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  • Hi! I'm pretty late to the game, my cousin told me about the Bump so I just downloaded it. I am in my late 20s and live in southern Missouri in the Ozark Mountains basically in the middle of the woods sooooo it can be very interesting around here at times i.e. both scary and beautiful! I am pregnant with our first baby, a girl! We are so excited! I hope everyone else is doing well with their pregnancy! Mine has had its ups and down but I've been mostly very lucky and I am looking forward to meeting our girl! She is actually due the day after Christmas 🎄
  • Hi! I'm a 35 yo first time mom here, due Dec 3rd. So far almost everything has gone great but I'm so nervous to get through to 20 weeks. My mom loves getting US pics from me, asks after every appointment! 
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  • Hi everyone! 
    I’m 24 and expecting our first December 22 🥰 I’ve been having just about every symptom in the book and I feel like the baby is messing with me ! I just had my anatomy ultrasound and they couldn’t even tell the gender of the baby . Hoping for a safe pregnancy for everyone ☺️
  • Hi all,

    This is my third pregnancy. Expecting a girl in early December.

    Hope you're all doing well.
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    Hi all, I´m originally from Lithuania. After spending 18 years of my life living in UK, I have moved to Spain a couple of years ago and seems that this is where I will have my first baby!
    I´m going to be 40 in a few months and it´s my first pregnancy. Although we´re nearly 19 weeks, I still sometimes am in disbelief that I´m having a baby! It´s starting to be more real now that I can feel daily movements of my little bubble. I hope you´re enjoying your little kicks too!

    My DD is 29 December, glad to be able to be part of this forum <3
  • Hi! I just figured out there's a community section in this app. I'm 43, had 2 kids, 2 losses and due on 12/19. Anatomy scan this weekend!
  • Hello! I'm 30, expecting my 1st shortly after I turn 31. It's a girl! I'm 25 weeks right now, DD 12/19. It took us 4 years to get this baby, and we're so happy! Found out at 6 weeks pregnant that I have a bicornuate uterus, but at 23 weeks, the doctor said she couldn't even tell it was bicornuate anymore. I'm feeling so thankful right now that I have an average chance of giving birth naturally and at full term. 

    I live in Florida and the summer was pretty awful to survive. I'm an elementary teacher, but want to quit to homeschool my daughter later on. Husband is ex-Army, got out so we could start a family, because he didn't want to be deployed half his child's life. 

    So far, pregnancy has been a Rollercoaster. Vomiting bad enough in the 1st trimester to go to the ER before I even got to see my obgyn, a horrible migraine all of week 10, and fatigue that lasted well into the recent weeks. Got a stomach bug at the start of week 24, that got me in L&D triage for a few hours, on the same day I was supposed to tour the facility, so they gave me a private tour before they discharged me. 

    The last week, though, has been a big improvement. I am finally starting to feel like I enjoy being pregnant lol. Currently in online birthing classes, scheduled for a breast feeding class later this month. I felt her kick so strong this morning, it woke me up. Husband was finally able to feel her kick this morning, too. 

    I haven't been interested in message boards since 2009, lol, but since I deleted Facebook this seems like the best place to find community online for pregnancy. Happy to meet all of you!
  • Hi! I’m Dbabs755 and I am 38yo. Our official Dd is 12/30, although I’ll likely be induced earlier due to age, history of iugr, and IVF pregnancy. We have two little girls, and this pregnancy is also a girl!! We are so excited. Nice to meet you all!
  • Hi, I am Jull. 32 week. I am from Springfield, IL. Fall in love with my work))) I am web-designer. Experienced mothers, do you manage to combine work with motherhood?
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