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  • @knitkiwi I didn’t do it because I wanted delayed cord clamping and our hospital doesn’t do both. Since you can’t use your own kids cord blood anyway I won’t be saving it this time either
  • @knitkiwi We donated with our first; with our second, it was early covid and it wasn't an option. We were still able to do delayed clamping (they wait about 2 minutes if you want to do delayed and donation), which we were comfortable with. 

    There's a lot of false marketing about private banking, and we felt like it's pretty much a scam, so weren't interested in that at all.

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  • @knitkiwi We are considering cord blood and tissue banking because there are currently studies being run here in Australia to prevent or possibly even treat Type 1 diabetes with it. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 at 7 years old so we are worried that the baby will develop it at some point.
  • Could it have been possible to feel my baby moving last night at 14 weeks?? Has anyone felt their baby this early? I wasn’t expecting it for at least a couple more weeks but last night when I was laying on the couch, a couple inches below my belly button I felt 3-4 twitches that felt kind of like muscle spasms. I read this is what early movements feel like— but since it’s so early, I’m not sure if this is my uterine muscle twitching, or the actual baby!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I have felt this too, but I hesitate to say that's what it is because I *thought* I had an anterior placenta.  But I don't think it's too early, it's just that many times you don't know that's what it is especially if it's your first.  
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  • @minnie_yoga_mama I’m so glad you asked this. I was feeling crazy because I swear I felt a roll on my lower left side when I was laying in bed two nights ago. I don’t know what else it could have been - it felt just like baby movement, but it seems way too early!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I don’t think it’s too soon. I’ve read it’s possible to feel movement this early. I’ve felt something similar and I’m pretty sure it’s baby!! 
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    @minnie_yoga_mama so that definitely is what movement feels like (I described it more as popcorn popping near my pubic bone lol), and I did feel DD3 at 16 weeks, so not that far off, but I will also say that since I had her I have felt that same exact feeling while being 100000% not pregnant lol. The way I knew it was movement with DD3 was it happened when I drank/ate sugary stuff in movie theaters - like clockwork! (Ugh remember worry-free movie theaters???) It was the combo of me being still, the movie being loud, the sugar stuff making her go nuts. 

    ETA: so I guess what I'm saying is try to find a replicable scenario to confirm
  • I’ve also in the last week had a few flutters that felt like early baby kicks, but I’ve also (TMI) been a bit gassy, so I can’t rule out that it was really that. With DS3 it was 17 weeks before I felt baby movements, so it seems like it should be soon with this baby!
  • I'm having my first ultrasound tomorrow at 11 +3 and I just double checked the time in the portal-it says I'm scheduled for a transvaginal ultrasound. Is that normal for 11 weeks? I'm not sure I've ever had to have a transvaginal ultrasound because I usually have to wait so damn long to get one! If it turns out they don't need to do transvaginal will they be able to do the other pretty easily or is it something I should call and ask about before I get there tomorrow? 
  • @SmashJam when I went in at 10w they started with abdominal but then went to translational bc the tech couldn’t get good images from the abdominal. But then when I went in at 11+1 they were able to do the whole NT scan abdominally. Not really an answer for you but hope that helps!
  • @SmashJam by 10 weeks they could do abdominal for the doppler.... and at 12 weeks they could do abdominal for the NT scan.... definitely did need transvaginal at 8 weeks, though. 
  • @fameonmain2 ah so it sounds like all the stuff will probably be in the same room if they moved to the other at  your appt, so they'd probably just switch if they need to. @doxiemoxie212 yeah I thought I was at a time when it would be pretty easy to see stuff using the abdominal. Maybe they just decided to schedule transvaginal so they had all the equipment just in case? Who knows. 
  • @SmashJam I was scheduled for transvaginal at 8w + 4 days but they were able to see everything and hear the heartbeat with abdominal so I ended up not needing it
  • @SmashJam At my OB’s office it’s one machine and a matter of which attachment they use whether it’s belly or transvaginal. At my 9w5d we did belly but the tech switched to transvaginal part way through to try to see the twins’ individual amniotic sacks because that wasn’t showing up well on the belly.
  • @SmashJam I think some of it might be anatomy. Like if you have the uterus type that tips backward (which is not problematic in general) maybe abdominal can only happen later in a pregnancy or something? So yeah, probably just erring on the side of caution - who knows.
  • @SmashJam I agree it’s probably just out of caution. Most of my first u/s have been earlier and so they try abdominal first then do transvaginal. This time I was somewhere between 10 1/2-11 weeks so just abdominal worked out (and I do have a tipped uterus)

    this time was different though because I had to sign several papers that explained they may have to do a transvaginal u/s, explain what it was, plus my rights to stop or decline at any time, etc. 
  • I was wondering about feeling movement too! I’m at 13w and felt what several others have described: could be small muscle twitches or bubbles in the digestive system, but maybe the baby? Haha.
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  • I've had a couple of big twitches that make me wonder if its baby. Overall feeling more bubbles and twitches which I know can't be purely gas bubbles. I'm just not able to say "oh that was baby!" quite yet. 
  • First movements for me have always been closer to the 20 wk mark. The earliest was 17 wks and felt like flutters or butterfly wings. With that said, I’m not positive what is “normal”. 



  • When are your SOs telling their work about your pregnancy?

    DH told his work 20 weeks with DD3, but he'd been working there a lot longer. He started at his new firm in July sooooo won't even have been a year when I give birth. Full leave at his firm is 16 weeks, but since he hasn't been there a year it will be prorated, but I don't know how they calculate it. Hard to plan things without knowing, but DH is hesitant to tell his office even though I'm 16 weeks...
  • That’s hard @doxiemoxie212. Maybe it would help to tell one or two people as he feels comfortable and as it comes up in conversation. A big announcement feels like a lot of pressure which isn’t as fun when you are new. 

    My DH started his job in Jan and has told his team on a one on one basis as things came up with dr appts and what not. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 - my partner starts his new job on Monday, and honestly I’m pretty sure he’s already told them (he loves sharing the news…he told his family right after we found out I was pregnant…whereas I waited until I was about 11 weeks or so). I, on the other hand, have barely started telling people at work. Up until today only two people knew: my boss and my work bff who I tell everything haha. Today I told a few people I work closely with. I’m debating on doing a big announcement, or just telling people as it comes up. Granted — most of the people on my team I see only a couple times a year since we are located all over the west coast…but doing a big announcement feels like too much for me. I’m not big on drawing attention to myself if I can help it!
  • DH told everyone immediately- he works on a close knit team though 
  • DH has been at his company 8 years and his team knows (one is his brother, tho) but I don't think his executive bosses know. He's the director of his department so he doesn't have to say anything for doc appts he wants to come to or anything, and HR won't need to know for leave until much later.
  • I think MH has told some colleagues but not many work people yet. He does not get an extended leave so there’s no rush to let them know for planning or anything. 
  • Did not wait to tell my work. They knew before family. Logistics really. If I'm super sick or have to change my schedule they need to know. Also they have to plan backfill coverage for 3 months and always appreciate a heads up. We waited to tell anyone at my husband's work till this week. They are like the fastest gossip chain around. But are really great at working with us on time off as we try to split his paternity leave and take a few weeks on the front where we are all together and a few weeks on the back when I go back to work where he has the baby alone and extends time before daycare.
  • That’s hard @doxiemoxie212. Maybe it would help to tell one or two people as he feels comfortable and as it comes up in conversation. A big announcement feels like a lot of pressure which isn’t as fun when you are new. 

    My DH started his job in Jan and has told his team on a one on one basis as things came up with dr appts and what not. 
    I don't think he has anyone? They're fully remote still because of SF covid requirements, so he's only met a few people in person 1x each, and they're like the managing partners of the firm (he's a lawyer). His "mentor" is also the managing partner of the firm lol and his supervisor is the head of the corporate department. So there's not really like a dip your toes in route.
  • Yeah, I mean, I haven't told the people I do freelance work for, but my contracts for them are month-to-month anyway, so it seems silly to tell them that in 6 months I might not be available to do work for them. And I wouldn't get any maternity leave benefits or anything so they don't actually ever have to know lol but I'll probably tell them if they're still asking for hours from me closer to 7mo pregnant. 

    But DH gets leave so I really would love to know how much.
  • Hi guys it’s come to my attention I didn’t post this in the right spot and found this question thread!! 
    I am reaching out maybe to hear some similar stories or at least some advice or words of encouragement. Long story short, I was dating a guy for only a few months and I got pregnant, just to find out he was abusive to his ex girlfriend after some digging because I started seeing red flags with him. We are no longer together but I am having this baby. I haven’t really heard from him other than my ultrasound. Now, before this relationship started I had a one night stand with my ex who I’ve known and been with for 8 years whom I already have a 5 year old daughter with. We are talking about seriously working things out between us and he is okay with my pregnancy and wants to be there for me and the baby and our daughter. I guess I just feel a sense of shame for getting pregnant by someone else I barely even knew, though I do love my baby and I’m very excited to meet him/her. Is anyone here pregnant and not with the father of their baby? Or at least have some wise words or words of encouragement for me? Obviously this is a very stressful time  
  • @tallamak000 welcome to the group! Sending hugs. That sounds very stressful and confusing. I’m glad you’re able to find some support and get excited about baby, though. Idk if there’s one in your area, but I’m a local leader for a group called Embrace Grace and a lot of the moms have been in similar situations or at least have gone through pregnancy without the dad involved. Worth looking into! 
  • Just realized I have a hair coloring appt. on Saturday… do I still go? 
    I think it’s ok, right? :)

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    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @winterviolethope I got my hair colored and highlighted through my last pregnancy so I think you're fine.  Also I'm a cosmetologist and it has never been a concern in my decade+ of experience.  If that helps.  I think it's more risky if it's a DIY or just completely unprofessional situation.  Non-salon quality products would be a no-no.
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  • Has anyone started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow yet? I wanted to wait as long as possible, but my lower back is already starting to hurt at night:
  • haha. Yes. @shlecks sums it up well. I think I started around week 8 or something ridiculous this time. Maybe earlier. Mostly because I was mad at our new pillows, but you know what? They’re like this big comfy hug, so no promises I will ever give it up. 
  • @Ivorytower2 I think I got mine at 12 weeks. I wanted to get it earlier because I loved it so much last time.  :D No need to force yourself to wait..dooo ittt!! 
  • @Ivorytower2 mine just came in today!
  • @Ivorytower2 I started at like 7 weeks 😬
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