.
  • Oh geez, I'm still almost exclusively BFing! I didn't know about the fewer ounces thing, whoops. I let him try stuff all the time, but I really haven't treated solids as part of his actual feeding routine yet. I'm really excited to be able to eat whatever I want and not have to worry about my boobs anymore, haha, but I'm also dreading weaning so I haven't started even thinking about it. I will probably have a billion questions too when the time comes! 
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